Mom and son push their limits and the dange

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I was in the midst of a dream in which I was chopping wood for some unknown reason, and had gotten quite stack beside me when I awoke. I felt a familiar sensation at my crotch. Sure enough, it was my mom giving me a morning blowjob! After last night’s activities, this kind of surprised me, I would have thought that mom would be doing this with my father. Not to say that I wasn’t thrilled with the unexpected attentions of my sexy mother, but I still had some unresolved feelings from the previous night.

“Mom? What are doing here?” I queried with a slight tone of displeasure in my voice.

“Why do you keep asking me that? Isn’t it obvious yet?” She answered between her bobbing, either missing my tone or choosing to ignore it.

“I mean why aren’t you blowing dad?”

“Are you saying you’d rather I was doing this with him instead of you?” Her own tone grew frosty. But her hand never left my rigid cock and her mouth never strayed far between replies.

“No, no. I just thought that after last night …”

“That I should spend all my time with my husband rather than my loving son who pleasures me far better than his father?”

“No mom. But it sounded like he was doing an alright job last night.”

“You heard?”

“Enough. Enough to tell that you were pleasured at least once.”

“It was twice if you must know.”

“I didn’t.” I paused, debating how to proceed. I did want her to finish what she had started regardless of whatever issues I had. “It’s just I heard some of it and I wanted it to be me with you. Doing that to you. It was hard to listen to it. I shouldn’t think that, you and dad should be together, you should be having sex. It’s not my place to say I wish you weren’t. I shouldn’t be jealous of dad, but I am.” My tone was plaintive, maybe even a bit maudlin.

“No, you shouldn’t feel that way. You have no cause to be jealous with the amount of time we’ve had together. Regardless of whether we want more time. To be honest, you have no cause to be jealous of your father. I was being honest when I said you were better than him. He has always been what I thought was an excellent lover. He has never left me wanting, so to speak. Other than the quantity in recent years that is. But that was before we started our … fling. Now I realize that with dad that we are both just using the other get ourselves off, not seeking to give each other pleasure. With you Jeremy, it’s not about you fucking me so you can cum; you fuck me so I can cum. It may seem a small difference, but it is a world apart.”

“As I’ve told you mom, giving you pleasure, making you cum, excites me.”

“And it’s why I have fallen in love with you Jeremy. More than I ever felt for your father.” She may have ceased her blowjob, but her hand was still able to do wonders on my dick. She wasn’t trying to make me cum, but she was giving me delightful sensations.

“I have to confess to you.” Mom continued. “What you heard last night. That was you. I was thinking of you when I came. Wishing it was you.”

“What? No.”

Mom had a demure and embarrassed look on her face, as if she was a shy teen instead of a sexy cougar. She nodded in confirmation. “Both times. I felt bad about it. Even while being with your father I still felt like I was cheating on him because thinking of you made me orgasm. But even worse, I felt I was cheating on you because I was sleeping with my husband.”

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