Merry Christmas, A mother and son go for a winter vacation in a cozy cabin

Merry Christmas, A mother and son go for a winter vacation in a cozy cabin, When I looked out of the car window and saw the snow, it was really quite a beautiful thing to behold. Some of it stuck to the limbs of the trees that lined this lonely stretch of road. It was everywhere; on the side of the road, all over and around the trees, and some was even on the hood of the SUV, contrasting heavily against the red shade of it.

The seat warmer and the heated air blowing into my face was making it hard to stay awake. Luckily I didn’t have to, as my mother, Deborah, was driving us to the family cabin for a break before Christmas. Mom looked over at me, smiling. She probably thought it was amusing that I was about to fall asleep so close to the cabin.

“You know, I think your Dad was right. This trip will be good for us. We haven’t had any real time to bond just you and me.”

I think she felt the need to convince herself and me, that this trip would be just fine without Dad. I sat up and tried my best to look alert.

“You’re right. Besides, who would take care of the dog?” I quipped.


She turned her head to glare at me before arguing, “That dog has a name, you know.”

Her right arm left the steering wheel and flicked toward me while she talked, as if to strengthen her point. It didn’t do much for that, but it did cause her breasts to shake behind her sweater. I couldn’t help but stare.

“I know, I know. I tease,” I said jokingly, smirking back at her.

We were only a few moments from the cabin. We turned off the main road onto some snow covered dirt path. We wouldn’t have seen it, if not for the clearing in the trees and the spray-painted speed limit sign that marked its entrance.

As we rolled into the path, Mom stopped the car, put it into four-wheel drive and pushed through the path toward our cozy abode. We drove through a clearing in the forest and in the spotlight, our winter cabin. There really wasn’t much to it, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t comfy as all hell.

As we pulled up to the driveway, Mom’s face lit up, “We’re here!” her voice lingered for a moment.

She pulled me in and kissed my forehead. We got out of the car, the biting cold was fairly shocking after sitting in the toasty car for so long. I trod carefully to the trunk of the car, making sure not to slip on any ice and popped it open. We grabbed our luggage, closed and locked the car and made our way to the cabin.

The soft crunches of snow under my feet subsided as we got to the porch. Mom set her luggage down and fumbled with her keys for a moment.

“Ah, here we go!” she exclaimed, holding out a single key and inserting it into the keyhole.

As we entered the cabin, memories started flooding my head. Everything was the way we left it. As I walked past the living room and kitchen, the family picture hung to the right of the hallway caught my attention. I always loved that picture. It was me, my dad, and my mom at the beach. Pretty unfitting for the cabin, but I loved it all the same. Under it, it read, “The Lawrence Family”

I walked towards my room, which was actually the guest room, when I heard Mom on the phone. I think she was talking to Dad, telling him that we had arrived and that we were safe and sound. I walked through the doorway into my room and was hit with memories of me and my hand. I had spent too many lonely nights in that room.

I heaved my luggage onto the bed and started unpacking. I took out my clothes in the order I had packed them, shirts in one pile and pants in another, when I heard knocking on the door behind me.

“Hey Sweetie. Got everything?” she inquired.

She was leaning against the doorway and smiling gently at me. I couldn’t help but admire her hourglass figure which was on full display, thanks to her tight fitting sweater and jeans.

I quickly turned back toward my luggage and checked all the pockets. Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hairbrush, shampoo, and body-wash, everything I’d need.

I looked back up at my mom, who was waiting patiently, “Yeah, I’ve got everything. You?”

“I sure do.” She pushed away from the doorway before continuing, “I’m headed out to grab some groceries before it gets too late, alright?”

I sat on the bed next to my luggage before sarcastically responding, “Having food here this weekend would probably be a good idea.”

Mom moved up and kissed me on the forehead before walking out the door, “I’ll be back soon, call if you need anything,” she called out from the hallway.

“Be careful out there!” I yelled back.

I listened carefully for a moment, waiting. Then I heard the front door close. I fell back on the bed, unzipping my jeans and pulling my hardened prisoner from its cell. I started tugging away, thoughts of my mother rushing through my head. She was on her back, beckoning me, completely naked. I imagined myself trailing my hand along her toned calves to those thick thighs and up her hips to her waist. I dipped down and kissed her full lips tenderly, then pushing my hand further up, to her breast… ugh fuck. My body convulsed, and my hips bucked into my hand as I came.

It had only taken a few minutes to come, to the thought of my naked mother. A wave of guilt, and my semen, quickly rushed over me. My brain didn’t agree with my dick, apparently. I looked down at myself while sitting up. It was trailing down my stomach.

I walked into the bathroom that was next to my bed, making sure nothing dripped off onto my pants or the floor. I cleaned up with some tissues and water, then dried off. I finished putting away my clothes before lying back on the bed. Grabbing the remote behind my head, I turned on the TV. White noise was playing proudly on the screen. I started flipping through channels. Only after maybe twenty channels of static, did I realize that the snow was probably interfering with the connection.

Frustrated, I turned off the TV and tossed the remote off the bed and onto the floor. I rotated my body onto its side and tried to fall asleep. As per usual, my mind became overactive when I was trying to get it to relax. Thoughts of my mother were running through my head. Only after giving up trying to disperse the thoughts, did my mind give up trying to disturb my rest and I fell into a nice cat nap.

I jerked awake to the sound of the front door closing.

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“Daniel! I could use some help bringing in the groceries!” she yelled out from the kitchen.

Wiping my eyes clean, I sat up, “I’ll be right there, just hold on!” I pushed myself off the bed and stumbled toward the doorway.

As I emerged from the hallway, I saw Mom un-bagging the groceries in the open kitchen to my right. I walked over to her to tell her about the TV, but I guess she didn’t notice me, because when I put a hand on her shoulder, she just about jumped out of her skin.

“Jesus, Daniel. Don’t go around scaring your poor old mother like that,” she laughed out, dropping her gaze back down to the groceries.

“Sorry! I’ll go grab the rest of the groceries,” I declared, trailing my hand lightly across her auburn hair, from shoulder to shoulder as I walked past her.

I pulled on my boots and tucked my jeans into them. Grabbing the coat from the rack next to the door, I pulled open the gate to the winter wonderland. The cold air slapped me in the face, reminding me I should have put on the coat before venturing out.

A satisfying crunching sensation erupted from the snow with each step towards the car. I carefully stepped closer and closer to the back of the SUV, watching for any ice that might have been lying there, hidden. The wind was picking up and was burning my face as I fumbled around the trunk, trying to grab all the groceries at once. When I finally had all the groceries wrapped around my arms like I was showing off a wide selection of purses, I closed the trunk and ventured back inside, my arms were straining under their weight.

Pushing into the doorway, I kicked off my boots. I marched into the kitchen and set the groceries down on the counters. Mom slid the hanging bags from my arms and the relief was instant. She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek before continuing to un-bag the groceries.

“Thanks, Sweetie. I really appreciate it, it’s pretty ice-cold out there, huh?”

I walked back to the door and shut it tight, “It really is. Wind’s picking up too,” I said, pulling off my coat.

I hung my coat back on the rack and walked into the living room, which was directly to the right when you walk through the door. The kitchen and the living room were both open and kind of merged into one room, the only real divider being the open-wall in the kitchen. I fell back onto the loveseat that sat in front of our fireplace.

“So what should we do now that the TVs are out of whack?” I inquired, “It’s getting darker outside.”

“How about some hot chocolate?” she asked from the kitchen.

I turned my body and looked over my shoulder at her, she was already making it.

“That sounds delicious, Mom!” I joyfully asserted.

I couldn’t help but admire her body while she made the drinks, her tight clothing displaying the curvy figure that lay just underneath. Her wide hips were a sight that blessed my thoughts many a night. She wasn’t a fat woman by any means, every bit of weight went to her thighs, bosom, and bottom. Her tiny waist almost looked unhealthy when compared to the rest of her body. Her auburn hair looked like it could set ablaze at any moment. She really did have the perfect body, to me, at least.

She peeked over her shoulder and jokingly asked, “Are you gonna stare at me all day or are you gonna make a fire?”

Did she really just say that? Fuck, how long had she known I was watching? I could feel myself blushing, she was giggling to herself back in the kitchen.

Sinking back into the seat, I lifted myself off the sofa and got down on my knees in front of the fireplace. I grabbed a few logs from the carrier and set about building the fire while she finished the drinks.

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“I’m gonna have some tequila in my cocoa, you want some?” she asked from behind me.

Really? I was only nineteen and both she and Dad had always been pretty hard on me when it came to drinking.

I tried to sound confident when I replied, but it came out more like a desperate cry when my voice cracked, “Yeah, sure!”

I could hear her giggling again in the kitchen.

I finished building the fire and lifted myself back onto the middle of the sofa to enjoy the heat of the flames.

“Scooch over, Mister,” she said, holding both drinks and smiling down at me.

I slid over to my left so I could rest my drink on the end table. She sat down next to me and handed the drink over.

“Thanks!” I said, lifting the drink to my eager mouth.

The next moment had my mom in tears from laughing so hard. I took a nice gulp of the drink, and the amount of alcohol in it had singed the back of my throat causing me to cough violently.

“Can my little man not handle his alcohol?” she laughed.

I put my hand up to signal that I was alright, while I tried to clear my throat.

“I’m fine, I swear. I just… really wasn’t expecting that.”

I felt her arm across my shoulders and she pulled me in, “Isn’t the fire beautiful, Dan?”

I couldn’t help but agree. It looked like it was dancing for us, like we were the only two in the audience for its performance. We both steadily sipped our drinks while watching the majestic performer.

“Would you put on some music, Sweetie?” she requested, turning her head to look at me, smiling softly.

I slipped through her arm as I stood up and walked toward the TV’s sound system. I pulled my phone out of its pocket and plugged it into the stereo’s dock.

Going through my playlists I saw one labeled Funk and selected it. ‘Fire on The Bayou’ started playing, one of Mom’s favorites. Guitar riffs and drum beats filled the room. I looked back at her and she seemed to be having a great time, she was rocking her head back and forth to the funky beats that played, a large grin was growing on her face.

“Come back and finish your drink,” she said, patting the seat next to her.

I strode over to the sofa and fell back into my seat. The still steaming, hot cocoa, was waiting for me when I got back. When I looked back at Mom, she looked like she was in her own world. Her eyes were closed and she was slowly rocking her head around to the music. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous she looked at this moment, she was absolutely beaming.

In my tipsy daze, I figured now would be a good time to finish my drink. Lifting the drink to my lips and tipping back, I started to chug it. The alcohol I had already swallowed had numbed the back of my throat, but only for a moment. When I finished my little champion’s chug I started coughing and gagging – real smooth.

With my eyes covered in tears by my coughing fit, I could only hear her giggling to herself again. Wiping my eyes, I looked over at her, and the sweet smile that was growing on her face seemed to calm my coughing fit down.

I felt her hand on my wrist. It tightened ever so slightly as she stood up, dragging me with her. Her body started to move in sync with the music. Her hips swaying back and forth to the rhythm of the guitar while her head bobbed with the drum beats, all while staring intently into my eyes like she was daring me to join her.

I let the music take me as it forced my body to shake with some sort of a rhythm. You might even be able to call it a dance, but one thing is for sure, Mom was surprised to see me do it. I had never danced a day in my life and I’m not sure you could even confidently call this my first, but I could tell it made her happy.

“Ahhh, so now you dance. It just takes some tequila, I see!” she laughed out.

The swaying of her body had me in a trance. I tried to keep my eyes on her’s but I couldn’t help myself, she was so enticing.

Next thing I knew, Mom had pulled me in for a kiss by my shoulders. Our lips locked for a moment, both of us a bit shocked as far as I know. Then she pulled away. In the heat of the moment, I reeled her back in and reformed contact between our lips.

A moment later I could feel a guest enter its way into my mouth. Her tongue had entered me and was exploring my mouth for a few seconds before retreating. I followed back and was met with a sweet taste and a sense of euphoria engulfing my body.

We continued playing tongue tag for what seemed like forever before I pulled back. I needed a breather, as I had never trained myself in the art of not fainting while making out. I’d never had any experience with this sort of activity.

We were both just standing there, staring into each other’s eyes. God, I could get lost for hours in her hazel headlights. Unfortunately, that was not to be. Her gaze left mine and she slowly walked past me to her room, without saying anything.

She had left me alone in the living room, music still blasting. I was hornier than I’d ever been in my life and I felt like I couldn’t get it up to save my life now. I walked over to the stereo system and unplugged my phone, turning off the music.

I stumbled my way through the hallway. The alcohol wasn’t the cause of my troubled steps, it was instead, the passionate moment I just shared with my mother, one that lead to disappointment rather more intimacy. To be honest, I don’t know what I expected to happen.

I fell onto my bed and got under the covers. I just wanted the night to end but my mind was stirring. What had I done? What did I do to upset her so much? Did she leave because of me or was it just regret? My mind wouldn’t stop asking questions that I didn’t really know how to answer, nor did I want to.

I awoke the following morning to the smell of… bacon and eggs? Rolling out of bed, I made my way across the room, my feet still unsteady. I just about tripped and fell through the doorway before walking through the hallway, one hand on the wall for balance.

When I entered the kitchen I saw Mom finishing up breakfast. She looked back at me and she just had this smile on her face, like she knew something that I didn’t.

“Good morning, Sweetie!” she cheered out, putting breakfast on a plate.

Dumbfounded that she was acting like nothing happened, I just sat down, speechless.

“Did you sleep well?” she asked, putting the plate down in front of me.

I had to clear my throat of the sleepy mucus that had built up from my shitty night, “Uh, yeah. I slept alright.”

She leaned down and kissed my forehead before saying, “You’re still wearing yesterday’s clothes. Go wash up after you eat.”

Once again she had left me highly confused and alone in the room as she walked away. I finished eating my breakfast, cleaned the dishes, and left the kitchen for my room. Each step had me a bit more worried. Why was she acting the way she was? Like nothing happened, when we both knew that wasn’t true.

I found myself back in my room, feeling similar to the night before, but in a different way. Less heartbroken, more confused, out of my mind. What the hell was she up to?

Shaking off any lingering thoughts, I decided it would be best to hurry up and take a shower. I quickly went through my drawers, just taking some clothes that would keep me warm, feeling like I would need to take a walk outside to refresh my mind.

I left the clothes on my bed and while undressing, entered the bathroom. I put down the toilet seat and laid my towel on it for easy access. Turning on the water, I put my hand under the faucet to test the temperature. I imagined the warm water as my mother’s hands, massaging mine. This however, turned into quite the ironic moment when the water’s temperature went from a warm, soothing stream of bliss, to a searing hot lava faucet.

I quickly yanked away my hands before adjusting the knobs to something that wouldn’t melt me as soon as I entered. When I reached the desired median of hot and cold, I pressed down on the little switch that activated the shower. As it kicked on, a few hiccups of air had caused the shower to skip a few beats before returning to a steady stream.

Stepping into the shower, I closed the curtains behind me, blocking most of the light. The warm water pelted my body, relieving me of most of my tension. I finally had a moment of peace, the sound of the shower drowned out whatever other sounds I could have heard, this combined with the dimmed lighting was exactly what I needed.

I scrubbed my body clean of the dirt, and the guilt from the previous night. The shower finished wiping any left-over soap from my body and I stood there, soaking up the steam for a few minutes.

Turning off the water, I flicked the dripping remains from my limbs and pushed it out of my hair before grabbing the towel to finish the job. I padded myself dry and laid the towel down in front of the tub so I wouldn’t get my wet feet on the tiles.

I walked out of the bathroom and was greeted with the sight of my mother sitting next to my clothes, just staring at me. She had this huge smile on her face, and her eyes were traveling across my body.

“Get the fuck out!” I yelled at her. I was in no mood for games right now.

“Oh now, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” She was already leaving, but her gaze was constantly over her shoulder looking at me, “By the way, you look good wearing nothing.”

When she disappeared around the doorway my heart was still racing, what the fucking Christ was she doing? In my panicked hysteria I hadn’t realized that I wasn’t even covering my junk. She had a full view of my body and her eyes never left it.

I quickly put on all of my clothes and marched into the living room and to my surprise, she wasn’t there. Fuck it! I decided I would just sit back on the sofa and relax for a moment. As I sunk down into the cushions I could feel shocks erupt through my body like I was doing something I shouldn’t. Shaking off this feeling, I turned on the TV.

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Lo and behold, there it was! A working signal on the TV. My immature mind at the time thought this was great, it would be the fix to all of my problems. We could just watch TV for the rest of the weekend. As per usual, my immature mind was wrong. Dead wrong.

“Hey there! Whatcha watching?” Her cheerful voice rung out.

Oh god dammit, I hadn’t even noticed her sneaking up. She sat down right next to me, hips touching. I could feel my blood boiling, why was she acting like this? Better question, why the hell was it affecting me so harshly? She had always had this kind of attitude when she was playing around.

“Why are you acting like nothing happened?” I turned to face her, her smile was gone. She just looked confused.

“Oh, I just thought it’d be funny to surprise you when you got out of the shower. I’m sorry, Sweetie.”

Her tone of voice, there was something off about it. It was like she was mocking me, but at the same time, not.

“And what about last night?”

I started to sound more desperate, I needed a valid answer. She was avoiding my question before and I needed to know.

“What? You mean this?”

She grabbed me by the back of my hand and dragged me to face her, completing the connection with her lips. I thought I had been furious at her, but it was then that I realized I hadn’t been mad, just in dire need of her touch.

An elated sigh erupted from her mouth when I put my hands on her waist, she knew I was accepting this. This got me pretty touchy-feely over her, as I moved my hands all around her body with no real purpose. Eventually she grabbed one of my hands and guided it to her breasts.

Now I’m not one to exaggerate, but know this, when she guided me to her bra-less chest, I almost came. Her breasts were so soft, yet they held their place high on her chest, I couldn’t stop fondling them. Each squeeze and push made her nipples harder, making them highly evident against my palms.

I very slowly pulled my hands from her breasts, closing in my fingers until I reached her nipples. Stopping my motion, I gently pinched her little nub between my index finger and my thumb, pulling slightly before letting go and repeating. Each tug caused a slight moan to come forth out of her.

I pushed my tongue against her lips, asking for permission to enter her sweet mouth. I could feel the pressure against my tongue lift away as it slipped in, that sweet taste welcomed it and so did her tongue as it danced around mine.

I could feel her hand press against my thigh. I opened my eyes to see her already looking at me, seemingly unfocused on my eyes but more on what she was doing. Her hand slipped further up my thigh, I had an idea of what she was doing and my breathing became a little more frantic. I refocused my attention on breathing steadily through my nose. It was then that she pushed all the way up to my crotch, cupping her hand around it softly.

I gasped out, breaking the kiss. She then began to rub me through my pants. I wasn’t going to complain, it was the most action I’d ever gotten in my life. Each rub felt better than the last as I hardened, my member getting more sensitive with each bit of friction. I rested my head between her neck and her shoulder as she continued.

Her rubbing continued, quickening in pace as my breath against her neck did the same. I started to push myself against her hand as I moved closer and closer towards my climax. She raised my head level to her’s and reconnected our kiss, immediately forcing her tongue into my mouth. This triggered my climax. Her tongue slipped in and out of my mouth as my cock throbbed against her hand, my moans joined in unison.

As my orgasm subsided, I was left near breathless as she broke the kiss and my head fell back against her neck. This time I gave it gentle kisses as she held me close.

“I love you, Mom.” I whispered to her, as if no one but us should hear.

She turned her head to mine and kissed my cheek before whispering back, “I love you too, Sweetie.”

I pulled away and looked at the beautiful woman that sat next to me, my mother, Deborah. She was wearing some tight fitting torn jeans and a white blouse that hugged her figure. As I looked at her, examining her feminine features, an idea struck me. I had seen it in the movies so many times. I noticed her fiery mane was laying over her ear, so I gently pushed the hairs back and made sure they stayed behind it.

I gave her a single peck on her cheek. The corners of our mouths had brief contact before I sat back.

“I’m gonna go clean up. I’ll be right back!”

Off I went, cheerily to my room. I really had nothing to complain about after that. It was obvious that she loved me as much as I loved her. When I left her sight, a grin formed on my face, I was absolutely elated. I got some pep in my step and I formed two fists, pumping them into the air. This was shaping up to be the best weekend I’d ever had. I’ll spare you the details about what I did after I went to my room.

I walked through my doorway, feeling like a new man. For the first time this weekend, I was able to walk through the hallway without a single thing wrong. I really did feel fantastic. As I exited the hall, I saw my mother staring, waiting for me. She was on her knees, and her arms were crossed and on the back of the sofa for her chin to rest on while she waited for me. Her face lit up when she saw me, and so did mine.

I walked around the loveseat as she adjusted herself to accommodate my sitting next to her. I sat down facing sideways, toward her, crisscrossing my legs. She lay back against the armrest, positioning her legs on either side of me. I was about to ask if she wanted to go for a hike, but before I could get any words out of my opening mouth, she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me onto her. I caught myself under her arms on the couch. I was directly on top of her now. She looked up to me, into my eyes, begging with them. Looking back, I felt pretty bad.

I dipped down and gave her a kiss on those waiting lips then raised up again.

“I’d really like to go for a hike. Would you join me?”

Her expression dropped when she realized my question. A sigh left her lips before she pleaded, “Oh come on, don’t you wanna stay inside with the fire… and me?”

The sweetest smile arose from her, she was begging me and I was too stupid to realize it at the time.

“There’s plenty of time for that. Really. I promise we’ll spend more time just like this, but look outside, it’s beautiful!” I said, shifting my gaze ahead of me, looking out of the window.

She followed, arching her neck back and taking a peek before looking back at me.

“Fine. But you have to swear to me that we’ll continue when we get back.” she demanded, giving a little wink.

“I swear.” I gave her another kiss to seal the deal.

I wish I could say that some really exciting stuff happened during that hike, but alas, I cannot. It was the most normal thing we’d done since we got there and as far as I know, we both really enjoyed it.

When we got back to the cabin, it was starting to get dark. The warm interior greeted us as we closed the door behind us. I took off Deb’s coat and hung it for her while she went to the kitchen to heat up some soup.

“Thanks, Sweetie! I’ll have dinner ready soon. Go relax for a bit,” she said, as she bobbed her head towards the hallway.

I walked into the kitchen and gave Deb a kiss on her cheek, before continuing toward the hall. When I got to my room, I fell onto my bed and closed my eyes. The thoughts of my sweet mother were rushing around my head, what would we do tonight? Would I get to feel every inch of her naked body? Was tonight strictly for her? I suppose I really didn’t care at the time, I just wanted to be close to her.

My thoughts were interrupted by Mom getting onto the bed. She shuffled her way over to me on her knees and swung one leg over me, straddling my body. She lowered herself down onto my crotch and began slowly bucking her hips back and forth on me.

“Are you sure you want to eat right now?” she asked, biting her lip.

“I can wait.” My voice was shaking, but I managed to get a smile out.

Deb brought her other leg over and freed herself from my crotch. She got off the bed and started to sway her hips from side to side, my mind instantly thought – music! I grabbed my phone and put on some ‘R.E.M.’. I don’t know why I did, but it was surprisingly fitting, she moved in tune with the slow beats of their music.

She hooked her thumbs into the sides of her jeans, continuing to dance for a moment before staring right into my eyes, as she bent toward me, pulling them down. She kicked them over the bed, and over me. My vision followed them until they hit the floor. When I looked back she was slowly walking toward me, her white panties were lower than they probably should have been and showing the top of her trimmed bush as each leg passed the other.

I was absolutely mesmerized by her movements as she crawled onto the bed and then towards me on all fours. She rose up onto her knees as she looked down at me.

She brought her hands to the top of her blouse, to the first button of five.

“Do you want me, Daniel?”

“Yes.” I breathily forced out, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.

Her voice lowered, “Tell me that you want me.”

I sat up resting my back against the headboard, never breaking eye contact with her body.

“I really fucking want you, Mom.”

“Ohhhh… I like that.” she seductively breathed out, undoing the first, then the second, then the third, and then… she stopped.

I could see the sides of her breasts through the opening, but she made sure to not let me get the full view until I finished her little game.

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She started biting her lip again as she cocked her head a little to her left, her gaze was softening. Oh my god, she was getting wet, I glanced down at her panties, they were definitely fucking wet. I was getting so horny looking at her that it took every ounce of my self-control to keep my hands off of her for now.

“Daniel, Sweetie. How much do you want me?”

She begged for an answer as her hips rocked around slowly, almost like they were searching for something to grind herself on.

“I need you, Mom. I need you so fucking badly. I’d do anything for you, you know that.” I assured her.

I couldn’t resist the temptation. I put one of my hands on the inside of her thigh. Her soft flesh there had my body begging for more. I let my hand ride up and down her thigh before stopping right below her womanhood.

She moaned loudly when I massaged her thigh, and I knew she wanted me to go further, but I waited for her to make the next move. She undid the fourth button. Slowly, her hands trailed down to the last button. Her fingers fumbled around slowly, biding their time on that last little bit of plastic that held her blouse from displaying her breasts to me. Eventually they unhooked it from the blouse. She grabbed on to the now free top and slid her hands up the cracked opening. I noticed her leg had crossed over me again, she was straddling me again and I could feel her grinding against my crotch once more. Her hands pulled away the opening, revealing her glorious tits to me. They were magnificent. I would say they were about the size of, oh I don’t know… grapefruit? I’m no expert in cup sizes, but they had some size, and they held up well.

She leaned over, letting her breasts hang there in my face. I put one hand on her waist and massaged it, while moving my other hand to her breasts, switching back and forth between them. I grabbed one of those soft tits and placed my mouth around its nipple. I sucked in, and in, and in, playing with it with my tongue as it hardened in my mouth. She was moaning louder, pushing herself harder into my pelvis. I started to hump into her.

I grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled upwards, pulling it away from my body and throwing it to the ground. She bent forward and started rubbing her cheeks on my chest. When she looked back up at me, I pulled her in and kissed her. My hands were still exploring her chest and waist, but I let them fall to my side when she brought her hands down to my jeans. She undid the top button and unzipped them. She reached behind her and dug her fingers into my jeans and my boxers, pulling them away in one swift motion. My cock flung up and smacked her covered cunt, causing her to cry out as she grabbed my shoulders.

Holding onto me tightly, she bucked her hips back and forth steadily against my dick, massaging it and her pussy at the same time. I could feel the wet panties and the soft flesh behind them against my now rock-hard cock. I brought my hands to her ass and rubbed it softly as she rocked against me. I slipped my hands under her panties and spread her ass-cheeks slowly, then let them go, then repeated.

“Get these off, I gotta get these off.” I begged, pulling her panties down.

She lifted each leg one at a time, allowing me to rid her of them.

She continued to rock back and forth on me, but now I could feel the soft flesh on my cock as it slipped back and forth over it. A few times I was brought close to orgasm, but I grabbed her hips and slowed her movements before I got there. Whenever my hands weren’t on her hips, they were gripping her tits, and my mouth was always on them, suckling on those hard nipples like I had as a baby.

I looked up to see she was already staring down at me, that sedated smile and gaze still ever present.

“Please, Mom. I need you. I need to be inside you.” I begged, and I meant it.

That was heavenly torture right then, I needed to get the full experience.

Her smile widened and I felt one hand leave my shoulder. A moment later she had grabbed my cock and was stroking it. She didn’t do it for long before she lined it up to her slit. My dickhead rubbing against her almost had me cumming, but that was nothing compared to what I felt next.

Mom slowly lowered down, her body taking in my cock. Oh my dear fucking Christ. She was so tight around me, so fucking hot inside, and oh so fucking wet. I was in my mother, no, I was fucking my mother. I was a goddamned motherfucker. I laughed to myself as that thought passed through.

Her hands slid behind my back then she pulled me to her. We were hugging as we fucked now. Her breasts rubbed up and down my chest as she pushed herself up and down my cock, crying out each time she went back down.

Her sweat was cool to the touch as our bodies embraced each other. I brought my face to her neck and started to deliver more soft kisses to it, working my way up her neck, to her jaw, along her cheek, and then onto her lips. It had turned in our most passionate kiss yet. With her riding my cock, and our kiss, I was losing my breath, and my mind, and my endurance. Oh fuck, I was going to cum. I grabbed onto her hips and stopped her. I broke the kiss and my breathing became frantic, trying to focus on keeping myself from orgasming.

“Just a moment. Ugh, fuck!” I lowered my forehead to her shoulder before continuing, “I had to stop. I’m sorry. I didn’t want it to end yet.” I took a deep breath with each sentence.

“Don’t worry, Sweetie. I’m fine right here with your long hard cock deep inside me.” Her voice was slow, methodical, and very, very amused.

A laugh escaped her lips and her breath ran down my neck, sending shivers down my spine. God, I loved this woman.

“Wanna fuck me from behind?”

Oh Jesus, woman! She caught me by surprise, I really hadn’t expected that to come out, but I was glad it did.

“Yes. Yes, yes, yes I fucking do!” I yelled out, sliding my cock from her wet cavern of pleasure as I pulled away.

She lay down on her stomach and rested her head on my pillow, looking me in the eyes, she was smiling so fucking seductively. This time, it was me who was to straddle my mother. I brought one leg over both of her’s. Her legs were tight together, a single line went from the top of her ass to the bottom of her feet. I spread them a little when I was in position. I rubbed my hands across her thighs and her ass, massaging her for a couple of minutes.

Spreading her ass-cheeks, I wet my index and middle finger with my mouth and plunged them into her pussy. The warm, wet ridges of her soft fleshy inside got me rock hard again.

I pushed myself forward and grabbed my dick, pushing it down between her legs and into her eager cunt.

“Ohhhh…” we both cried out in pleasure.

I pushed further into her and then leaned over her, putting my hands on either side of her shoulders. I felt her hands grasp my wrists as I fucked her. My cock slid out and then was driven back in with a slightly wet plop sound as my balls smacked down with each thrust. She was moaning into the pillow constantly in rhythm with me.

I lowered my body down to her’s and slowed my incessant fucking. I dipped my head down and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. She turned her head towards me and kissed me back, this time not leaving my lips.

“I want you to cum inside me. Alright, Sweetie?”

Her voice was near breathless. She pushed her ass up towards me, beckoning me to fuck her harder.

I sped up and pushed in harder with each thrust of my hips. Her body was being pushed up, little by little as I fucked her harder. That intense tingling sensation was enveloping my dick, but this time I didn’t have to stop. I grunted and moaned with each thrust into her womanhood.

Her body shook and convulsed against mine. Her cries of pleasure were muffled by the pillow until her body arched, her head rising up and the pillow no longer keeping her loud moans from echoing throughout the cabin.

Her inner canal tightened around my cock, massaging it. My cock throbbed inside her, exploding its juices deep inside as I bucked my hips into her. I couldn’t hold back my moans and grunts anymore, I became animalistic as I orgasmed inside of my own mother. I pulled her up to my chest, on her knees and gently continued pumping myself into her, before I became too sensitive to continue.

Our sweat glistened bodies were held tight, our breathing slowly became more controlled. As I held her to me, I couldn’t resist grabbing onto one of her tits. The nipple was near piercing my palm as I rubbed it.

“I love you, Deb.” I declared, delivering more soft kisses to her neck.

She turned her head towards me and smirked at me, “Call me Mom, I like that more.” A single laugh left her lips and she kissed my cheek.

Well that was my weekend at the winter cabin. After that night, we packed up and got ready to leave for home in the morning. Mom ended up leaving my father when she caught him cheating on her. Turns out he had been doing it during the weekend when we were gone. We moved from Pennsylvania to a cozy coastal town in Maine. No one knew us, which was perfect. We acted like a couple where ever we went.

Eventually I left for UMaine and studied for criminal justice. Years later here I am, still living with my mother, my lover. I work as a cop in this small town. Nothing really exciting happens. I write tickets and drink coffee while looking out to the sea. I have no regrets.

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas Eve by drinking some hot cocoa and making out on the porch, our body heat kept us warm on the cold winter night. Every year, on midnight of Christmas Eve, she’ll sit next to me and cuddle up before telling me,

Merry Christmas, Mister Lawrence.”

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