My Mother-in-law

Seeing my mother in law naked for the first time.. Ok time to put this story down and share something that happened to me quite a few years back. Although it was a long time ago I can remember it like it was yesterday.

I had been away at work for 3 weeks and was coming to the end of a 16 hour drive home. I had called my partner Cathy about 5 hours ago and told her I should be home around midnight. She replied “ I will be well asleep by then, don’t wake me when you get home. Drive safe I love you”

I arrived home just after midnight and parked my ute in the back yard. Living on a corner block I had a side gate into the back yard and with the vehicle securely locked away I entered the house through the laundry door. I stopped off in the kitchen a grabbed a quick glass of oj before heading to bed. I stripped off and slid into bed beside Cathy giving her a kiss on the cheek. She was laying on her side with her back to me perfect for spooning. Laying there with my lady in my arms and feeling her soft smooth skin against mine and after being away from home for 3 weeks the blood began to flow. I could feel my cock start to stir and before lone my hard cock was pressing the warm smooth body laying next to me. Not bothering with formalities I pushed the covers back to expose her rear end, moving to a kneeling position I put just a little of my saliva on the tip of my cock and worked the bell end of my cock into her warm wet pussy. By almost instinct Cathy pulled her knees up to her ample chest to allow me to pound her from behind. I had 3 weeks worth of sexual tension so it was all over in a short period of time with me cumming inside her ,I layed down to drift off to sleep with Cathy mumbling a “ mmmmmm welcome home hun” and we both drifted off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning in bed alone, I looked at my watch and saw the time was 8: 30 and surmised that Cathy had left to drop the kids at school on her way to work. I lay there and gave my morning wood a couple of slow strokes and smiled to my self as I thought back to the quicky sex I had before going off to sleep. I decided I’d get up and put the kettle on to make a cuppa. Seeing as Cathy had left with the kids I didn’t bother putting any clothes on. Here I am walking out into the kitchen as naked as the day I was born sporting a quite impressive morning wood feeling free as a bird. I flicked the kettle on and stood there having the good ole morning stretch. I must have let out a bit of a groan as I stretched, I heard a gasp, looked around and saw Cathy’s mother Jenn standing in the spare room. She was bent facing me pulling on her underwear. There she was pulling her panties up and otherwise naked, there I was stretching for the ceiling with my arms and my cock.

I stepped back around the corner out of her sight and heard the bedroom door slam shut. I took it as my cue to go and put some clothes on. I bolted for my bedroom thinking “ oh fuck that’s going to make life a bit awkward for a while” then then the image of Jenn’s naked body popped into my head. Bugger me if my mother in law doesn’t have a hot body. I mean she is definitely not an unattractive woman. But I never thought she was rocking a body that good at 58 years old. Jenn stands about 5 foot 5 has sandy coloured hair, she has attractive features but with signs of a spending a fair bit of time in the sun. Not in a bad way mind you. To look at he clothed you can see she has a reasonably fit figure. Largish breasts curvy hips and a trim waist. To see her naked……. Her tits were a sight to behold. ( I later found they were 12e) big firm round tits with only the slightest hint of sag to them, down over a almost flat stomach with just enough meat not to have a hard body. Her hips….. “oh my god” as they say nice round hips perfectly complimented her shape. But the one thing that blew me away the most was her vag. Smooth as silk and just a perfect slit. Standing in my room I could see precum starting to make and appearance on the end of my cock just thinking about it. I quickly thru on a pair of shorts and a tshirt and headed back out to the kitchen.

I called out to Jenn to ask if she wanted a coffee in the calmest voice I could muster and she answered with a “yes, as long as you have some clothes on” in a kind of happy voice. Jenn an I have always got along but she has never really warmed to me as such. Always spoke to me in a way that made me feel like I wasn’t good enough for her daughter but Cathy chose to be with me so she will go along with it. Im not a bad guy, I work hard, provide Cathy and her 2 kids with a good lifestyle, nice home, nice cars and above all else I treat her like a queen well almost.

Jenn walks out in a navy blue skirt with a white shirt and blue suit jacket. She looked very professional . Jenn removes the jacket and put it over the back of a chair at the dinning table and as I watch her I realize I’m looking at her a total different way now. I follow the line if her skirt up and over her bum, taking it all in and think to myself that she has quite a nice round bum. How have I not noticed this before. Jenn then sits a the breakfast bar and takes her coffee in her hand and doesn’t say much at all so I took upon myself to say “hey um look I’m sorry about that Jenn. I didn’t realize anyone else was here. I thought with Cathy and the kids gone the house was all mine so I didn’t bother with clothes” Jenn had a faint hint of a smile on her face as she replied “that’s what I thought too. I didn’t hear you come home last night”. I work out after moving out into the country a few months back driving to the city each day for work Jenn was finding herself more and more fatigued each week so Cathy offered her mum the use of our spare room during the week. Jenn add” I hope its not a problem”. With me working away most of the time I thought it’s not such a bad idea as its more company for Cathy while I’m away.

The mood in the room started to feel a little better as we chatted and my eyes began to wander. I could make out the white lacey bra trying to contain Jenn’s breasts and her shirt allowed me to see just a hint of her cleavage. I was trying to be discreet while having my sneaky little perv. Noticing the little freckles that adorned her cleavage and the way her boobs move a little as she spoke I started to get a little aroused once again. I’m sure she caught me looking on one or more occasion but I was doing my best to be discreet. I offered Jenn a second coffee to which she accepted and I’m pretty sure I saw her looking at the bulge in the front of my shorts as I got the milk from the fridge. We chatted a little more as we had our coffee then Jenn headed off to work.

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My day was pretty uneventful and just pottered around unpacking my ute and doing a few jobs around the house. In the evening Cathy and kids got home and she informed me that her mum was staying with us and how it had come about. Jenn arrived home right before dinner and we all sat around chatting and catching up. Nothing was said about the morning so I left it at that. Cathy and I went off to bed around 10pm with Jenn saying she was going to read for a while. Laying in bed next to Cathy we chatted a little while gently caressing each other. Our lips met and Cathy’s tongue made its way into my mouth. My hands made there way up Cathy’s body and I took her right breast into my hand. As seems to run in the family Cathy has a nice pair of boobs also. She has a pair of 12dd breast that are a lovely creamy white colour in have nice dark red nipples with areola about 2 inches in diameter. Her stomach is not quite flat but close to it. She has a creamy complexion with smooth soft skin. Her legs are long and very shapely and lead up to a nice round bum. Not as firm as it once was but I’m not complaining.

I break our kiss and move to her neck kissing and gently nibbling as I go. Cathy slowly guides my head down untill my mouth is on her right breast. I take her nipple into my mouth as my tongue makes small circle around her nipple. I take her left nipple between my thumb and for finger gently pulling and twisting it. I feels Cathy’s chest rising and falling as her breathing becomes heavier and take is as my cue to continue south down her body. I kiss her stomach as I go, then come to the familiar strip of hair that guides my to her pussy. As I kiss my way down her little strip of hair she grabs my head and pushes it down. She is growing impatient. I find her clit with my tongue a begin to make small circles around it, Cathy responds by thrusting her hips into my face. I can taste her juices and feel them start to flow as her body begin to tense. She begins to moan loudly as she pulls a pillow over her face to drown out the noise. After a few seconds her body relaxes and she giggles a quiet “ whoops mum is here”. I slide my way up her body and guide my cock to its very wet target easy the tip in and in one good thrust its buried to the hilt inside my lady. Slowly we fuck in the missionary position while kissing softly. The her hips start to buck. “Wait take me from behind before I come again” Cathy says between heavy breaths. We roll into place Cathy on her hands and knees with her legs apart so she can play with her clit. I entre from behind take hold of her hips and start thrusting. While pound away at her from behind I moisten my thumb with some saliva and push it gently into her tight little bum. She begins to buck and moan a little louder. She buries her face into the mattress as she is about to come trying to muffle the sound of her pending orgasm. The little devil inside me takes my free hand slides it up her back and grabs a fist full of her hair. As she begins to howl the start of her orgasm I pull her hair enough to lift her face out of the mattress. As her pussy clamps down on my cock I feel my own orgasm boiling with two good hard thrusts I unload into Cathy’s quivering pussy. A short time later we are spooning as we drift off to sleep.

I wake up in the morning to Cathy kissing me on the forehead, she is dressed and has the kids ready for school and is on her way out the door. We wish each other a good day and the kids call out “see you Mark” I reply with “have a good day guys. See you tonight”

I get up out of bed and jump in the shower, my cock is pointing up at me as if to say “ good job last night mate”. I consider masturbating in the shower but decide to give it a miss get out towel off and throw on a pair of shorts. Out in the kitchen The kettle is on and I call out “ You like a coffee Jenn” I get a muffled reply from the spare bathroom. So I get the cups ready. The bathroom door opens and out steps my mother in law wrapped in a towel with another one tied around her hair. Walking towards her room she is adjusting the towel on her head as I ask” was that a yes for coffee” she pause mid stride to say “yes please “, with her hands busy at her head the towel around her body fell straight to the floor.

My brain went mental” yes yes hallelujah yes yes” I said to myself. I did not take my eyes off her. Mustering all my courage I said “so we are nudists around here now”?

Frantically grabbing for her towel Jenn replies “ no we are not” in a stern voice. “ You have clothes on” as she starts to cover up with her towel.

“Fuck it” I thought as I grabbed my shorts and sent them to the floor. “It’s so much more relaxing this way” I said with a grin.

My heart was racing waiting for her to snap back in a fiery tone. But all the came was a “carefully you don’t spill the boiling water. I will be out in a second”

“ holy shit” I thought. Jenn may actually be ok with this. And a second later walks out with just the two towels she had on draped over her arm.

Hanging the damp towels over the chair she tell me” I actually have been sitting here naked enjoy my breakfast since I’ve been staying here. And well after yesterday and then again this morning you catching me naked I guess I don’t really have anything left to hide. And yesterday with you being naked and all and your brazen dropping of your shorts I thought why not.”

“yesterday was a but of a shock, I didn’t know you were here, but this morning when you dropped your towel I thought why not” I said with a wink.

“ I didn’t drop my towel it fell” she came back with

As I made the coffees I offered to make Jenn some toast and she accepted with a smile. Who would have thought being naked around my mother in law would soften the tone she used to talk to me. As I made the drinks and the toast cooked I could feel her looking at me.

As I handed her coffee over Jenn looked at me with a sly grin and asked” does that thing ever go down” looking straight at my upward pointing cock. “ it was pointing at the ceiling yesterday and now it again “

I had completely forgotten about my cock and was far to busy trying to play it cool while taking in the sight in front of me. With warming cheeks I replied” um sorry about that. Its you know, morning, being near a naked woman and all. I t will go down soon”

Jenn looked a little sad almost and said “ don’t be sorry. Its nice to see. I haven’t seen one that hard for a long time.” She went in to tell me her and her husband Ned haven’t been naked around each other for the last ten years. He had gained a lot of weight after an accident and never lost it. Not that she found him unattractive, it was his lack of energy and had a few issues performing when it came to that. And due to his snoring they slept in separate rooms.

Not knowing whether to compliment Jenn on her assets I took a casual glance over her body as she sipped her coffee. “ see something you like about the old body” she asked with a questioning eye.

Blushing a little “ whats not to like” I replied “ you have a stunning figure. And to be honest its going to be a while before this goes down” looking a my cock

With a genuine smile and a touch of red in her cheeks “ I’m glad. I like looking at it.”

We continued having our breakfast and taking no so sly looks at each other. With her tits sitting just above the breakfast counter I didn’t really get a good look at the rest of her body. I was dying to see more. I could feel my stiffness leaving my cock slowly and thought I could almost see a touch of disappointment on Jenn’s face. I plucked up a little courage and said “ I noticed yesterday you were totally bald down there” nodding below the countertop “ forgive me for asking but if you and Ned aren’t…..” I paused.

Jenn slid her chair back a little and with slightly parted legs, she ran her hand over her pubic mound, looked up at me and said “ Its not for Ned. He doesn’t really like it bald. But as we age and hair starts to go grey I don’t really like seeing greys down there.”

Watching Jenn run her hands over her smooth pubic mound my cock springs back to full attention. As her hand glides back and forth her lips part just enough for me to see her glistening juices. She is obviously enjoying the whole scene or maybe just her own touch. I find my hand on my cock and is stroking away watching my mother in law showing me her bald pussy. She looks at me and asks” do you like it” then looks down to see me stroking away at my pulsating ridged cock.

I stammer “ that’s the tastiest looking puss I think I’ve ever had the privilege to lay eyes on”

I don’t think she listened to me as her eyes were fixed on my hand sliding back and forth up the length of my shaft. At the same time her middle finger made its way into her perfect little slit. It was by far the hottest thing I have ever seen. I could feel a small amount of precum start to weep from the eye of my cock and saw Jenn’s eyes start to glisten. No words are spoken as we watch each other start to masturbate quicker and harder. Jenn raises her left hand up and starts to play with her left breast, gently massaging the squeezing her nipple. Her eyes are fixed on my hand which is now almost a blur as it slides back and forth. As too is Jenn’s middle finger. A low moan begins to come from my mother in law as she begins to rock her hips back and forth. She bites her lip as her middle finger swirls over her clit.

I’m intoxicated by the sight in front of me, this gorgeous 58 year old woman frantically rubbing herself in front of me. I begin to feel that familiar feeling as my balls begin to tighten. I’m sure Jenn senses it too as her frigging becomes more intense. Her hips are shaking, bottom lip is quivering, her pussy and hand is coated in her own juices. Her moans become louder but the whole time she is focused on my cock. Im not sure I can last much longer when I hear “ cum for me. I want to see it”. And that’s it. The first rope shot nearly all the way across the breakfast bar landing right in front of Jenn. At that exact moment I heard Jenn howling with pleasure, her finger was a blur as it worked her clit, her hips were bucking wildly as she watched wide eye me shooting rope after rope of my seed over the breakfast bar.

As my orgasm started to subside I had to grab the bench for balance. I looked over and Jenn was sitting the panting heavily staring at the load of cum that had been shot over the breakfast bar. She was shaking with just the tiniest beads of sweat on her forehead. A few moments later we looked at each other.

“ fuck that was intense” was all I could say.

Jenn looked at me and replied “ um yes, you could say that. It seems things may have got a little out of hand”

I could resist “ no I think being in hands was the problem” with a shy grin.

“ Maybe we should get a little cleaned up” Jenn offered.

“ Should we take a shower” I asked

“ I don’t think that’s a good idea Mark, things went a bit to far as it is” was the answer that put me back in my place. “Can I please have another coffee while I get ready for work” she asked as she made a move to get up.

I moved to turn the kettle on as she stood, as I turn back to have another look at the naked form about to walk away I saw Jenn scoop up a finger load of my cum off the bench and licked her finger clean. She looked up saw me watching, her face went from shocked to a cheeky wink in a second. I looked over to where she had been sitting a noticed a small wet patch on her chair. Jenn appeared 2 minutes later dressed much the same as the day before right as I was about to clean the mess I’d left on the counter. She took the cloth from me and started to wipe it up, not before dipping her finger in it once again.

“That’s quite a big mess you made considering what you got up to with Cathy last night.” She said with a grin.

“What do you know about last night” I retorted

“Not much but it sounded like you made my daughter happy before you went to sleep” remarked Jenn.

We finished our coffee with a few sly glances towards each other then Jenn got up saying “ its time for me to go to work”. She approached me and gave me the first even hug shared between the two of us. I could feel her breasts pressed hard against me. With a quick peck on the cheek she was out the door saying “ I will see you Sunday night. Have a good weekend” and then she left.

The weekend was quite uneventful and consisted of the usual running round and jobs around the house. Sunday afternoon Cathy asked “what should we do for dinner”

“I’m not sure, if we go out will your mum be coming with us” I replied

“no mum wont be here until tomorrow, she drives straight to work on Monday’s then comes here at night” Cathy said

“She said see you on Sunday as she walked out the door on Friday” I replied

Cathy looked a little puzzled shrugged and carried on pottering around the house. I decided to head out to the garage for a while and do some work on my car. A couple of beers and a few hours later Cathy calls out dinner will be ready in half an hour. I pack up my tool then head inside for a shower. As I pass through the kitchen I see Jenn is there helping Cathy with dinner. Cathy is wearing a pair of cotton shorts and a sleeveless tshirt. I cans see she has no bra on by the way her boobs sway as she moves. Its nothing uncommon as she normally discards it when she is home. Jenn is wearing almost the same shorts but has on a loose fitting singlet minus her bra also. I take a second to admire both women standing the and mentally undress the pair of them. Both are good looking ladies and Jenn is pretty much a slightly older looking version of Cath. The only difference is Jenn’s boobs are a bit bigger and slightly perkier.

I head off for my shower, when im done, eat dinner with the rest of the family. We all watch tv together and I take the opportunity to check out Jenn’s boobs as she watches tv. We all decide its time to head off to bed, as Cathy and I snuggle down I make my move for a little love making. She informs me she has her period so its out of the question. I’m laying there with a semi erection feeling horny after checking out Jenn’s tits and looks like I’m going with out relief. I could have asked Cathy for a blow job instead but that was one of the things she wouldn’t do. In the 5 years we had been together I only ever received a total of four blow jobs. I went off to sleep semi hard cock in my hand.

Monday morning I wake to Jenn calling out” coffee is ready sleepy head”

I climb out of bed pull on a pair of shorts and head out to the kitchen. Jenn is standing in the kitchen pouring the milk into the coffees she is wearing the same singlet as last night but has on a pair of silk shorts. I take in the sight in front of me. Although her outfit shows her body’s curves and looks pretty damn good I’m still a little disappointed she has chosen to wear clothes.

“You dressed this morning” I asked “ I was kind of hoping you would have gone without again”

She smiled at me saying” I did think about it, but then again I think things went a little too far on Friday morning. You must have too otherwise you wouldn’t have put shorts on”

“I can fix that” I said “consider them gone”

“Hang on a second” Jenn said holding up her hand. “ would you like some toast” she asked trying to change the subject.

“yes please “ I replied trying to hide my disappointment

As Jenn bent over to get the toaster from the cupboard I sat there staring at her nice round silk covered bum. Her shorts rode up a little to reveal a hint of her smooth lips from between her legs. In almost an instant my cock spang to life forming a tent in the front of my shorts. Jenn turns around with the toaster in her hands and immediately sees me standing there coffee in hand with my cock straining to be freed from my shorts. She looks a little longer than a glance then puts the toaster on the bench.

“What on earth got in to you” she asks with a stern voice but a softening look on her face

“Well it was when you bent over just now, and what you’re wearing doesn’t help much either” was all I could come up with.

“ Jeez” Jenn says “that thing seems to always be pointing, or it doesn’t take much to get it pointing. Do you need to adjust it or something, It doesn’t look very comfortable”

I stick me hand down my shorts a shift the head of my cock upwards so the tip points at my belly not pressing against my shorts. The result being the head is clearly sticking out over the waist band and in clear view. Jenn seems to be trying not to look at it while making the toast but her eye keep going back to the top of my shorts. I sit on the stool at the end of the counter and with the waist band holding my cock to my body The head begins to poke in my belly.

Jenn looks and has a small chuckle and states the obvious “its poking you in the belly, that looks even more uncomfortable than before. For god’s sake just take them off already”

I stand and remove my shorts. My cock spring free and happily points straight at Jenn. Her eyes seem almost transfixed staring at one of the best erections of my life , then she almosts snaps herself out of it with a little shake of the head.

“ hey um Jenn, I’m standing here as naked as can be” I started

“ I’m not blind” she chimes in before id finished

“Feeling a bit left out” I finished. “Are you not joining me”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea after what happened on Friday “ was the short answer

Jenn hands me my toast and stands near me eating hers. She looks at me then my cock then back at me and simply says “ its still standing. It hasn’t gone down in the slightest.”

“ Nah it hasn’t” I remarked “and it as hard as a brick” as I take my right hand and try to bend it as a display of how hard it truly is.

“Stop that” My mother in law almost shrieks “you will do yourself some damage” as she takes my hand to try and stop me.

Her hand is on mine, I cant resist and quickly slide my hand out from under hers then using my freed hand guide hers onto my cock. She tries to pull away but I hold her there and say “ pretty hard isn’t it”

After three or four strokes Jenn pulls her hand away and says “yes, yes it is very hard. And how dare you put my hand on it like that”

“I’m sorry I thought that’s what you were going for, I was just trying to help” was all I could come up with

“Hahaha “ Jenn laughed. “You really think I would just reach out and grab you like that. I mean come on really”

“well you seem to like looking at it, you even told me to take my shorts off, and on top of that you reached for it” I said playing the confused victim the best I could.

“Well I wasn’t” was all she had left “ now eat your toast”

We eat away in silence. Jenn was pretty much staring at the bench with a kind of half in thought and half dreamy look on her face. I on the other hand was running my eyes up and down her body taking in every little detail, right down to the ample amount of side boob I could see through the arm on her singlet. While Jenn was focused on thinking what ever she was thinking I gave myself a couple of sly stokes just to keep things in tact. I love the way Jenn’s eyes seem to twinkle when she looks at my cock.

To break the silence I asked” are we good”

With a warm smile she said “ yes of course we are good”

“Well in that case, what did you think. Did you like it” I asked with a big grin, hoping that if my question made her made she would think I’m just making light of the situation.

Her head spun to me with a terse expression , then seeing my stupid grin softened. A cheeky smile came over her face and said “ that’s the hardest prick I’ve had in my hands for years, it was very nice and if you are lucky I may even do it again”

It must have been said for shock value because I’m sure my facial expressions was one of absolute surprise, and with her smiling like she had got the reaction she wanted I came back with “ha I reckon you are all talk, but if you so choose to feel free to go a head”

She seemed to think for a second then I’m sure she bit her own bottom lip as she reached out and took my hard prick into her hand. Her hand was amazingly soft, gentle and her grip was perfect as she began to slowly stroke. Both of us watched her hand slide up and down the length of my shaft as if we were mesmerized. After about a minute or so she looked at me with a smile and raised eyebrows and said “All talk hey” as she let go of me. She waved a hand in front of her face as if to fan herself and said “phew its getting warm in here”

I suggested “Maybe its all that clothing you are wearing”

To which I got back “ you haven’t finished your coffee”

“I reckon it would be the coolest thing in the room now” from me

“Be a sweetie and put the kettle on then, I’ve just got to go to the loo” Jenn asked

I turn around put the kettle on and rinse the cups feeling a little ripped off. Here I was thinking I was going to get a full blown hand job off my mother in law then she walks off. I hear the toilet flush as I’m pouring the milk into the steaming cups and as I turn I see Jenn walking back in the room. She has come back in holding her hand out beside her totally naked with a simple “happy now”

“Fuck yeah” I blurt out “I don’t know what’s better the feeling of your hand or the sight before me”

I get a small blush as a reply. Jenn walks up and takes her cup from me giving my cock a gentle squeeze with her free hand. She turns to move towards the counter and I manage to get in a quick upward rub of her right but cheek as she stepped away.

She turns and says “You think you have free rein to go round touching me now”

“I couldn’t resist” smiling at her “ plus that was no way near what you have been up to”

“its not tit for tat” I’m told in a matter of fact kind of way.

I look her straight in the eye and take my cock in my hand and begin to stoke it. Her eyes shoot straight to it. She steps closer, her naked breast touch my arm. Her hand slides down and pushes mine off my cock. She begins to slowly stroke. My right hand finds her belly and glides up until it cups Jenn’s left breast.

“What do you think you are doing” she asks quietly

I reply by running my hand up over her breast. Her nipple it hard and poking straight out, I take it between my thumb and forefinger giving it a gentle tug. I massage her breast for a little while before getting bolder and running my hand down her belly. The moment my finger touch her mound she releases my cock grabs my wrist and says no we shouldn’t be doing this. I continue to make small rubbing motions on her smooth mound a I push ever so slightly down. After a few seconds my fingers find Jenn’s slit and a little push further down I Jenn feels my finger touch her clit for the first time. She still has hold of my wrist be seems to be holding my hand to her very wet pussy. Her head goes back as she moans softly. I look to see her large chest starting to heave as I make small circles on her clit with my middle finger. I lean down and take her right nipple in my mouth. Her free hand grabs my head and holds it to her chest as I gently lick, suck and bite her nipples switching from one to the other. Her body begins to feel a little shaky and her legs begin to give way. I’m almost holding her up and I decide to lift her onto the bench.

Jenn asks” what are you doing, I can’t reach you anymore “

“Just relax” I said as I start to bend forward.

Pushing her legs apart I place my hand on her lower belly and slide my thumb into her neat little slit. I find the nub I’m looking for and make small circles with my thumb. Jenn rests back with her hands on the bench tilts her head back letting out a little moan. I lean forward and replace my thumb with my tongue.

Jenn’s pussy I soaking wet and taste is amazing, she starts to moan louder as her thighs begins to close around my head. Her hips begin to buck and I fell one of her grab the back of my head. She lets out one god oh mighty moan and I feel her juices begin to saturate my face. After a second or two her body goes limp. Her hand gently pushes my face away and almost whispers “ fuck I have never had an orgasm so quick before”

“ look at you face” Jenn says as she opens her eyes and grinning like a loon. “Swap places with me” she instructs as she gently slides off the bench.

She wobbles a bit as her legs take her weight and I reach out to steady her. “ Go on get up” she says.

I climb up on the bench sitting with my legs dangling over the side. She walks up to me, takes my cock in her hand. Stoking it she looks my in the eye and with a shrug leans forward and runs her tongue over the head of my cock. Her tongue circles the head a few times. The warmth of her tongue is amazing. And quick as a flash she takes my whole length into her mouth. I feel her throat throbbing around the head of my cock. I hear her start to gag a little, then her head comes back up. Jenn sucks my cock like I’ve never been sucked before. She cups my balls jerks my cock with her hand and take whole length time and time again. This woman is an expert cock sucked I surmise. I let her know that I’m not far off cumming and she seems to double her efforts. This is too much for me and I begin to unload into her mouth. I hear her gag a little as shoot what feels like the biggest load I have ever shot.

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Jenn continues to keep my cock in her mouth after I have come cleaning up every drop of my jizz. As I begin to soften in her mouth she draws her head back letting my cock fall with an audible plop. I look down at my mother in laws face and see she has a small dribble of cum running down her chin. “you missed a bit” as I motion to her chin. She licks her lips then her finger wipes the small dibble of her chin then she sucks her finger clean.

“You look like you need a cup of coffee, and I will make you something to eat” Jenn says as I sit on the bench with my head still spinning. I watch Jenn move around the kitchen as she makes breakfast, I see the slick lines left over from her orgasm still shining on the inside of her leg. My head stops spinning as I slide of the bench and head to the bathroom. Once finished taking care of business I head back to the kitchen to find Jenn bending over looking in the dishwasher, her smooth lips peeking out from between her thighs. Fuck me I haven’t seen anything so hot in a long time, I feel the familiar feeling of blood beginning to flow back to my cock once again. Jenn turns as she hears me enter and tell me to take a seat. Her eyes drift down to my crotch. “Again” she say questioningly “You are hard again. I think I need to have some actual food in my stomach to get me through the day. Now have your breakfast”

As I sit and eat Jenn eats while cleans up the kitchen in between bites of her toast. Under the counter I give my cock slow gentle strokes as I watch Jenn move around. We share a bit of small talk trying to act as if nothing had happened between us, all the while I’m thinking I want to bury my cock in that smooth sweet pussy. Jenn finishes her breakfast and announces that she is going for a shower and walks off across the lounge room towards the bathroom. Once the water is running I head to the bathroom to join Jenn. I walk in and a greeted with a “And what do you think you are doing? You and that hard dick of yours can go away, I need to go to work today.”

“I will wash you back for you” I reply as I step into the shower.

Jenn turns her back to me and hands me the body wash. I wash her back then gently massage her shoulders then my soapy hands slide over and start to massage her tits, as I reach forward my hard cock nestles neatly in her soapy ass crack. He hand comes around and starts to stoke me. Jenn tilts her head back and says “Can you make it quick, I’m already late for work”

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With bit of a shocked reaction a say a quick “Sure” as I push her to a bent over position . She guides my stiff cock to entrance of her pussy and I slowly push. I savor the feeling as all of my 8 and a half inches slowly slide into the warmth of my mother in laws pussy. Its warm wet and surprisingly a snug fit. I begin to thrust. Jenn tells me to go steady for a bit. I’m looking down at Jenn’s back as I watch myself disappearing inside her, I see her little asshole winking at me so I rub a little soap on my thumb then gently press it against her ass. Jenn starts to thrust back against me and I take it as my cue to pump harder and my free hand grabs her hip and I begin pound away on my mother in law adding more and more pressure to my thumb. In no time my thumb is buried in her ass as I pound her from behind. I look up and see she has one hand against the wall and the other look to be between her legs. She starts a deep moan from somewhere deep inside her and feel her pussy tighten around my cock, and my thumb feels like its about to get crushed as Jenn has her second orgasm for the morning. I remove my thumb grab hold as I feel the pressure in my ball begin to rise and then I feel the old familiar feeling. I’m pumping away as I start to cum shot after shot as I unload into Jenn’s pussy I start to wonder if I’m going to stop cumming. I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard or that much before. My knees begin to buckle a little as the waves of my orgasm hit, l lean back a little and my cock slips from inside Jenn. We have a quick wash then get out of the shower.

Jenn heads off to her room to get dressed while I make myself a coffee, Jenn declined as she was already late for work. Once dressed she walks out comes up and gives me a kiss square on the lips the says “Thank you stud, I haven’t felt this good in years” then she left for work. Later that day my boss called saying he needed me in the yard for the rest of the week, much to my dismay that meant early starts and late finishes. No more naked coffees with Jenn and no chance of a repeat of our shower together.

I work the next week in the yard as well, its hot as hell all week and I’m totally buggered. Friday afternoon I knock off early so that Cathy and I can take the kids to the airport. They are flying to Sydney to spend the school holidays with their father. Cathy and I get home around 6 with a pizza, movie and a few drinks and turn the aircon on. Fuck its blowing hot air, looks like its packed it in. I head out to the shed and grab an old fan as Cathy opens every window in the house. Sitting on the lounge feeling hot Cathy stands and strips all he clothes off and says” we are alone, the kids aren’t here so why not”. I agree and stand up and do the same. Cathy gets up and takes our clothes to our bedroom then come back to the lounge. Being in front of the fan naked sure helps cool us down. Half way through the movie I hear the front door open and I hear Jenn call out “hello”. Cathy is in the kitchen making drink and comes walking into the lounge at the same time as her mother and tries to cover herself and spills the drinks. Jenn looks around and notices we are naked and starts to apologize, while I tell her that the aircon broke and its hot.

Cathy looks at me and says” Your not even going to cover yourself”

To which I reply “ Nar you’ve both seen it all before, I got nothing to hide, plus its to hot to be covered”

“What do you mean we both seen it all before. When has mum ever seen you naked” Cathy asks in a confused manor

I go on to tell Cathy about the first morning I got home and add how embarrassed we both were and not saying anymore about our mornings together. Having had a few drink under her belt Cathy finds the story hilarious and asks why I hadn’t said anything before. I told her I didn’t think it was worth mentioning. I look over a Jenn and ask if she would prefer us to put our clothes on and she answered with “ its your house, I cant really ask you too can I. I don’t want to intrude on you night so I might head home”

Its unusual for her to come to our house on a Friday night and after asking what brings her here we find out her husband Ned was leaving early in the morning to go on a fishing trip with some mates, so she thought she might call in a see what we had planned as she didn’t feel like being in the country by herself. I told Jenn she wasn’t intruding and she was welcome to stay, we have pizza and a movie. Cathy says to her mother” Put your things in your room and I will pour you a wine” while looking at me “ and we will just put some clothes on’

From Jenn’s room we hear “ don’t worry about clothes, Mark is right its to hot. That is as long as you don’t mind if I join you.”

Cathy looks at me as if to ask my thought as I casually shrug as if to say I don’t care. She calls out to her mum “ Um I guess why not.” While heading to make some more drinks.

Jenn walks in and takes a seat on the lounge and asks again that she is not interrupting out night, then her and I make a bit of small talk about our day. Cathy returns with our drinks and we start the movie again for Jenn. After a while I get up to make another round of drinks and when I return I can feel both women looking. I hand out the drinks take a seat and watch the movie. Then its Jenn’s turn to make drinks Cathy leans over and whispered with a little giggle “ Mum keeps looking at your cock, it like she cant take her eyes off it”

I get a cheeky grin and whisper in her ear “Give it a few stroke and see if you can get it hard before she comes back in.” Cathy being a little tipsy by now thinks it pretty funny and grabs my cock and begins to stroke it. A couple of strokes later and its standing to full attention ready to be seen. Cathy leans in a whispers “ You know that’s probably the first hard cock mum has seen in a decade” and goes on to tell me about her parents sleeping arrangements, pretty much the same as Jenn had told me a couple of weeks ago. Jenn walks in and hands us our drinks and as she hands me mine her eyes seem to grow larger as they wander down to my stiff cock she seems to pause for a second then heads back to the kitchen for her drink.

“You see her eyes, they nearly popped out of her head” Cathy giggles.

Jenn comes in and takes her seat and after a few minutes Cathy asks “Can we swap seats hon, I’d like to lay down with my head on the arm rest if you don’t mind”

I stand up to let Cathy move over and as she move says “ careful you will take someones eye out with that” with a giggle. “ Mum watch out you could loose an eye” . Jenn put her and up a to mockingly protect herself as I turn and her hand is in just the right spot for my cock to fall tight into it. She gently pushes it away while feigning a little gasp. “Oh my god mum, you right are you? See a penis and you have to grab it” Cathy says while in a fit of laughter.

Jenn clearly embarrassed stammers “ no no I didn’t mean to. I was an accident” blushing as she speaks. I take my seat and feel a little back handed slap on the side of my leg from Jenn. Cathy puts her feet on my lap and we continue watching movie. From the corner of my eye I see Jenn who in seated beside me taking more than a few glances at my crotch. I feel my erection slowly starting to fade as I slide my hand out of Jenn’s sight, underneath Cathy’s legs and with a finger pointing upward I I follow the gap between her legs until I find what im looking for. To my surprise her pussy is nearly dripping wet. I slowly push it inside her and she closes her legs hard on my hand as to tell me, no way. Then Cathy trying to be cheeky attempts to stroke my fading erection with her feet. “ what are you doing” I ask Cathy

“ You were starting to fade so I thought I’d help you out a bit” she replies

“ I don’t think it will work with your feet” I tell her. “ Anyway what makes you think I need help”

“ You were going soft and I want to see you hard. I’m sure mum likes too” Cathy blurts out sounding more tipsy than before.

Jenn takes this opportunity to get up and offer another round of drinks telling Cathy she should think about some water instead. I watch Jenn walk into the kitchen admiring her body as she walks. Cathy wants to know what I’m looking at and I tell her I’m just checking out the scenery with a grin. She leans up to me and whispers “if you had the chance would you fuck my mum?

A little taken back by her question I reply “ sure why not” thinking if only she knew I already have.

Jenn comes back in with the round of drink and hand them out. Standing in front of me, I eye her from head to toe and having her pussy at eye level I stop and stare at her smooth mound. Cathy from beside me says out loud “ see something you like hon” with a giggle.

“ Yes I do” I tell her “ your mum is stunning and look at her smooth pus”

Jenn takes her seat and says “just watch the movie you two”

We settle back and watch the movie and Cathy attempts again to rub my cock with her feet. Jenn looks over and says” for gods sake, get you feet off him you are going to do some damage. Why don’t you use your hands already”

“ I cant reach and I can’t move I’m comfortable” Cathy states

Then to my surprise or more shock Jenn pushes Cathy’s feet away and takes my cock in her hand and begins to stroke. Cathy is silent and slack jawed watching her mother stoking my cock as it grows in her hand. It takes only a few seconds and my cock its hard enough to break bricks and Jenn continues to stroke while watching the movie. Cathy has her hand over her mouth in shock so I take the opportunity to once again slide my hand up the inside of her legs. This time she spreads slightly and I find her opening. It is soaking wet. I slipped two fingers straight in, my thumb up to her clit and began to rub. It only takes a minute and Cathy is starting to buck her hips lightly try not to let her mother know what’s going on. My hand is soaking wet as I hear Cathy muffling her moan as she cums in my hand. Jenn hasn’t skipped a beat and is stroking away on my cock. Cathy regains her composure and says “ you look like you’re enjoying yourself there mum”.

“Not as much as you by the looks of it” Jenn replies with a sly grin.

Cathy seems to be trying to melt into the lounge from embarrassment.

“And are you enjoying yourself Mark” Jenn asks.

“How could anyone not enjoy themselves like this. I’m sitting with 2 naked women, one has just had an orgasm in my hand while the other is giving me an amazing hand job.” I reply

“Well then everyone seems to be enjoying themselves them” Jenn says.

“So you are enjoying yourself too Mum” Cathy asks

“Well as I said, not as much as you but its ok” Jenn says

Cathy starts to get up and says “ I will make us all another drink.”

Cathy heads to the kitchen to make the drinks and Jenn looks at me for the first time since she has taken my cock in her hand. She smiles then leans forward and takes my cock into her mouth. I almost cum then and there. She only has it in her mouth for a couple of strokes then sits back up and her hand takes her mouths place. Feeling a little game I slide my hand up over her thigh, across her smooth mound until my middle finger finds it goal, I begin to rub Jenn’s clit. She spreads her legs a little to allow my hand more room to move. She leans back and lets me pleasure her with my hand. Her hips are rolling slowly back and forth as if she is riding my hand. Softly moaning she rocks a little quicker and bits her bottom lip. Right as Jenn begins to cum Cathy walks back into the room with our drinks, she has a look of absolute shock on her face when she sees her mother start her orgasm with my hand between her legs. Jenn lets out a massive moan as the blissful feeling takes over her body. My hand is once again soaked.

Cathy speaks “ what the…. I mean I turn my back for a second and you’re playing with my mums vag. What’s next? You going to fuck her? I can’t believe you just made my mum cum”

“ Oh shit sorry hun I didn’t think you would mind. After all you didn’t seem to mind her play with my cock while I played with you. And I thought it was only fair to return the favor” I replied a little worried Cathy was about to loose her mind.

She seems to think for a bit then smiles saying “ You are right, I guess I was just a little shocked. I mean who can ever say they watched their mother have an orgasm” and to Jenn who is slowly catching her breath “ and it looks like you didn’t mind either mum”

Jenn looking a little embarrassed says “I think things may have gotten a little carried away. Im sorry dear”

“Meh it fine mum, don’t worry about it” Cathy says “ to be honest I was half expecting Mark to be the one cumming with you playing with him”

“ Oh yes that right, poor Mark is still sitting here pointing that” Jenn nodding towards my erection.

With the drinks on the table Cathy reaches over and give me a kiss while stroking my cock a couple of times. She sits down and says “ well mum are you going to finish what you started or do I have to”

Jenn looks at my cock then Cathy and says “ oh as much as I was enjoying the feel of it I don’t want to cause any problems. You go ahead dear. He is your man after all”

Cathy looks at her mum and says “ there will be no problems, and if it was anyone else I would not be happy, but you look like you’re enjoying mum, go ahead”

Jenn reaches out and takes my cock in her hand and starts stroking. The feeling is amazing and sitting between my partner and her mother all three of us naked is one of the hottest things I have ever witnessed. I do all I can to stop myself from cumming and after about 10 minutes or so Jenn complains her wrist is getting sore. Cathy looks at me and asks” what’s wrong hun, stage fright or you need something else?”

I try my luck with “ depends on what else is on offer, do I get to put my cock into someone?”

Cathy raises one eyebrow and says” someone? You didn’t say get to put your cock in me, you said someone. Am I lead to believe that you are suggesting having sex with my mum”

“you or your mum I don’t really care, you mums hand is getting sore and you suggested something else. I just went with it” I replied

Jenn was sitting there not knowing what to say then Cathy spoke “ tell me are you saying that you would have sex with my mum if she agreed” I nodded yes “ mum, would you”

Jenn looks at her feet and says “ I’m not sure”

I look at Cathy with raised eyebrow as if to ask “ well?” Cathy just shrugs with a smile as if to say why not then. I almost jump to my feet with excitement.

“Fuck it. Stand up Jenn and come here” I say trying to sound assertive. Jenn looks stunned and slowly stands. I take her in my hand and guide her to the arm of the lounge and push her to a bent over position.

She reaches for the arm of the lounge with her hands while her round ass is right in front of me. “ What here” She asks as if she expected to go off to a bedroom.

Blonde bombshell Tiffany Rousso sucks her toes after foot oriented sex

I say nothing as I take my hard cock and touch it to her opening. Her pussy is still slick with her own juices and I have no trouble sliding in. She take my entire length in one go with a gasp and groan all in one. Cathy sitting on the lounge with one leg up looks surprised and turned on at the same time. I begin to thrust long slow thrust making sure the inward thrust is done hard. Jenn moans with each thrust and I feel her move as her hand heads towards her clit. In the light from the tv I see Cathy has move and is starting to rub her own clit. I grab Jenn’s hips tighter and start to thrust faster and harder, Jenn’s moaning is getting louder and louder, Cathy’s hand is almost a blur as she starts her moans of pleasure.

With a loud “ oh fuck I’m cumming” I feel Jenn’s pussy clamp down on my cock.

The extra pressure on my cock sets my over the edge and I feel my balls begin to boil. With a loud moan Cathy tell us “ I’m cumming too” and at the same time I let out a groan from somewhere within as I unload inside my mother in law. I keep thrusting until I’m sure I have given Jenn every drop of my seed.

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