Fuck Party 4

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Hi this is Sarah. Belinda and I have been taking around 35 men at the weekly fuck parties and it has been fun, exhausting and also very (Fuck party 3 ) interesting. Some of the men are regulars while others are new. Deepak has a few other girls located elsewhere and but he always pairs Belinda and me together since we are roommates and also because of our body combination. She’s very skinny and I’m voluptuous with huge boobs. Most of the men fuck us a couple of times at those parties which go on into the wee hours. They pay a lot of money for our entertainment and hence they use us until they are satisfied.

I dressed in a black extremely short tube dress which barely covered my ass and boobs and Belinda dressed in a red tube dress which was also extremely short but it still covered her ass and boobs property as she was super slim and had small boobs. We put on our make up as usual and Deepak dropped us off at the bungalow. We normally start of dancing sexily for the men but today as I entered a large Indian guy grabbed me and pulled off my dress in a single yank. He tore off my g strings and kissed my lips. Belinda was dancing sexily alone and the guy told me to join her and dance completely naked. I joined Belinda and danced squeezing my boobs and rubbing my body to get the men aroused. Within 10 seconds the big Indian guy and 3 other guys walked up to me completely naked. They made me go down on my hands and knees as the big Indian guy took my pussy from behind. I was made to suck the other three men, two Chinese and one Indian. They all took turns making me suck their dicks and jerk them with my hands at the same time.They squeezed my boobs and I moaned. The big Indian guy fucking my pussy said ”You are fucking hot! I never met any girl who could take my whole 10 inch dick before, I’m definitely coming back for more”, I came the first time as he rammed my wet pussy with his huge dick and he said ”Yes yes… You like that? You want more?” and continued ramming his dick in my cum dripping pussy. One of the Chinese guys that I was sucking came in my mouth and face. And another fair Indian guy joined in. I was sucking all three men. 6 others surrounded us and stroked their dicks as they watched the fuck show.

I saw Belinda naked and being carried off to a room with nine guys following.

I came a second time as the big Indian guy continued to fuck my pussy, ”You cum a lot” had said with a smirk and squeezed my ass. I moaned.

The other Chinese guy came in my mouth and on my face and both the Indian guys made me suck their 7 inch dicks together. My mouth was stretched as they mouth fucked me together. I know Belinda had experienced this before but it was my first time. ” Yeah you like our dicks”? One of the guy said as he held my head and pushed his dick deeper. The other guy followed suit. I was choking on their dicks as they fucked my mouth. My saliva oozed down their dicks as two other guys jerked their dicks and played with my boobs.

The big guy banging my pussy loaded his cum into my dripping pussy. ”I’ll come back later” he said as he squeezed my ass and made way for the next guy. The next guy who took my pussy was a tall handsome Indian guy whom I had never seen before. He had a size 8 dick and he rammed my pussy behind. ”You’re damn hot” he said as he smacked my ass and fucked my pussy. I whimpered at the pain but I was enjoying every bit of it. Both the guys mouth fucking me withdrew their dicks and jerked their cum all over my face and boobs. The guy fucking my pussy lifted me up into one of the rooms and 7 men followed. He lay me down on the bed. Lifted my legs over hid shoulders and continued fucking my pussy. The two guys playing my boobs when we were in the living room continued to play with my boobs and stroked their dicks. An Indian guy with glasses and a 6 inch thick dick positioned his dick to my mouth and I sucked him as he moaned.

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