Stepmom’s desires a hot evening

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It’s a busy day as attending classes with lot of works made me tired and Garry ,a 19 years school guy is back home as I moved inside my room and removed my dress,so I have seen maid Rani doing works inside kitchen as i walked inside washroom and after refreshment ,I am in room as it’s a hot and humid condition and I get laid on bed my eyes are closed as I am feeling too tired and as my legs are straight with my cock in semi erection ,I was unaware of someone’s coming inside and as I have put my one arm on eyes ,I felt bit surprised as I felt touches on my thigh and cock ,so I opened my eyes as I am shocked to see my stepmom Cathy sitting near my waist as he have hold my cock and as i hold a towel to cover my cock as well as pubic hairs ,he put away the towel and starts rubbing my cock while holding it in her palm and so I smiled

“please don’t do it ,I am too exhausted
(She is looking at me)don’t worry , your holidays starts now for two days
(Me)sure but I will enjoy with you later on
(He is moving his fingers in my pubic hairs)oh Garry ,don’t be shy ,it’s a nice weekend as your dad have left us for 3-4 days
(I wake up)oh that’s great but maid and Lili is in home
(Cathy laughed)yes ,all three sluts will make you a porn king for night .”

And as Cathy is jerking my penis hard ,I hold her tits on tops as I started pressing it and Cathy inches closer as she put his one arm on my shoulder and starts kissing my neck as I am feeling hot .so she left my cock as she put her lips on my lips and now his hand is rubbing my back ,there I put my one hand on her skirts as I lifts it up and now her soft vagina is getting my hard rub as I am feeling horny after she took my lips in her mouth and starts sucking a hot lady is in my arms but as she is in clothes ,I can’t touch her soft boobs or vagina my slut stepmom left my lips but she is licking my lips with her tongue and as i opened my mouth to swallow it ,my eyes looks at maid Rani coming inside room but as a bold guy ,I starts sucking my mom’s tongue and now as my cock is growing bigger ,I hold her hooks of panty as I unhooked it and now I got the soft touch of her as I am rubbing my fingers on her hole while sucking her tongue ,she is holding my cock hard and than Rani said “madam ,I have completed my household works ,so going back home
(She took out her tongue)Rani ,you are free to live here , afterall you are alone in home and I need your help here tonight.”

And as i hold my step mom’s tops to remove ,I can see Rani removing her salwar as well as suits and she is semi nude as her sexy boobs are showing its size and her panty is indicating a fleshy vagina inside .so as her sexy thighs to legs are nude ,Cathy smiled “Rani ,go and wash your vagina with a soap as Garry will lick it “and she moved towards washroom as Cathy pushed me on bed ,so smiling at me ,she put her hand on back as she opened the strings of her sexy vagina is nude as she have stretched her legs while putting her sexy butts on her knees ,now she hold my cock as she put her face on it and starts kissing it .while putting my legs straight ,I am eyeing at her sexy boobs and as i hold it to squeeze ,Cathy opened her mouth and swallow my she is spinning her head fast as I am in pleasure

“uh ah mom ,it’s going to fuck you soon”and as i turned my face ,I can see Rani standing nude and so she came on bed as I asked him “sit on my face darling ,I will lick your vagina “and Rani came on my face as her legs are in opposite directions with her sexy butts just above my looking up ,I got a fleshy vagina and it’s little hairy as I hold her waist and moved my face up as I put my lips on her reddish vagina but as Cathy took out my penis to lick it ,I can see Rani’s vagina with wider I starts licking her sexy cunt as my cock is fully erected and there ,as my tongue is hitting on her clitoris ,I am in fire as Cathy swallows my penis and starts sucking it hard.she is a horny lady as my tongue is rolling in Rani’s vagina and so feeling too hot as Rani is shouting”uh ah um Garry ,lick lick fast I will cum soon “and as he heard my sexy voice ,she hold my vagina’s flesh in his mouth and starts sucking it hard ,after a while her cunt poured cums in my mouth . so I licked her wet vagina as i tastes it’s cum and Cathy is going hard as her head is spinning fast and I am screaming in pleasure “uh ah sexy don’t suck it more , otherwise I will urinate in your mouth”and she left my penis as I walked inside after urinating and refreshment ,I am back in room as both lady are squeezing eachother’s boobs hard and I am now looking for fuck and as i sit behind Cathy ,I hold her waist and put her on knees as I hold my as Cathy is in doggy position ,I pushed my long cock in her dry vagina’s hole and as i fucked her hard ,she screamed louder

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