Best Friend’s Sister

This happened a few years ago right after my high school graduation. My best friend “Jon”s family invited me to their cabin on the lake for the summer. I couldn’t wait, it was even better when I found out that Jon’s sister “Jane” was going with! Jane was 2 years older than me and VERY

Wife cuckolds husband with best friend

It began when I was deployed last year. Fortunately I was sent to Louisiana and not overseas. Still, being 16+ hours from my wife, whom I had been with for four years, was not an easy pill to swallow. Thankfully Nikki surprised me with some sexy pictures to help “get me through.” She said she’d

Merry Christmas, A mother and son go for a winter vacation in a cozy cabin

Merry Christmas, A mother and son go for a winter vacation in a cozy cabin, When I looked out of the car window and saw the snow, it was really quite a beautiful thing to behold. Some of it stuck to the limbs of the trees that lined this lonely stretch of road. It was everywhere;

My wife treating me to a creampie

Sex stories.. My wife treating me to a creampie, Rachel certainly isn’t prim and proper and definitely not conservative. She’ll try anything once and pretty much has. In most situations she likes to be told what to do, she loves giving blowjobs and is amazing at sucking cock and swallows every time. She loves to have

Son finds love with Mother on the eve of moving out

Son finds love with Mother on the eve of moving out, It was the night before moving out when it finally happened. Something I had dreamed about for years, but was too ashamed to talk about… I had always thought of my mother as attractive. She was in her late forties, and I in my early

Natalie seduces her teacher in the classroom

Natalie seduces her teacher in the classroom.. Natalie’s history teacher, Mr Brooks, was 52 years old. Natalie knew this because she had found his LinkedIn account, looked at the year he graduated and counted backwards. He wore a wedding ring, so she knew that he was married, but he never mentioned his family in class. The

A Son Finds His Naughty Mother

Family taboo,sex stories, A Son Finds His Naughty Mother, Sarah Coyle was on her back, her feet were over his shoulders, his weight held her in place, his hands either side of her kept him there, and his hips were beating down on her like hail in a storm. His thick and heavy prick filled her completely,

Loving Mother, Son lets mother comfort him

Sex stories, Loving Mother, Son lets mother comfort him, Dave Gardner awoke to the sight of sunlight streaming through the thin gaps in his blinds. He rolled onto one side and checked the time on the clock sitting on his end table; it read 6:35am. ‘Goddamnit’ muttered Dave, annoyed that he’d woken up well before he needed

Threesome at the Nude Beach

Threesome at the Nude Beach, sex stories, The weather in July was just as expected on the shores of Lake Michigan’s warm beaches. Clara had finally finished her senior year, moved out of her parents family home, and was enrolled for college in the next coming fall. Not only had she grown career wise, but she

Virgin is seduced by older woman and his boss at a party

Virgin is seduced by older woman and his boss at a party, sex stories, “I’m having a pool party this Saturday. You’re invited.” Surprised, I stammered a thanks. “I’ll be there.” “Starts at two, bring a friend if you want. And don’t forget your swim suit.” The invite was from Bill, my boss! Steve and Mike

A family’s dark secrets come to light

Family taboo, A family’s dark secrets come to light, Carter and Caitlin Crafton lay head to toe on the couch in Carter’s third floor apartment. The late summer sun streamed in the old stained glass windows warming their naked bodies. The interplay of colored light and shadow added an ethereal quality to their lovemaking. Languidly, Caitlin licked

My first time with mom

Incest stories, My first time with mom, The summer after I turned 18, I began to see my Mother in a new light, a sexual light. The girls my age just couldn’t compare to this sexy goddess…I guess which is why I was still a virgin. Eighteen year old girls didn’t seem sexy to me, just immature

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