Freelancer 4

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Leila continued the telling of Her weekend spending (Freelancer 3).: Our customer wanted ME so much that I could not believe, but also resist the situation. He had His Cock working, working, working so that He was backside of Me and was all the time handling, He & I were so happily and little wanted to rest butetc etc…. in Your wifes pussy a long long time in that bed on that cottage Place, He did like so much to see MY boobs swinging when He hard went in and out , in &out of Your wifes cunt. That was so heavenly , I really enjoyed His Cocks hard work, It was amazing, at last when He spruted His semens inside ME it was so fine, so “cool” and I really wanted it, He touch My nipples ands was taking care of them cently, but very strong way. We were like that perhaps 15-25 minutes when I found and was feeling , that His Cock was coming very hard again, so asking, speaking anything, His Dick was again in My Cunt.

And after some minutes He asked Me to take it to My Mouth and take care of His Dick gently but strong. Ofcourse I wanted to be a good girl to Him and I did what He wanted. At the same He turned other way too and He took My Cunt to HIS Mouth and HE really knew what to do with His mouth, I Hope that I could do the same for HIM. Some 15 minutes we did those things to each others like that and the HE again wanted to turn His Cock inside to MY wet pussy, and oh boy, HE was good. Time was then about 21.00 and I knew that it is coming much more before the next Morning.! You like to know ? My Love Leila asked from Me.???? Oh Hell I doo …… I could tell to Her.


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