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I’m Sarah and if you have read Fuck Party 1 and Fuck Party 2 then you would already know me by now. Me and my roommate Belinda are college students and every Saturday nights we work at Fuck Parties for a nice big pay.

Today I was hanging out with my boyfriend Kyle in his room. He rubbed Nutella all over my big boobs and was licking it up, I moaned and played with my clit, my pussy was getting nice and wet and Kyle finger fucked me as he sucked my boobs. “You taste so good babe” he said as he inserted two more fingers into my wet pussy and continued to finger fuck me . I moaned “Give me your dick” I said “Wait” he said “ I want to watch you cum first and then fill your cummed pussy with my dick”. I moaned and rubbed my clit faster as his fingers moved faster in my moist and wet pussy. “Ahhhhhhh…. ahhhhh” I moaned as I came and dripped my cum all over his fingers. He licked his fingers clean and licked my pussy making me shiver in pleasure. “You look gorgeous when you cum babe” he said and positioned his 8 inch thick brown dick in my dripping pussy. He knew I was horny for him and he knew that I could cum multiple times when we fucked. He rammed his dick into my dripping pussy and lifted my legs over his shoulders as he fucked my pussy. I played with his hair and moaned. “Babe I love the way your boobs bounce when I’m fucking you” he said as he leaned forward to lick my nipple. I moaned and came a second time as he continued to ram my pussy. “I love making you cum babe” he said as he quickened his phase. He fucked my pussy for about a minute longer and loaded his hot cum into my dripping pussy. He kissed my lips as he removed his dick from my pussy. I stroked his dick to get him hard again and we continued our session until he could fuck no more. We had some food and watched tv, he was telling me how his medical classes going and He sent me back to my room in the late evening.

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Belinda was in the room when I got back. “You look like you’ve had a good time” she smiled. “It was awesome” I said as I narrated my day to her.

Saturday morning Deepak called. He wanted to see us about the party Saturday night and we went over to his place. Deepak said that there was going to be a slight change that day and that we’d have to entertain 35 men instead of our usual 20 as one of his girls had left to get married in Australia. He told us that we would have to accommodate the new changes until he found a replacement and that he would pay us $7,000 each for our additional work. Belinda and I exchanged glances, we were up to the challenge and the additional money was also motivation.

Belinda and I got ready that evening. Deepak had given us new outfits. Mine was a transparent very short red spegatti strapped dress which hardly hid my boobs and Belinda’s was the same in black. As usual we weren’t allowed to wear any bra and only had our g strings covered our pussies through our transparent dresses.


We walked into the bungalow which I was very familiar with by now and someone squeezed my ass as I passed by. Belinda and I kissed eachother and danced rubbing each other’s bodies, we lifted up eachothers dresses as we danced and finally removed eachother’s dresses leaving us in our g strings. Immediately 5 guys carried me away into one of the rooms as Belinda was surrounded be 8 or 9 men. Someone pulled my panties off before we got to the room and I was dumped on the bed. Two guys tied my hands up to the railing of the bed while three of them undressed.

The first to approach me was a dark Indian guy around 5’8 with a 6 inch thick hard dick. He brought his dick to my mouth and mouth fucked me. A Chinese guy with a 7 inch thick dick inserted his dick into my wet pussy and pounded me saying “You like that bitch? You like being used by us don’t you”? He slapping my ass making me moan while another dark Indian guy lunricated my ass and inserted his 9 inch dick into my asshole. I was being fucked in all my holes at the same time and came within seconds. The Indian guy fucking my mouth squeezed my boobs. “ Your mother created you to fuck You know”? he said as he rammed his dick into my mouth over and over again. He came and hid cum overflowed down my mouth on to my boobs. He removed his dick and watched while stroking his limp dick as a Chinese guy placed his 7 inch dick between my boobs and boob fucked me as another fair Indian guy with a 7 inch dick mouth fucked me. I was really being used to the fullest and I came again as the guy who was fucking my ass came too. The room was now filled with at least 15 naked men stroking their dicks and a Eurasian guy who had fucked me at the first fuck party was next to ram my ass with his 9 inch thick dick. “ I dream of you all the time “ he said as he thrust his dick into my ass and squeezed my nipple making me moan loudly. The guy ramming my pussy let his load out and removed his dick from my dripping pussy. An Indian guy with a 9 inch dick wiped the cum from my pussy and thighs with his handkerchief before inserting his dick into my wet pussy. He fucked my pussy hard and said “You like it rough bitch”? As he fucked me harder. I moaned loudly. “Yessss enjoy it bitch” he said squeezing my boobs.
The guy boob fucking me came in my boobs and his cum dripped down my stomach. The guy ramming my pussy came fast and another Chinese guy with a 7 inch dick inserted his dick into my pussy. He rammed my pussy a good two minutes and I came on his dick. The guy fucking my mouth also came and the Eurasian guy fucking my ass came at the same time. Three guys who were jerking themselves came up to my face asked me to open my mouth and loaded their cum in my mouth and face. They stroked themselves to get hard again and the guy ramming my pussy also loaded his cum into my dripping pussy.

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A big Indian guy untied my hands sat on the bed lifted me up on his lap. He inserted his dark 10 inch dick into my pussy with my back facing him and bounced me up and down his dick. All the other guys around us just watched and stroked their dicks as he rammed my pussy. “Your parents must be so proud of you” he said as he squeezed my boobs hard. He lifted me up and down his thick big dick and I came within seconds. “Good girl, you must cum 5 times before I let you go” he said as he continued to ram my dripping pussy.

Three more guys came up to me and loaded their cum in my mouth, face and boobs. They were all stroking themselves to get hard again. I came a second time after tow minutes of being rammed in my pussy and the big guy just kept going. A Chinese guy with a 5 inch dick asked me to suck his dick and played with my nipples as I did. I came a third time and the Chinese guy came in my mouth in a few thrusts.

The Indian guy fucking my pussy finally loaded his cum into my dripping pussy and I came at the same time.

After he 5 guys came up to me, one lifted me up and inserted his dick into my pussy and one inserted his dick into my mout as three others squeezed and sucked my boobs. I was so horny I came again and again.

All the guys took turns to fuck my mouth, pussy and ass over and over again. I was exhausted by the time the night came to an end.

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Deepak dropped Belinda and me back at our room. We showered together and collapsed on our beds completely naked and exhausted.

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