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AT HOME AFTER WORK (Freelancer 2)
I t was difficult to handle the whole day at work, because I was waiting the evening, What will Leila say to me how that all happened. But so was the situation also with Leila, She said when She came home, She had wanted to be fucking the whole day too, She do not wanted that to stop at all. So much She had started to like making more and more “Lovesessions” with somebody,

First She said that the “FIRST THING” happened just after 10 minutes about after leaving from home, That man ( Markku ) had put HIS hand to MY wifes leg and put it upper and upper, and when HE reached HER between the legs HE founded that Leila had no pants at all, His fingers touched the vagina of Leila wife of ME and they had already difficulties to just drive further and that is why they begin to look the first Place where they could stop the car and make fucking, After about ten minutes they could see the Small road to forest where it was not any other to see. Markku opened the zipper Her dress back side and Leila was immediately naked, first time after wedding , with other man, it was sooo turning for both of them and they had no time for playing anything but begin to take mans Cock inside to HER PUSSY, quickly and they could not take much time when Markku had His semen inside MY SLUTWIFE Leilas pussy, the first time. and it had been three stoppings during the 150 km about to the mans cottage and they had been naked all the time driving to there and immediately also when Markku opened His cottage door-still naked, they run to sleeping room and begin to have fuckingsession , now really good and long time session… Continue Freelancer 4



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