Step-mom’s desires a hot evening – part 2

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It’s a dark evening as natural lights have vanished and artificial lights are giving us relief and Garry,a 19 years guy got unexpected love from her stepmom Cathy as well as maid rani.

So feeling too tired after my penis ejaculated semen in Cathy’s vagina ( Step-mom’s desires a hot evening – part 1 ) and now while sleeping on bed with my clothes removed ,both lady moved inside washroom as i closed my eyes to make me my whole body is lacking energy as I am resting nudely and after a while as I heard sounds of my young sister Lili “uh Garry ,you have removed your dress but still nude
(I opened my eyes)oh Lili ,really sorry for it .”and than I covered my waist go thighs with a towel ,she is looking sexy in her tops with shorts as looking at me she asked “oh Garry ,what’s going here for last half an hour or so ,and she pulled my towel while looking at my penis ,she said “oh ,it’s Cathy who have sucked your tool
(Garry)yes baby ,it happened like a wave of ocean with a high speed winds and so I am feeling too exhausted.”

And as Lili is sitting near my waist ,her face turned towards door of washroom and she is well shocked as Cathy and Rani are completely nude .so she smiled “oh you both lady have made my brother your sexual slave
(Cathy is bold as Rani is bit shy)sure dirty gal ,only you haven’t got licence to suck your brother’s cock.”

And Rani is well surprised as I moved inside washroom ,so after urinating and washing my sexual organs ,I am back in room as I have wrapped a towel on both ladies are forcing Lili to remove her clothes but her tight shorts with tops are on her body as it seems they can’t remove it rather will tear looking at them ,I said “oh mom ,let him leave , atleast make my cock erected again
(Cathy laughed)yes ,I have put some energetic drinks for you in refrigerator and you have it.”so I left my bedroom as I opened the refrigerator and took out a cane of beer as I sit in dinning room and starts drinking in absence of dad ,I always feel free as I am in illicit affair with my stepmom and after a while ,I got the look of Cathy ,Rani with Lili as both lady have made my sister’s body nude.she is bit ashamed as they are walking towards me and as Cathy pushed Lili on sofa ,she fell on it and I got her soft boobs to squeeze.rani and Cathy are standing nude infront of me as my eyes are looking at her reddish face ,so stepmom Cathy inches closer as she put her one leg on sofa and stretched her legs wide while putting her both arms on my drinks finishes ,I put my face in between her thighs and now smelt vagina’s odour as she starts rubbing her hand on my while squeezing Lili’s breast ,I put my lips on Cathy’s vagina as I am kissing it hard and Cathy is bit horny .she widened it’s hole as I started licking it with my long tongue and she is screaming “uh ah oh lick fast um”and maid rani than sit near me as she is rubbing hand on my chest to two married lady with a teenager are willing to make me hot and to give my penis some strength and as i am licking Cathy’s hole ,Rani starts kissing my chest and Lili is bit hot as my hand is now on Cathy’s waist and sister Lili is kissing my as I am sitting between Lili & Rani,both are kissing me as I am loving my step-mom’s vagina with my tongue and now my ineffective penis is in Rani’s hand as she have hold it Cathy is shouting louder “uh ah yes now suck my cunt Garry ,soon I will cum”and as i hold her fleshy vagina in my mouth to suck,she is in fire and both Rani as well as Lili is kissing me to make me hot.later on ,Cathy’s vagina poured cum in my mouth as I tastes it and now I moved towards washroom to urinate .so as I came back in my bedroom ,all three are sitting nude on bed and looking at me ,Cathy smiled “now Garry will get laid as Rani will love his penis and thighs
(Lili bit excited)yes mom and I will be on brother’s face to get love on cunt
(Cathy)yes and I will make him hot while kissing his chest to tummy.”

Garry is on bed with legs straight as Rani is near my waist and my younger sister Lili sits on my face as her legs are in opposite directions and her shining cunt is over my looking at Lili ,I hold her waist as I put my lips on her vagina and starts kissing it hard ,I can feel a pillow under my bum as my penis is in Rani’s palm and now Lili put her fingers crossed on vagina as her little flexible vagina is getting licked with my as she is shouting “uh ah oh it seems that itching have started “and I can feel Rani’s tongue licking my anus hole as Cathy is kissing my tummy to waist and her soft boobs are getting bruises on my as my tongue is hitting Lili’s clitoris ,she is sounding sexy

“uh ah Garry ,my vagina is too hot aah suck it ,I will cum soon “and so I hold her vagina’s hole in between my lips and starts sucking it hard ,while Rani is rolling her tongue in my anus hole and his hard jerk on my cock have given it some as my eyes are closed ,I am in fire and after a while ,her vagina’s fluids get in my mouth and Lili left my face and now Cathy is kissing my face as my hand is rubbing her sexy back .now Rani left my ass hole as she is looking too horny and she opened her mouth as she swallows my whole penis and starts sucking it ,now my stepmom Cathy have put her boobs on my face as holding right breast ,I put my tongue on it’s nipples and as I am licking it while pressing left breast ,she is too hot and now it seems cock growing bigger and harder in Rani’s mouth.

So I licked my mom’s both breast as Rani starts spinning her head fast and I am in fire “uh ah um it’s too hard Rani ,now I will fuck you baby”and so she took out my wet penis as she licked it for a my dirty mind is looking for fuck and Rani came on bed after having refreshment ,so it’s my stepmom who is directing us on bed and as Rani knelt on bed ,her heavy buttocks is making me feel as I am behind her butts ,I hold my cock and starts rubbing it’s glans on her hole ,it’s a flexible cunt as my cock moved inside with lot of lubricant inside .so Garry is fucking her with speed and power and Rani starts moving her bum as I hold her breast to squeeze ,we both are getting hotter and Lili as well as Cathy is watching our sexual my penis is hitting her vagina’s depth as it’s getting too hard and hot ,now Rani is shouting “uh ah oh fuck fuck hard Garry
(Cathy) after this session of fuck ,Lili will lose her virginity
(Lili)no matter but not now have to wait for a year.”

And as my cock is in fast friction ,her vagina’s fluids have vanished and lot of humidity with heat have taken place .so it’s my second ejaculations but it will take time and so she have kept her butts swings on hold as I am penetrating her vagina hard ,after 10 minutes of fuck she starts begging for cum as she is shouting”oh uh Garry it’s too hot , please rain your cum soon “and after a while ,my cock poured semen in her cunt as I am bit relaxed but tired also and than Rani sucked my cock to taste it’s cum………..

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