Mother and daughter are both cheerleaders

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Christy was almost bouncing up and down she was so excited. As soon as she arrived home she vanished into her room, eager to get changed before Paul arrived. Quickly she donned her brand new cheer-leader uniform and stood, admiring herself in the mirror.

Christy was blonde and eighteen and now a cheer-leader. All was right with her world. She danced down to the kitchen for her mother’s approval.

“Oh, well done, Christy,” carolled her mother, Helen. “You look fantastic. Much the same as I did at that age, especially in that uniform.”

“Ha,” snorted Christy with a laugh. “You don’t look that much older than me. This uniform would probably fit you just as easily as it fits me.”

“Now there’s an idea,” said her mother, also laughing. “I’ve still got my old cheer-leader costume and it’s substantially the same as the current one. I think the only real difference is that we wore skirt and you wear shorts. I saw it the other day. Wait here while I go and see if it still fits.”

Helen headed off to her bedroom to check if the costume was where she remembered seeing it. It was and she quickly donned it, pleased to see that it still fitted. She returned to the kitchen, smiling.

“Oh my god,” squealed Christy with excitement. “It fits you like a glove. You look so much younger with that on. Anyone would think we were sisters, not mother and daughter.”

“Yes, it’s not bad,” agreed Helen with satisfaction. “I’d thought I might have put on a bit of weight but, if I have, it’s not enough to affect the fit.”

The door bell rang and Christy stuck her head out the door and looked down the hall. As expected, Paul had arrived.

“Come in, Paul,” she yelled. “We’re in the kitchen.”

Paul came sauntering down the hall and into the kitchen. He straightened up his stance a little at seeing the two cheer-leaders, impressed.

“Not bad,” he said approvingly. “Not bad at all.”

Puzzled, he looked a little harder at Christy’s mother and realisation came.

“Right, Helen,” he said in satisfaction. “I knew Christy didn’t have a sister. For a moment I thought you were possibly a cousin I hadn’t met. Damn, but that outfit makes you look younger.”

Christy and Helen smiled, pleased at his reaction.

“So, are you coming out like that are you going to take the time to get changed first?” he asked Christy, smiling.

Christy laughed. “I’ll go and change,” she said. “Don’t worry. I’ll only be five minutes.”

“You lie,” said Paul causally. “You’ll be a minimum of fifteen minutes. More likely half an hour. Don’t bother trying to rush. I’m quite happy to wait.”

Christy pulled a face and giggled. He was right and they both knew it. She scurried off to her bedroom to change.

“Where will you be going?” Helen asked.

“Out to dinner and then probably to a nightclub for a while,” Paul said.

He looked at Helen thoughtfully.

“I assume that was what the cheer-leader outfits used to look like,” he suggested. “Pretty much the same as the current one. The only real difference that I can see is that you’re wearing a skirt rather than shorts. Hm, I wonder. . .”

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