Uncle time

My parents left me and my uncle who was three 4 years older than me at home while they went on an emergency errand. we had been swimming and after i went inside to take a shower. Eversince we were little my uncle and i had taken baths together but iti had been almost three years since i saw him last.

I was washing my face when i heard the bathroom door open and i peeked and it was my uncle he was taking his swim shorts off and i saw his cock had gotten bigger since the last time i saw him. he opened the curtain and stepped in. he looked at me and stared at my budding breast and said my how have you grown. he said he hoped that i do not mind him showering m wit me that he really missed it. i turned away and he washed my back and then let his hands wander over my shoulder and rub my breast. in a way he had never done before he then washed between my legs, and lingered there with his hand as he massaged me something i had not felt before and liked it a lot. He then took my hand and put a bar of soap in it and tole me to wash his Willie. after the shower he said he had something to show me . we went in his room still naked and he pulled a book he found in my dads garage of a woman sucking mens cocks and there was a pict of my mom with dad and one of his friends in it but mom did not look happy like the men in the book pictures.


he asked me if i want to try it and i said yes i was nervous and so was he he said he and though about doing it but never had the nerve to ask his girlfriend. it felt funny at first we were at it for a while when he shot a load in my mouth i was not expecting it and gagged, and then swallowed it. we both liked it so much. every time we were alone after taht i would give him a bj and one day i said he should try oral on me too. that was a really new experience. about two years alter he and a friend come over with him to swim and he convinced me to suck both of them.

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I really liked it. the next day we went swimming again and after we went to my uncles room he used when he came over and i was giving them a bj when i heard my dad come in.. i pulled the top of my swimsuit up since they were playing with my nice 28a breast and ruched out the room. as i rounded the corner of the hall i bumped into my dad he looked at me and smiled and then took his thumb and wiped my chin and put it in my mouth and smiled. i thought i was dead. He did not say a word to mom or anyone else about it. that dad drove my uncle and his friend home and asked me to come along. all the way to my uncles house he never said a word to them. on the way home he pulled into a parking lot and looked at me, and asked me how long i had been giving my uncle blow-jobs. i knew i could not lie so i told him for three years since i was 9.

He then asked me if i liked it and i told him very much, he said that was nice that mom use to but now she hates to do it. we drove home he never said another word to me. in the morning mom left for work and dad said he was not feeling good and called in sick. he waited till mom left and came in my room naked and asked me to show hi how good i was at oral sex. from that day on it became a regular pratice for us to have alone time

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