A family’s dark secrets come to light

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Family taboo, A family’s dark secrets come to light, Carter and Caitlin Crafton lay head to toe on the couch in Carter’s third floor apartment. The late summer sun streamed in the old stained glass windows warming their naked bodies. The interplay of colored light and shadow added an ethereal quality to their lovemaking.

Languidly, Caitlin licked their comingled juices from her brother’s cock, reveling in the heady taste of that forbidden nectar. There was no hurry. Their frenetic lovemaking had temporarily sated that urgent need. Now was the time to savor the feel and taste of their bodies, to languish in the warmth of afterglow.


She loved how her twin’s acorn shaped head slid comfortably into her mouth and touched the back of her throat. The corners of her mouth ached slightly as she opened wide to accept him down her throat. Years of practice had taught her how to take all of his considerable length and girth into her mouth and throat. Until she dated her husband, Johnny Hampton, she foolishly thought all cocks were this large.

Carter French kissed his sister’s pussy, forcing his tongue deep in her flooded tunnel savoring the heady blend of their essence. He could feel the slipperiness of her pussy lips on his mouth as he tongue fucked her. He smiled as he felt their juices slip past his tongue and run down his chin and neck. He had come in her pussy twice and her mouth once in their morning of play. They always ended like this, laying head to toe, kissing, licking and cleaning each other. He savored the intimacy of these moments

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This and similar scenes were repeated many times over the years. Their love for each other knew no bounds. Unlike most siblings, they never fought. Their closeness was the result of ambitious parents whom seeking to make a better life for the family, neglected their children during the formative years. Nannies provided supervision; the siblings supplied the love. The one stabilizing force in their lives was Halvatia Curry, the longtime cook/housekeeper.

At 22, carrying her brother’s baby, Caitlin hurriedly married John Hampton and moved into the coach house behind the Hyde Park home. She suspected her husband knew the baby was not his. She was sure he did not know it was her brother’s baby.

The main house was an old three story Victorian that Tom and June Crafton bought cheap and rehabbed. The first floor was a ballroom, foyer and kitchen. They left the large foyer intact. They split the enormous ballroom in two. The part adjacent to the kitchen became the dining room/breakfast area. The rear portion became the solarium with a large Jacuzzi. It fronted the newly installed Japanese garden with its pagoda.

The second floor had been the four bedroom family quarters. June Crafton turned it into two large bedrooms with a central living/sitting area between the bedrooms. Each bedroom had its own bathroom.

The third floor was Carter’s apartment. It was the old servants’ quarters. Originally, it was four small bedrooms with a kitchen and tiny bath. June turned it into an en suite large bedroom with game/media room. One feature of the apartment was a rear staircase so the servants could enter and leave the house without entering the main house. It started in the game room and let out between the back of the house and the coach house.

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