How I went from Virgin to Cuckold

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Here I am, in the basement of my own home, listening and wondering. Above me I can clearly discern the sounds of moaning, and movement; moans I have rarely heard before, although I do recognize the voice that’s making them. My wife Karen is in our bed now, easily being brought to climax over and over again, by a man I have never seen or met before tonight.

My wonderment is centered on how was I conditioned to want this for her, and is this affair the end of a journey, or…is there more change to come?

I am now a cuckold husband, not just willing, but craving to serve his wife and her lover, before, during, and after their encounters.

I assume John is bigger than most, based on her squeals of pleasure, but certainly not the biggest cock she has ever had, nor even the most appealing. I do have to give him an A-plus for stamina though; they’ve been going at it like bunnies for the last half hour. Her body is so petite, how can she take a cock that big? Unfortunately I have been both told and also come to realize that my puny little cock has never been enough for her; I wish I could at least peek in at them, so I could see his fat sausage deep in her pussy; stretching her like I cannot, but just as she needs.

I am not really sure where to start, other than to say that, early on, I had a strange feeling that my relationship with my first high school sweetheart, the one whom I first fingered and first fucked, and would later become my wife, was not a normal one. The farther back in time I look, the more signs I see now that help me understand what slowly was happening; of course back then I was completely clueless.

We met in high school, and I was simply hypnotized by her ass, how round and perfect it is, how it stuck out, how much I wanted to see it bare. She also was cute, flirtatious, and the rest of her 5’4″ body was just as hot, 34B, shoulder length brown hair, beautiful face….I guess I developed a crush on her pretty quickly.

We went out with friends a couple times, and soon we were dating exclusively; our sexual conversations about her past boyfriends slowly revealed to me that she was a little more experienced than I was. When we finally had intercourse, which was my first time but not hers, I was in heaven… was soo much better than jerking off! As the months wore on though I also began to realize I had no idea if she had cum or not when we had sex; I did ask her sometimes, and she would usually say that she had, but I wasn’t really sure. All I knew was that after a minute or so I did, EVERYTIME!

Like I said, maybe in another story, I’ll travel back more to before we were married, to the clues that I missed, but for now, the first time she cheated on me after marriage is still fresh in my mind. The feelings are almost indescribable, so many, so complex, and so animalistic.

We had been married just slightly less than one year, a year I thought had gone well. We had our own house, we each had jobs, and we had sex about four times a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. I know I sure was enjoying the sex, I came every single time, her surely not as often since I was truly a minute-man but I wasn’t sure how often. She said she enjoyed it when I asked, but even then she was pretty conservative with me talking and about and having sex. She didn’t really get vocal, verbose or loud, didn’t talk about specifics, but she never complained. We just did it, as often as we could.

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