Couple lure mother into on watching them on cam

On Cam for Mom, Couple lure mother into on watching them on cam …. My wife Linda and I were stationed in Hawaii. We are both very close to my mother Annie and missed her greatly, When we were both back in New York for Christmas we bought her a new laptop with a built-in webcam so we could keep in touch online.

While we were still in New York, my mom would explore things more and more on the internet. My mom Annie, is 47, dark hair, a nice looking Italian women, with large 44dd breasts, living alone, after dad passed away, and getting more lonely as time passes. So to ease some of the pain about being alone, Linda and I thought it would be a good idea to keep her involved in our daily lives, or as much as possible. So when we went back to Hawaii we continued to do just that, nice conversations about our daily activities, I suggested that mom should join a dating site, or cruise the internet more, in adult oriented sites. It took a little convincing, but it was not long after she started visiting sites on the internet, where nudity, was present.

Linda and myself are members of an adult dating site, and we have nude pics on them, as a couple looking for another female, my wife is looking to see what its like with another woman. There is a section on the home page for new profiles, and I almost fell on the floor, there was moms picture.


If we were to open her profile she would see who was checking her out, so we opened a second site, without face pics, just a body, and profile mostly all false, stating we were looking for another female to join us.

We opened her profile, and just to check out what she wrote, not only did she write about her life as it was, but she also stated she was interested, in couples, and trying her first BI experience, I wanted to just stop right there and not go any further with this, but Linda and I were curious and I have to say excited for so many reasons, that she was looking around and having fun, and she was exploring, also it intrigued me, that she had these thoughts. We friended her on the site, we had our first conversation with her. She had no idea that it was us. The more we chatted the hotter the conversations got, We asked her if she had a cam? She stated yes, which we already knew. I told her that ours was broke, we were intending on buying a new one soon. We suggested if she wanted to turn her cam on the site had a section for cams, and she could go private or for all, she said she would go private for us.

I had a million thoughts running thru my head, on what to do, I turned to Linda, well this is it, what should we do, it will change things forever for all of us, I never knew my mom had bi thoughts, I would be seeing her naked, help me out what should we do?

Linda stated she was excited about seeing her and we’ve gone this far and I think you want to see her too!!.

She was right! I did, then I got back to my mom, and said hi were back, and she turned her cam on and she was in her halter top and shorts, we said she looked lovely, and stated she had very large breasts, Linda, asked if she could see them, and in one movement off the halter top came, and I almost came right there to see mom on cam tits exposed and enjoying another couple and woman enjoying looking at her., I let Linda communicate with her for the next 10 minutes and the conversations got heated.

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Linda said that she enjoyed seeing her breasts exposed and would love to caress them, Annie replied she would love that, and would enjoy seeing and caressing hers too!., then I saw it all Linda talked her into removing her shorts and start masturbating for us, we both lost it and Linda, drew me closer to her and pulled my pants down and started sucking my cock, she was so hot!

Linda also stated that she was doing this, and Annie, mentioned how she would love to see it, we told her soon, but really we had to figure out how doing that without letting her know it was us. Well, mom was coming for us now and Linda was telling her to taste it. My head was spinning, I came in Linda’s mouth and the camp session ended.

Linda and I fucked for hours, afterward, and we talked about what to do, I asked her if she could go to bed with my mom, she said “Yes” in a heartbeat, and asked if I could!, I told her a week ago never, but now!!, I think so.

We waited for a few days, to figure things out, Annie kept trying to contact us, but we did not answer, I needed time, Linda came up with the idea of not showing our faces on cam, and I said oh yeah, sure that will work, “not” just one slip up and a movement by the cam the wrong way, and she knows.

We decided to try using a Halloween mask, the both of us, and suggested we get mom to buy one too, it would be fun for all of us to hide behind the mask, you do things behind a mask, you would not normally do, the truth is we had nothing else, it was the mask or nothing.

My mom agreed to it and that Saturday, we all got online with cams on. We casually chatted about things, and talked about different sites, we mentioned a site called and Annie mentioned she would check it out, we stated that it was a site with erotic stories, and the incest/taboo was something that intrigued us and thought she might like seeing it too.

I asked my mom would something like a mom & daughter or mom & son making love shock her if so, she might not like it then. Annie mentioned that she was open minded and would check it out, now I’m really getting excited, and Linda is going nuts.

I said that the sight of a mom going to bed with her son was hot, and I would mind trying it, Annie asked me if I ever try anything with your mom. My insides were turning over, I was laughing and nervously, but I had to answer and I said no but I think it’s something I would not mind trying, and I asked if it’s something she could do, she paused for a minute or so I thought she had left us, then she typed in yes I think maybe, and I said what does that mean, she said that she had thoughts of a sexual nature about her son. But did not know if she could go through with something like that or not.

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Now I was so hard I almost bore a hole thru the wood that held the keyboard. Linda, stated to her that she always had thoughts of being in bed with her mom, she would sneak peeks of her when she was nude, and wondered what it would be like, to be with another woman, Annie mentioned she recently was interested in going to bed with another woman, after seeing all the beautiful sexy women on the net, and so many that are bi, so she thought it had become pretty normal, and the more thoughts about it, the hotter the thoughts became.

I still was not ready to let her know who we were I was checking out, but we turned the cams on and let her see us naked, she said we both had nice bodies, and asked Linda to put the cam to her breasts and pussy up close, which she did, but I avoided it, I did not want her to recognize my body, in case she knew as a mom, her son’s body. So the session ended, we said we would chat again soon, I needed more time to think. So Linda and I had to try to put things together.

Linda and I contacted my mom and said it would be nice to leave our cams on sometime, so we could see in each other’s house. It would be like we’re all together, mom agreed, so we turned them on and had a nice conversation for a bit, then said we had some things to do but will leave them on and she stated she would do the same.

Well the first day of it nothing special we would walk by wave to each other for a few laughs. By about the third night, we decided to move the cam position it toward the bed, chatted with mom then said we were going to sleep talk to her in the morning, we turned the cam off, and then Linda suggested for tomorrow night we will do the same but leave it on and pretend that we thought it was off.

Linda did somewhat of a slow strip tease, goofing around, and I just stripped, got into bed, we never once looked toward the cam. Although we had the screen turned off the cam was recording and I am sure she could see us. We made love right there for her to see Linda sucking my cock and then fucking me.

I also had Linda saying out loud how we need to invite a woman to join us sometime. How nice it would be to make love to a third for the both of us. How she wanted to taste another woman. She played it up well, really not knowing if my mom was watching or not.

We just took the chance she was. Well the next day we got the answer to that, mom got on cam with us and was laughing and said we put on quite a show last night.

We said what do you mean, she said your cam was on. We acted like we did not know. And said it was OK, don’t mean to embarrass the two of you.

So Linda came right out with it, well mom the question is did you enjoy the show, laughing, she said I might be old but I’m not a prude. I think I’m a bad mom, to confess this, but I did watch and I did enjoy it.

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Linda cut right in and said, it’s OK, we didn’t mean to have you watch, but now that we know you did, it’s OK with us, and if you want we can do it again for you.

Once again, chuckling to herself, I was stunned again, mom said OK. Leave it for tonight, then, with a laugh. Linda mentioned to her OK, we will if you do the same let us see yours on, there was silence for a min or so, and then she said OK.

That night we got undressed and watched mom in her night robe in front of her cam. Linda said mom if we’re going to go this far the least you could do is wear something sexy yourself, then she took the robe off she was wearing her bra and panties. We did not push her right away for anymore, then Linda and I began making love and mom intently watched us.

I could not believe this was happening. After about 20 min, Linda got on the mic and said mom if you enjoy watching this why don’t you remove your bra and panties and let me see what you have and we want you to enjoy yourself.

She was all red faced and a little embarrassed I could tell, but getting very turned on. Then Linda could not hold it back any longer she stated that we were the couple on the adult dating site that wanted to go to bed with her. I thought great Linda you’re going to scare her away now, why did you do that, she laughed and said I know women. I know what she is feeling and she is ready for us.

Linda turned back to mom and said mom, we want to have you come and stay with us for a few days, would you like that? It seemed like an hour for the answer, then mom said OK, I would like that, so we set the date to have her come out, but for now we wanted to make her feel comfortable with the site of all of us naked.

Linda said how nice her body looked such big beautiful breasts, and mom stated she had a beautiful body too, I cut in and said what about me, mom said I’m still nervous looking at you, but I’ll get over it, I said I hope so, because I want her to feel relaxed if we were all together, we stated to mom we have been wanting a third to come join us in bed but never expected it to be you, mom laughed and said believe me I never expected something like this either, but it is interesting, I’ve never been with another woman, and Linda said, its wonderful you will love it, that was it for the night we went to bed.

The day arrived and we picked her up at the airport, we were all a little nervous, and we joked and shrugged it off so not to make things any more uncomfortable, then they were, but we were all excited too, nothing was said, but we knew, we rented a beach house on the north shore for a week, a 2 bedroom cabin, it was nice a little old but nice, Linda and mom stayed and put things away and cleaned up and I shopped for some groceries, and steaks.

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