My first real experience in a internet Cafe

Hey guys, my Name is Krishna I’m 18 years old currently in engineering year 1 and I’m writing about the first time I had any kind of sexual experience with a person(although I already post it a while ago in some website I lost it so I’m going to give u the whole thing again.).

My elder sister Juhi……..part..02

Hello readers ! I think you all have enjoyed my first writings based on true events that happened between my elder sister juhi and me[rohan] titled”My elder sister juhi”.in continuation to that events i am going to elaborate my feelings,attitudes and opinion that changed towards my elder sister. after having hot sex in our own

Fuck Party 4

Hi this is Sarah. Belinda and I have been taking around 35 men at the weekly fuck parties and it has been fun, exhausting and also very (Fuck party 3 ) interesting. Some of the men are regulars while others are new. Deepak has a few other girls located elsewhere and but he always pairs

Fuck party 3

I’m Sarah and if you have read Fuck Party 1 and Fuck Party 2 then you would already know me by now. Me and my roommate Belinda are college students and every Saturday nights we work at Fuck Parties for a nice big pay. Today I was hanging out with my boyfriend Kyle in his

Fuck party

Fuck party, my name is Sarah, I’m 5’1 curvy and have 34 D boobs. I’m not so tall so my boobs are especially emphasised especially when I wear clingy tops. I have small eyes, dark brown hair which flows down my shoulders and tanned complexion due to my Chinese Indian mixed parentage. Most guys refer


I was jealous of my best friend Jessy. She was beautiful, had good grades and was dating the handsomest guy in college. I had a crush on Mark (her boyfriend) since forever and I really hated her. I always prayed that Mark would break up with her but that never happened. I decided to do

Honeymoon vacation part two

As from the part one story (Honeymoon vacation) you read how our sex was encountered with strangers and turned into orgy on our first day of our honeymoon. As we went in our room Guarav said he went crazy by seeing me fucked by 2 strangers infront of him. He came near and kissed me

Me and the ‘Family’ 4 The Holiday-The next day

The next morning the kids were up really early, the adults on the other hand were exhausted from last night. My oldest at 12 was tasked with keeping the little ones busy whilst we slept a little longer. As they went outside to play since there was a small garden area to play it meant

Me and the ‘Family’

Let me start with myself, My name is Will and I’m 32 years old. I live with my Wife and 2 kids. My Wife Kay is absolutely stunning and I honestly struck out when I met her. She is 28 and has an incredible body with the tightest ass and tits that match, they are

Natalie seduces her teacher in the classroom

Natalie seduces her teacher in the classroom, Natalie’s history teacher, Mr Brooks, was 52 years old. Natalie knew this because she had found his LinkedIn account, looked at the year he graduated and counted backwards. He wore a wedding ring, so she knew that he was married, but he never mentioned his family in class. The

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