Virgin is seduced by older woman and his boss at a party

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Virgin is seduced by older woman and his boss at a party, sex stories, “I’m having a pool party this Saturday. You’re invited.”

Surprised, I stammered a thanks. “I’ll be there.”

“Starts at two, bring a friend if you want. And don’t forget your swim suit.”

The invite was from Bill, my boss!

Steve and Mike said they were also going. “There will probably be about thirty or so people,” Steve added. “Some bring wives or girlfriends. Mike and I are going stag. How about you? Bringing your girlfriend?”

“No, I really don’t have anyone special right now, so I guess I’ll also come alone.”

“He has a really cool place. It’s a refurbished old farm house out in the country a bit. Just north of here on Highway 50. Big pool and patio. Mike and I have been there several times. Everyone has a great time. There are always some really good looking women there. Maybe a bit too old for you, 20’s and 30’s. But still great eye candy.”

“We’re lucky that Bill is such a nice guy,” Mike added. “I’ve worked for some real sons-a bitches.”

I also was lucky. I needed a decent summer job between my freshman and sophomore college years. My folks were helping me some on tuition, but it wasn’t enough. Mike was a friend of a friend and worked at a company that warehoused and shipped items for an on-line marketing company. He suggested I put in an application. He said he knew the boss guy and would give me a recommendation.

It worked out great! I started the second week of June at $16 an hour. The warehouse ran two shifts, but since I was temporary and inexperienced, I was put on the day shift. It was a fairly small subsidiary with three girls working in the office, ten including me on day shift, and about six guys on twilight shift. Plus Bill the boss.

“Who all from the company is going?” I asked Steve on our next break.

“Well, there’s you, me, and Mike. Probably Ed and his wife. Robert and his girlfriend. You won’t miss her – big tits. Maybe one or two of the girls in the office and their boyfriends. And some others from elsewhere.”

“Sounds like it will be fun. I haven’t had any real social life since classes ended.”

“Not bringing a girlfriend? Good looking guy like you? Maybe you should ask one of the office girls.”

“I’m really shy around girls. Always seem to get tongue-tied in social situations. My lab partner in Chemistry class was a girl. I liked being around her but we focused on the lab tasks, so I didn’t freeze up like I sometimes do. I mostly avoid parties since I feel so awkward.”

“Well, Mike and I will help introduce you around. Make sure you come.”


The boss had a great place. It was originally a modest farmhouse built back in the 1920’s. Originally the house was on 160 acres but later sales reduced the land to 20 acres. A major addition in the 60’s more than doubled the size. Bill bought six years ago and spent a ton on major updates. Interior walls were removed, new kitchen and baths. A large patio, pool, and cabana were added. It was a terrific setup for entertaining which Bill seemed to enjoy.

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