How I went from Virgin to Cuckold

Here I am, in the basement of my own home, listening and wondering. Above me I can clearly discern the sounds of moaning, and movement; moans I have rarely heard before, although I do recognize the voice that’s making them. My wife Karen is in our bed now, easily being brought to climax over and over again, by a man I have never seen or met before tonight.

My wonderment is centered on how was I conditioned to want this for her, and is this affair the end of a journey, or…is there more change to come?

I am now a cuckold husband, not just willing, but craving to serve his wife and her lover, before, during, and after their encounters.

I assume John is bigger than most, based on her squeals of pleasure, but certainly not the biggest cock she has ever had, nor even the most appealing. I do have to give him an A-plus for stamina though; they’ve been going at it like bunnies for the last half hour. Her body is so petite, how can she take a cock that big? Unfortunately I have been both told and also come to realize that my puny little cock has never been enough for her; I wish I could at least peek in at them, so I could see his fat sausage deep in her pussy; stretching her like I cannot, but just as she needs.

I am not really sure where to start, other than to say that, early on, I had a strange feeling that my relationship with my first high school sweetheart, the one whom I first fingered and first fucked, and would later become my wife, was not a normal one. The farther back in time I look, the more signs I see now that help me understand what slowly was happening; of course back then I was completely clueless.


We met in high school, and I was simply hypnotized by her ass, how round and perfect it is, how it stuck out, how much I wanted to see it bare. She also was cute, flirtatious, and the rest of her 5’4″ body was just as hot, 34B, shoulder length brown hair, beautiful face….I guess I developed a crush on her pretty quickly.

We went out with friends a couple times, and soon we were dating exclusively; our sexual conversations about her past boyfriends slowly revealed to me that she was a little more experienced than I was. When we finally had intercourse, which was my first time but not hers, I was in heaven… was soo much better than jerking off! As the months wore on though I also began to realize I had no idea if she had cum or not when we had sex; I did ask her sometimes, and she would usually say that she had, but I wasn’t really sure. All I knew was that after a minute or so I did, EVERYTIME!

Like I said, maybe in another story, I’ll travel back more to before we were married, to the clues that I missed, but for now, the first time she cheated on me after marriage is still fresh in my mind. The feelings are almost indescribable, so many, so complex, and so animalistic.

We had been married just slightly less than one year, a year I thought had gone well. We had our own house, we each had jobs, and we had sex about four times a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. I know I sure was enjoying the sex, I came every single time, her surely not as often since I was truly a minute-man but I wasn’t sure how often. She said she enjoyed it when I asked, but even then she was pretty conservative with me talking and about and having sex. She didn’t really get vocal, verbose or loud, didn’t talk about specifics, but she never complained. We just did it, as often as we could.

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Then, one day in mid-November, she slowly started letting me know something was up, and over a period of a few weeks’ things started to change.

First said she wanted to stop for drinks after work with workmates, which I was a little surprised at. We talked about it and I reminded her about things like drinking and driving and how I felt bars were mainly a meat market for pickups; but to my disappointment she did start stopping on Fridays after work at a bar in the town where her work was with some coworkers. I wasn’t happy about it, and decided to keep a watchful eye on the situation.

When she would stop after work with the “people from work”, I would be home, waiting, pacing, and worrying. It all seemed out of place for her.

When we were together, I started to really pay attention to her, as she got ready for work, when she came home…how was she acting, how was she dressed? I was looking for changes in her behavior, but didn’t really know at this point exactly what changes.

I guess my paranoia was noticeable to her, because about a month after her Friday nights out started, one Saturday afternoon out of the blue she blurted out “Why are you following me all around the house……… like I have a boyfriend or something?”

Insert sound of a Vinyl record screeching to a halt here.

Of course this floored me, and I said that “we had better sit down and talk.” After encouraging her to open up she just blurted out “I’ve kissed other guys before” to which I replied

“So?”…..then she slowly added – “since we’ve been married.”

My stomach knotted up in a millisecond, but I kept calm and asked her to tell me what happened.

As we sat, me on the couch and she in a chair across from me, wringing her hands, she said at their company Christmas party a month previous, a guy from work came up to her while she “was under the mistletoe,” told her merry Christmas, and then kissed her. I asked if she kissed him back, and she slowly said yes.

“I see…kissing isn’t the end of the world,” I told her, “then what happened?” She said after they kissed a couple times, he took her outside to his car, where they got into a full make out session.

Now I was really in shock, my stomach hit the floor; I was really pissed off, was probably pale white, and had a strange new problem, a fast growing erection.

I wanted all the details, and tried to calmly get them out of her. “What else did you two do? Did he feel you up? Get his hand in your pants?? You didn’t fuck did you?”

I am sure my “calm” voice wasn’t calm at all, plus my questions in rapid fire probably softened her response and honesty about what happened.

She said he only felt her breasts over her blouse, and didn’t play with her pussy, and of course I didn’t believe her. After a while she claims she told him she was married and couldn’t do this, and they went their separate ways.

After a silent few seconds she also announced some of the work friends were meeting at this bar tonight and she was going also. We argued about it and what was sure to happen next if she continued hanging out with these people at the bar. She held fast to needing to have a social life and was going to go get ready.

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I was dumb struck. What was my next move? Standing up was no option, as I would not be able to hide my erection. I still wasn’t sure why I even had one. She got up and walked out of the room, and after a minute I heard the shower start. Once she had showered and I knew she was in the bedroom getting ready I entered, and tried to invite myself to the night’s event….. But she protested, “No, it’s just work people going, you wouldn’t like them anyways”

“Is HE going to be there?” I asked.

“I have no idea.”

Hmmm, I surely didn’t believe that one either. I was so pissed. I thought about going there, but knew it would cause a huge scene, and someone would probably get hurt.

I stayed home, and I have to admit, I jacked off a couple times before she got back, which was probably around 11:30 pm, as I replayed in my mind the scene as I imagined it with her making out with him in his car. The feelings were incredible; I was so jealous, scared, horny, aroused and nervous. It was very strange, especially the feeling in my stomach.

As I spooned up behind her in bed, I couldn’t help but notice that her hair smelled of smoke, maybe her breath slightly of booze, but no alarm bells went off in my head. I am sure she probably noticed my rock hard boner pressed up against her butt crack.

The next week, she came home about a half hour later than usual a few times, and when I pressed her on it, she finally admitted she had been with “him” in his car behind the building at work. I asked what they were doing and she said talking. I asked anything else, and she didn’t answer me.

We fought about it a couple times over the next week or so, and then on the following Friday night she got home, on time, and dropped the bomb on me.

“I’ve been asked out…….on a date.”

“A date, you mean like romantic…and sex???? ”

“I think so”

“Is it the same guy?”


“Does he know you are married?”

She said yes he did.

“What are you going to do?”

She said she was “confused.”

Confused? That’s an understatement. My head was spinning.

After about 10 minutes of me being stunned, and asking dumb questions, she left. She didn’t come home this time until just after 5 am, went immediately to the shower, and then crawled in bed. Of course I hadn’t slept a wink I don’t think, I kept wondering where she was and exactly what he was doing to her. She slept for a long while; but I couldn’t stay in bed past about 8:30. We ended up talking about it that night. She confirmed they had gone to the bar, then left for a motel and fucked several times. I was so humiliated, as it was clear to me that the other people there who she worked with, were probably aware he was fucking her now.

I asked her if she was going to see him again and she said “If he wants to.” I didn’t have the guts to ask her how the sex was, I was afraid she’d admit “the best she’s ever had”

It was about 2 days later when we finally had sex together, and she felt a little loose around my cock. It was then I fully realized he surely was hung better and thicker than I was, and was surely ringing her bell much better than I ever could.

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Maybe 2 weeks later, during which time the ½ hour arrivals late from work continued, she started a big fight with me on a Saturday afternoon, again over nothing, then announced she was ” going out” that evening.

She took a long bath, and then went in to the bedroom; I waited a few minutes then went in and lay on the bed hoping to talk her out of going. She had on a blue see through bra and panty set I had never seen before. She looked SO HOT. Her nipples were bigger than I had ever seen them, and I could see her slit thorough the panties. I watched her getting ready, and made small talk as she put on some perfume, and then as she now stood in front of the mirror with just a turtle neck on, but no pants yet, her sexy round perfect ass, the crack fully visible through the transparent panties, she slowly brushed her shoulder length brown hair.

I said “you look like you’re getting ready for a date, not just drinks with friends”

“It’s just some friends from work going for a drink.” She replied.

We both looked down at her hard nipples easily pushing through the transparent sheer bra, and the white turtle neck and then back up into each others eyes in the mirror. I knew she was lying, and she was preparing herself for him. I had such a hard on, as we both knew she was going to cuckold me again, and end up in bed with him tonight, but outwardly it was unspoken.

She finished dressing by wiggling her perfect butt into a tight pair of jeans, and left.

I whacked my hard-on several times that night imagining him undressing her and taking her over and over, and her doing things to him and with him that she would never do with me, sucking his huge cock, swallowing his cum, maybe letting him fuck her ass.

I guess I didn’t realize how strong her sex drive could be, and how much she needed to be pursued, seduced, and fucked by a man with a large cock. The slow realization of what was happening, and how she became his instead of mine was an intense experience, and he did occasionally mark her neck with hickeys, which she did a poor job of hiding…or was that on purpose she let me see them?

She and I began to have sex less often, when we did, she’d close her eyes and I knew she was thinking of him. Once I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of her playing with herself, I never let her know I was awake. She was slowly stroking her pussy, with her knees up in the air and her legs wide open. The sloshy, sounds became so loud because of the silence of night, I wanted to roll on top of her and give her my full minute’s worth of unsatisfying cock so bad, but she had never let me see her touch herself, so I made sure I didn’t move or breathe.

After a few minutes, she she had an orgasm, it was such a rush lying there next to her, listening discreetly, pleasuring herself, imagining it has him touching her.

They got together for a few more overnight times before it ended, like tonight, and I knew when she was going to see him, and that made me so hard, but the next detailed encounter I know about is probably best for the next story.

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