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We live in a small town on an average road, in an average town and we keep ourselves to ourselves. All of our neighbours are friendly and polite. They, as are our friends and family oblivious to our private life. They would be shocked to the core if they knew the truth about our darkest sex life. The only friend of ours who knows what we do is Pete, he was the first man after me to fuck my wife.

I am Alan, husband to Angela, who I’m happy to say is a Hotwife, a term used to describe a sexually shared wife. Angela has slept with many more men after our wedding than she did before it, she was a virgin when we met.

During the past couple of years I have shared her on many occasions and I continue to do so. We are extremely careful not to allow our secret to be known to family, friends or work colleagues. We do not allow or share photographs of my wife’s body or face, as even tattoo’s could be a giveaway.

There have been a few occasions when she has cuckolded me without my prior knowledge or participation. This is always spontaneous when an opportunity has arisen and she has taken it, as was the case with Marcus.

It is just as exciting for me to be told the details afterwards and it is for her to grasp the opportune moment of pleasure. We often write our accounts together and this was how my wife explained her story about Marcus.


I have tried to recall the events and conversations of my experience, this may not be exactly what we said to each other, but it is fairly accurate. I remember many of the things Marcus said to me quite vividly.

Alan, my husband had gone away to meet an old friend in London. The morning he was leaving for the train station our Fridge Freezer had stopped working. We thought it was worth a chance to see if it was repairable, so Alan asked me to call out a refrigeration engineer. I was most surprised when they advised me they could have someone out that day.

Alan asked if I was okay to deal with the engineer myself, which was fine with me. I told him to go off to meet his friend and if anything major was wrong I would call him first for his opinion.

It was almost one o’clock in the afternoon when the Ring doorbell sounded, I checked my phone and there stood a very attractive engineer holding up his ID badge.

When I opened the door he gave me a beautiful smile and said, “Hi, I’m Marcus, I understand things are running a little hot?”

I was very conscious that I had stared at this gorgeous hunk of a man without answering. I just kept staring at him with what must have been a dazed look on my face.

“Your Fridge Freezer Mrs Smallman, I’m here to repair it for you.”

“Oh sorry, of course you are, do come in.”

I could feel my cheeks reddening as he stepped in.

Marcus must have stood 6’3″ tall, a very handsome black guy, he was of a solid large frame, but definitely not overweight. Marcus gave the appearance of a fit man who I guessed went to the gym regularly. He was softly spoken and he politely removed his shoes.

I showed him to the kitchen and offered him coffee, which he accepted. We exchanged pleasantries and talked about the hot weather we were experiencing.

“I had better crack on, let’s see what’s not happening here.”

Without another word Marcus slipped off his short sleeved company polo shirt to reveal a black singlet vest. I knew I was staring at him all over again, and he noticed my open mouth. Marcus gave me a huge smile, knowing exactly what I was thinking. I could feel my cheeks redden once again giving away my thoughts.

I had to excuse myself saying I would leave him to it. Then I did something, which even now I cannot think why I did. Okay, I do know why I did it, I wanted to flirt with Marcus, I thought he was gorgeous. I went upstairs and changed my clothes.

Fifteen minutes later I returned to the kitchen, I was wearing tight fitting denim shorts, which cut high up at the front and behind at my bottom. I had a white push up bra and thin white tee shirt.

I knew what I was doing and more importantly I knew what I wanted from him. I was going to flirt outrageously with my visitor.

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