Fuck party 2

Hi this is Sarah again. (Fuck party 1)Belinda and I continued to work at sex parties and we made a lot of money from our fuck sessions. Some guests gave us handsome tips in addition to our weekly pay of $ 5,000. Most of all we enjoyed what we did and had no regrets.

I however met Kyle in college and we started dating. He knew nothing about my secret life and I actually like him a lot. I told him that I wasn’t available to hang out with him on Saturdays as I volunteered at an orphanage on those days. He bought my story and never bothered me on Saturdays.

Kyle is a cute Indian guy whose parents are doctors. He is smart, funny and extremely hot in bed.

Being the slut I am, I teased him in public and got him so horny many times that he actually fucked me in the cinema, park and men’s room at posh restaurants. He told me that he’s never been with anyone like me before and that I excited him and kept him wanting me more.

It was Saturday and Belinda and I got dressed in our tube dresses again. Mine was a short red dress just covering my ass. It had some sequins on it giving it a fancy look.i wore a red g sting inside without my bra. My boobs are so huge that it spilled out of the top. Belinda wore a black velvet tube dress which covered her 32 B boobs completely. We put on our make up and waited for Deepak to pick us up.

Deepak brought us the the bungalow where the parties were always held and Belinda and I put on a dance show for the men watching like we always did. There were around 18 to 20 men this time. All well dressed and probably in their 30s and 40s.

Belinda and I rubbed each other’s bodies as we danced giving the men a show and getting them hard. Belinda slowly pulled down my dress as we danced and I was left in my g string. Immediately I was carried away by a tall fair skinned Indian guy followed by two other Chinese guys, one removed my g stings on the way. They were all naked and hard. The Indian guy sat on a chair, lifted me up on his lap with my back facing him and inserted his hard dick into my wet pussy. He squeezed my boobs with both hands and pumped my pussy saying. “Yessssss bitch, you’re sooo hot”. One of the Chinese guys who was rather thin brought his long thin dick to my mouth and I sucked him making him moan. He guided my head with his hands and pushed his dick down my throat, saliva oozed down his dick and he said “Yessss you suck good…keep going…” The third Chinese guy had a good body and he told me to jerk his 7 inch thick dick. I jerked him with my left hand while the Indian guy pumped my pussy and I sucked the Chinese guy with the thin dick. As the Indian guy kept squeezing my boobs and fucking my pussy, I came and my cum dripped down his hard dick. This made him pump me faster and he kissed my neck as he fucked me harder. The Chinese guy came in my mouth and he withdrew his dick, the guy I was jerking took his place next. “Suck Me like a good little whore” he said as I took his hard 7 inch dick into my mouth. I slurped his dick as the Indian guy pounded my pussy. Two other Indian guys came over, one was really dark and big built, the other was average built and I jerked them both with my hands. The guy who was built had a dick about 10 inches and it was thick, I could only wrap half of it around my hand. I came a second time as the Indian guy thrusting his dick into my pussy pounded me hard. The Chinese guy controlled my head as pushed his dick in and out my lips. Finally the Indian guy who was fucking my pussy loaded his entire cum into my pussy and his cum ran down my thighs. The well built Indian guy took his place next. He lifted me up and rammed his 10 inch thick dick up my dripping pussy making me moan. “I like your boobs” he said as he squeezed them. “You are made for a good fuck” he said as I bounced up and down his dick. He kept hitting my g spot and I came again in seconds. “Mmmmmmm… you like big dicks huh”? He said giving my right boob a hard squeeze and I moaned loudly. The guy I was jerking came in my hand and the Chinese guy came in my mouth at the same time. Cum dripped down my face as the guy who came in my hand inserted his still hard dick into my mouth. “ I love to see girls with cum dripping down their face” he smiled and said as he thrust hi 8 inch thick dick into my mouth, he mouth fucked Me slowly and grew harder in my mouth. I came again as the big dick pumped my dripping pussy. “ This girl can sure cum” he said with a smirk.

He continued banging my pussy at at faster phase and after 20 minutes loaded his entire load into my dripping pussy.

The guy I was sucking withdrew his dick from my mouth and carried me to a bedroom with two other guys following us. One guy looked like he was mixed like me and the other was a fair Indian guy. They tied my hands up to the bed and each took turns fucking my ass pussy mouth. I came multiple times as I submitted to them. They all squeezed my boobs as they drenched me with their cum. After they had left three others took over and then the well built Indian guy came back for seconds. I was drenched head to toe in cum when the party was finally over and all the guys were satisfied. Deepak came later and untied my hands, he helped Belinda and me put on our clothes and dropped us in our room.

The next morning Kyle called. “I missed you babe” he said and asked if I’d like to spend the day with him. “How did the day go at the orphanage”? He asked. “Oh we had a lot of fun but tiring too” I said. “ Why don’t you pick me up this afternoon, Kyle”? I asked “I need to rest a bit”. “Sure babe” he said and we hung up.

As always Belinda and I spent the morning discussing the night before and apparently Belinda had her first experience sucking 2 dicks at the same time. “They stretched my mouth with their dicks babe” she said “But it was so hot babe, both men loaded their cum down my throat and face and they made me lick them dry”. We continued exchanging stories and in the afternoon Kyle picked me up and we went back to his room where I spent the whole day pleasing him.

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