My first real experience in a internet Cafe

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Hey guys, my Name is Krishna I’m 18 years old currently in engineering year 1 and I’m writing about the first time I had any kind of sexual experience with a person(although I already post it a while ago in some website I lost it so I’m going to give u the whole thing again.). And if you guys are looking for a crazy horny fuck session this isn’t it, it’s just my experience and nothing said here is made up. Have fun!!! Soo where shall I start from, I had finished my 9th exams(16yers old ) and was on holidays which lasted for about a month, as everyone I had gotten into the world of sex and lust and honestly it drove me crazy! I loved it!! I’d jerk off to my chemistry teacher, to my classmates but I never got aroused to porn star idk. But anaways. I started the day with a boner, jerk it off, wait for me mom and dad to go off to work and my sis off with her friends and walk around naked at home lol. But as my sis stayed home often I couldn’t jerk off a lot so I choose to go to internet Cafe and have some fun there. But the fucking problem was that there was no proper one. Like,most of them were either crowded or under privacy watch. So I searched for almost two days until I found one, it’s was like I got the jackpot, it was at the corner of a lonely road, in a lonely place, it had full wooden cabins and everything there was preety old except the computers and stuff. I was so happy and when I went in about 1 in the afternoon, there was an old guy looked like a nothindian in his 40s who owned it and the place was preety huge three columns with 4 systems in each row (which had empty af) . I went in had my fun for like. 3 hours left letting off a lot of load. This went on for a few days and once when I decided to get out of the house and blow some steam I reached the place around 1.30, I saw that there was a lady at the store around in her early 30s, I figured it was probably the guy’s wife and went in. I noticed that she wore a fucking hot saree that showed so much of her cleavage and navel. Fucking awesome, my cock was off to a good start. I asked for a system, she told me to take any as the whole place was empty (another smile) I nodded and when to a cabin which gave a good view of her sitting with her skin exposed. Ohh yea and about her I don’t know her stats but she was daam thick, medium waist and preety huge boobs. I got in my cabin and read like 9 sex stories about internet Cafe (most of them made up by some horny guy) and I was jerking off like crazy and let out some small moan sometimes. After a while I was so fucking horny I didn’t even care. I set the system to reboot screen and called her telling there was something wrong with the computer. She came in shaking her ass while I watched it and stood outside the cabin asking what happened, that’s it….. I was scared affff, like I was hiding my bonner with my hand but I realized the cabin was filled with the smell of precum. I snapped back to reality and told her that I was watching some video and this thing just poped up, she stepped inside the small cabin and tried checking what was wrong, I slowly let her in and went being her. Fuck I was sooo horny my cock was saluting her ass. She had a big ass, man it was thick af. As I was sure I was away from her field of vision, I started rubbing my hand over my shorts and started increasing my pace. I was hot and I was sweating like crazy. This went on for the next couple of minutes and I touched her ass with my boner with our letting her doubt me. A while later she asked me if I knew to fix it (I knew all the shit there was to know about a computer but keeping quiet ) I told her I could try and sat down. Fuck I thought my fun ended until I realized that I could see she bra through her deep cut blouse as she bent down. I felt so horny but was terrified what to do then. I click around for a while and told her to remove the chair as the cabin was small, she did and came inside the cabin. I let her try for a while and got behind her. Man I was in free king hevan, she had bent down to lead on the desk. I jerked off for who knows how long(yes I still didn’t come, no this isn’t fake, I have a average dick but I last for like a whole night), i occasionally bent down pushing my cock on her ass acting lie, telling her to try some shit, idk but Im preety sure she knew what I was doing. Later I went to her left side and bent down on the desk beside her trying to help, daam her!! I could see the shape of her mature left tits over her pettycoati loved the view and enjoyed it while rubbing my boner over my shorts. While she was not noticing I remove the mouse wire and told her to check the cpu for any loose connections, and she stood a little on her toes to check the cpu, I leaned in a to help her I pressed my cock over her ass cheeks, it was obvious she felt a hard cock on her ass, she paused for a moment, I got scared so I pretended to search, even she joined me. That’s it I was in pleasure!! .

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