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Fuck party, my name is Sarah, I’m 5’1 curvy and have 34 D boobs. I’m not so tall so my boobs are especially emphasised especially when I wear clingy tops. I have small eyes, dark brown hair which flows down my shoulders and tanned complexion due to my Chinese Indian mixed parentage. Most guys refer to me as hot rather than pretty. I lost my virginity to my cousin at age 13. He was 19 then and was very close to me. One day when he came over to my house and my parents were at work he intentionally played a porn movie and we watched. It got me horny and he fucked me that day. After that he would come by often and we would fuck when my parents weren’t home. He would always bring along some porn and get me to imitate what the porn actress was doing. This went on for about 3 years and then he went abroad to work.

I’m 18 now and in college. My roommate is Belinda a tall slim Chinese girl with very small boobs. We became close fast and I noticed that Belinda lived in luxury. I always wondered how she could afford her lifestyle coming from a middle income family. Soon I found out that Belinda did adult parties on weekends where she was paid $5,000 a night. I asked Belinda if it was possible to get me hired too and she said that it shouldn’t be a problem. Belinda brought me to the organiser an Indian man by the name of Deepak and he eyed me over. “Nice boobs” he said looking at them through my tight spegatti top. “Now strip, I need to inspect your body” he said and I obliged. I removed my top and jeans leaving me with my lacy bra and g strings, I slowly removed my bra exposing my boobs and pulled down my g strings exposing my shaved pussy. “Mmmmmmm nice” he said as he stroked his dick through his trousers. “ I’m gonna need a sample of what you can do” he said as he removed his trousers and boxers and sat down on his chair. “Blow me” he said and I got on my hands and knees and started to lick and suck his thick 8 inch brown dick. “Yes like that… you’re doing great Sarah he said as I sucked his balls and stroked his long thick shaft with my hands. “Mmmmmm… yessssss” he moaned running his hands through my hair. He then squeezed my boobs making me moan. “You’re made for this girl” he said as I took his dick into my mouth giving him a blowjob that was mind blowing. He continued to fondle my boobs and I moaned. He finally lost control and came in my mouth and his cum dripped down my chin and boobs. “That was amazing!” He said as he handed me the employment letter. “You start this Saturday” he said he said as I got dressed. I was a little disappointed that he didn’t fuck my pussy as I was very horny. Turned out that Belinda was also horny from watching me suck Deepak. We showered in the bathroom together, soaping each other and after that Belinda and I got on her bed and she licked my pussy while squeezing my boobs. “I’m so jealous of your huge boobs Sarah” Belinda said as she licked my wet pussy. I played with Belinda’s small boobs and twisted her nipples getting her to moan loudly. Belinda reached out and brought out a 10 inch dildo, I’ve never taken anything more than 8 inches into my pussy and I told this to Belinda. “Well you better get used to it” she said and giggled as she inserted the 10 inch dildo into my throbbing pussy. She licked my clit as she fucked my pussy with the dildo which sent my body shaking as a load of cum dripped down my thighs and the dildo. I got up and made Belinda lie down, it was my turn to pleasure her. I inserted my tongue into her wet pussy as she squeezed my boobs. I tongue fucked her and she moaned loudly. “Yes Sarah that’s how you do it babe, eat me like a hungry whore” she encouraged as I continued to tongue her wet pussy. After 10 minutes she said “Put that big dildo in my pusssssy now”, I obliged and fucked her dripping pussy with the 10 inch dildo. It easily slipped into her wet pussy and I was surprised that she could take all 10 inches in. I fucked her pussy with the dildo for about 10 seconds and she took over and and continued fucking her pussy fast with the big dildo. I licked her tiny boobs and bit her nipples as she moaned and screamed. After 2 minutes of grinding her pussy, she finally came all over the dildo and she hugged me and we kissed. “I’m so glad you’re my roommate Sarah” she said and removed the cum dripping dildo from her fucked pussy. We both licked the dildo clean and fell asleep.

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