weird custom of a tribe

Hey, friends thanks for the comments and feedback for my previous story. So before going to the 4th part, my friend Ajay has asked me to pen down one of his fantasy and I find it interesting so here it is.

Sorry friends the story is a bit long and also first half might be little boring so please bear with me and enjoy the story.
So coming to the story, there was a person named Kumar. He was working for a big construction company and he came to a village called Thiba, as part of the govt. project his company got. He was unmarried at that time and so staying in that village for looking after the project was not a big issue for him. So he has arranged an accommodation there itself for a few months.

The specialty of this village is that even though the population in this village is of tribal people they were descendants of English people who got trapped in this remote area due to some circumstances. So the men here are little handsome and the ladies are having a mixture of Indian and foreign features. As they are tribes they don’t have much contact with the outside world. They enjoy their lives through agriculture, handicrafts and some weird games which they only know. So as the govt. found about these tribes and they wished to empower their lives by connecting them with the outer world. So as an initial step they planned to connect the tribal village by building a proper road to the village. So for this purpose, only Kumar’s company got the project from the govt.

So when Kumar and his team reached the village for building a road and a bridge they were given a grand welcome by the people. The whole village was in a festive mood. He was given a big house with all necessities and helpers. When he saw the ladies there he was astonished by their beauties and the people there was looking at him oddly because of his dress and the alien equipment’s which he was carrying.
In the night a grand feast arranged for him and his team. He was surprised to see the dishes in front of him because the dishes were not of Indian style or the traditional tribal style; it had a touch of western style in it. After having the meal he asked some govt. staff helping him with this project about the tribe and how they look different from other tribes in our country. Then he said that they were descendants of some western people during our freedom struggle time that somehow got stuck here and lost track with the outside world.
The project was going in full swing and at that time he saw a beautiful girl named Suku, to whom he got attracted to. She was whitish in color. Soon they started to talk, go to different nice places in that village and soon the whole village came to know about their relationship. So the village heads

They were married in a grand gala function. Since they are tribes they had their own rituals for every function carried out there. The marriage ceremony was simple and after that, a grand feast will be given to the villagers. When Kumar came to know about the night’s programme or custom he was blown away. The first-night custom was that before spending the first night with his wife he has to satisfy at least three widowed women of that village and only if they are pleased he can even touch his wife. Luckily he got three woman who is of the ages30 to 40 and they are all good looking and voluptuous. He can have them in a group or separately that was his wish. He decided to please them in a group. He was 7 inch in size and the ladies were looking at it hungrily. One lady came before him and took his cock in her hand and started to slide her hand up and down and she was moaning with the cock in her mouth “mmmm sssss mmmmm yessss”. Then the second lady came and started to smooch him and they were playing with their tongues and mixing their saliva and she even licked his face with excitement and then the third lady came and took his hand and inserted into her wet pussy and it was a bit tight, when he inserted his finger into her hot wet pussy she moaned very loudly “ahhhhhh yesss please do it a bit more fasttt yesssss”. The room was filled with their moaning and hissing sound and he reached the edge because of the first lady’s blowjob. He asked all the three ladies to kneel in front of him and then he squeezed the juice out of his cock and he sprayed a lot of cum on their faces and boobs. It was a huge load and the cum was dripping from their faces and the ladies started to lick each other’s faces and boobs and at that time he started to mount each ladies turn by turn and he even deflowered their asses and sprayed cum on them for the second time. Finally, he quenched their thirst for a cock.


Then after the three ladies approval, Suku was allowed to enter their house, she saw that Kumar was lying there all exhausted. She laughed at the scene and she understood how much work he has put in to get her. Then they stayed together for a month there and after that, the project was over and they started to pack their things and planned to go back. At that time only Kumar came to know that he can’t take his wife along with him to the city as it’s against their rules and since he can’t stay there as he had work he left for the city leaving her alone there. But he had promised her that he will come every second week to meet her.

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As promised he visited her every second week and after a few months, she got pregnant. He was very happy to hear this and he pleaded to the village head whether he can take her along with her, but the head denied his request. He went very upset. During this time only his parents forced him for marriage as they didn’t know about his tribal wife and due to the pressure from them, he decided to marry whomever his parents chose. As their wish he was married to Anya, a degree holder who is working as a teacher in a school there and they lived happily.
But even after this marriage, he visited his first wife because he loved her that much. In the beginning, Anya thought he was going for some meetings related to work, but since he was going frequently she had doubts about him and once she questioned him. Kumar was a nice guy so he didn’t get irritated by Anya’s behavior; he immediately broke down when Anya questioned him he told the whole story. She was shattered on hearing this, but she was a strong girl and she knew how much Kumar loved her too. So she said she wanted to meet Suku.
They went to the tribal village and met Suku at that time she was 8 months pregnant. Kumar explained everything to Suku also and both his wives became great friends. So now whenever Kumar goes to meet Suku, Anya also joined him. Likewise, they lived happily with both giving births to boys, with Sukus’s sons’ name Akum and Anya’s sons name Jayar.

Years passed both Akum and Jayar passed 18 years and they both are waiting for their college life to start (yes the tribes allowed Akum to go out of the village to pursue education). He lived with his father and his family. Both Akum and Jayar were great friends to one among them also.
They explored the world of sex through porn movies and different magazines which they sneaked into the house from their friends. They would discuss everything with each other even their sexual fantasies. They both were interested in milfs because they were fascinated by the bodies of all the ladies around them. They even kept a scorecard for the ladies who stayed in their apartment. Eventually, Akum had interests in Anya too, which Jayar was not aware of.
As life was going smoothly like that, the tragedy befallen on their family. Kumar was met with a fatal accident and after fighting for life for two days he succumbed to his injuries. Both wives and both the sons were shattered by this incident. Since Suku can’t go outside of her village she couldn’t even meet her beloved husband one last time. Both sons did the last rites, and after all the rituals Anya, Jayar, and Akum went to meet and console Suku.
The whole village was weeping on hearing the news of their beloved engineer. Then the village heads came and met them and said they are also having some rituals here for the peace of the soul. On hearing the ritual both Anya and Jayar got shocked. The ritual was that the son has to copulate with his mother while the whole village watches them.
They both rejected to perform this ritual as it is incestuous. But Suku and Akum pleaded to them to accept this. Suku pleaded because he wanted her husband’s soul to be in peace but Akum pleaded because he somehow wanted to have Anya. So he had other ideas in mind. So he asked Jayar whether “he had any problem to be with his mother that is Suku and me being with Anya.” Jayar thought for a while and said that won’t be a problem but he is shy to do that. But somehow Akum convinced Jayar and they convinced their mothers. But Anya was feeling very shy and nervous about all this. But somehow she said yes. Akum convinced the village head about this swap and convinced him by saying that “we both are Kumar’s sons and we both consider each other’s mother as our own, so I think it won’t be a problem if we swap our mothers.” The village chief agreed to his plea and the function was arranged.
Akum was so much excited as he can finally satisfy his long-time dream of fucking Anya that too with no much difficulty. Both Jayar and Anya still could not digest what is going to happen after some time that too in front of a big crowd. Suku came and consoled Anya.
So it was time for the function and there was a dress code for the function. The gents have to wear a thick cloth which is knee length around their waste and ladies have to wear a knee-length cloth around their waste and a small cloth to be tied around their boobs. All men had tents in front of them and some were already holding their cocks.
Akum, Suku, Anya, and Jayar came outside their houses and they were shy to perform the task. So Akum held Anya’s face and Suku held Jayar’s face and kissed. So the ice was broken here and they continued to smooch each other for a long time and they were fighting with their tongues licking their lips faces and all. By this time most of the men got horny and they removed their clothes around them and started to move their hands on their cock and most of them were hissing and moaning along with the two mothers and sons. Even some of the ladies started to hold their boobs press them and squeezing their nipples making them hard. The whole place was filled with the moaning sounds and the smell of sex.

Akum slowly removed Anya’s clothes which were covering her beautiful boobs and pussy. He looked at her from top to bottom as he is on the verge of fulfilling his dream. He hugged her first and just gave a peck to her lips. She was not yet ready for all of this and she was not responding to this in the beginning. He went to her feet and started to kiss and lick her feet and legs when his lips touched her feet she shivered a little. Then he slowly started his upward journey by licking and kissing her legs. When he reached her sensuous thighs she held his head and moaned and hissed due to the pleasure she was getting. She blocked his upward journey by closing the thigh. At that time he licked slowly and sensuously the area where the thighs were adjoined. This made her shiver and give out her first load of orgasm with a huge moan. This seduction and orgasm build tensions in some of the villagers and they were mesmerized by the scenes they are watching.

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This scene even heated Suku’s pussy so she initiated the copulation process between Jayar and her. She threw the cloth covering Jayar’s dick. He became shy and covered his cock. She then removed his hands and smooched him and also took his cock in her hands. He was 6.5 inch in size. She slowly started to move her hands up and down along the length of his cock and she was moving his cock so fast that he immediately shoots his load into her hands and belly. He became tired and his cock became limp suddenly. She was not satisfied with this so she took his hand and kept on her pussy and ordered to finger her. He got afraid and started to finger her. He started to move down by kissing her. First her nose then her lips, then her neck then in between her boobs an when he reached her belly he tickled her belly by shaking his head and then slightly bit her belly button and licked it. She moaned in pleasure when he did that and she held his head tightly there.
Then he again moved down and she kissed just above her hot pussy and she hissed in pleasure. Jayar removed her cloth at that time Suku widened her legs to give him full access to her treasure. He rubbed her clit with the tip of his nose. When her pussy was fully exposed Jayar sucked her clit into his mouth and rubbed it vigorously with his tongue. Suku instantly closed her thighs securely around his head and held him there while she shuddered and convulsed through a massive orgasm. When she recovered from her orgasm she took him in her arms and kissed him passionately.
Then both the ladies ordered their partners to get their cocks into their throbbing pussies and moaned. Hearing Akum was the first to initiate, he once again took Anya’s beautiful boobs and nuzzled and licked and kissed her nipple as he was so fascinated by her big and firm boobs. At this time she was caressing his hair and passionately pulling his head towards her boobs and she was moaning “ahhhhh”. Then they rolled over and she came on top of him at this time she was licking his nipples and she was pinching it. When she pulled and pinched his nipples his cock was pulsating in between them and touching her hot wet pussy. This made her hornier and she immediately took his cock and inserted it into her wet cunt. He jumped in joy when his cock entered the cunt of his love.
Her pussy was hot, wet and very tight. She slowly moved up and down and tried to accommodate the length of his cock in her tight pussy. He grabbed her butt and started to help her by lifting her and also sync his thrusts into her pussy according to her movement. She was holding and pressing her boobs in ecstasy and the pleasure she was having. As he slowly started to increase his thrusts she was moaning loudly and shaking her head in pleasure. Suddenly her cunt muscles started to grip his cock and he understood that she was on the verge of climaxing so he started to increase his thrust so that he also can climax along with her and the pressure started to build up in the head of his cock too. They both started to wriggle and moan loudly and held each other tightly. He bit her neck and kissed her while he shot his load inside her and she poured her honey on his lollipop. They both panted lied holding each other and they kissed each other so passionately.

At the same time, Jayar has become naughty and he was continuously fingering Suku even after making her cum with his tongue and playing with her boobs with his mouth. He then pushed her head towards his cock and made her lick his cock and suck his balls while doing this Suku inserted one finger into his ass to stimulate him more. This made him jump in pleasure as he was not expecting this move. He then pulled her by her hair made her sit in doggy style and he spits on his cock and immediately pushed his cock deep into her pussy. She moaned loudly in pain and then he slowly started to move inside her and she started to sync with his moves. While fucking Suku Jayar was slapping her ass and was making her cry in pain and also was moaning in pleasure. He was fucking her so hard that there was a “chap chap chap” sound. She reached her second climax for the day with this hard fuck and it was so intense that her body started to shake and after the climax, she lied there silently. At this time Jayar lied on her back and kissed on her back and held her boobs form the back and played with them.
After recovering from her orgasm they decided to continue in missionary pose. So for this without pulling his cock out of her she turned around on his cock and laid there on her back. Then he caught hold of her boobs and started to ram her pussy. She was moving her hands on her chest while he was fucking and she was biting her lips with the pleasure and horniness and moaning. She was saying “please do it fast I want it harddd!!! Yesssss!!!!” While fucking her he went in and out of her a few times to tease her. She begged to him to don’t remove his cock and held him tightly with her legs and so he started to thrust her very hard again and she was moaning loudly “Ohhh yess yess please fuck me hardddd!!!”. Then he was at the edge and increased his speed and started to thrust deeper. She shouted “Ohhh myy goddd” and she plunged her fingers into his chest and started to shiver vigorously and came on his cock. He then pulled the cock out of her pussy and sprayed a huge load of cum on her boobs and stomach and some spurt reached her chin. Both smiled and he laid on her and kissed her.

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