Cuckolding Couple Tradesman Sex

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We live in a small town on an average road, in an average town and we keep ourselves to ourselves. All of our neighbours are friendly and polite. They, as are our friends and family oblivious to our private life. They would be shocked to the core if they knew the truth about our darkest sex life. The only friend of ours who knows what we do is Pete, he was the first man after me to fuck my wife.

I am Alan, husband to Angela, who I’m happy to say is a Hotwife, a term used to describe a sexually shared wife. Angela has slept with many more men after our wedding than she did before it, she was a virgin when we met.

During the past couple of years I have shared her on many occasions and I continue to do so. We are extremely careful not to allow our secret to be known to family, friends or work colleagues. We do not allow or share photographs of my wife’s body or face, as even tattoo’s could be a giveaway.

There have been a few occasions when she has cuckolded me without my prior knowledge or participation. This is always spontaneous when an opportunity has arisen and she has taken it, as was the case with Marcus.

It is just as exciting for me to be told the details afterwards and it is for her to grasp the opportune moment of pleasure. We often write our accounts together and this was how my wife explained her story about Marcus.


I have tried to recall the events and conversations of my experience, this may not be exactly what we said to each other, but it is fairly accurate. I remember many of the things Marcus said to me quite vividly.

Alan, my husband had gone away to meet an old friend in London. The morning he was leaving for the train station our Fridge Freezer had stopped working. We thought it was worth a chance to see if it was repairable, so Alan asked me to call out a refrigeration engineer. I was most surprised when they advised me they could have someone out that day.

Alan asked if I was okay to deal with the engineer myself, which was fine with me. I told him to go off to meet his friend and if anything major was wrong I would call him first for his opinion.

It was almost one o’clock in the afternoon when the Ring doorbell sounded, I checked my phone and there stood a very attractive engineer holding up his ID badge.

When I opened the door he gave me a beautiful smile and said, “Hi, I’m Marcus, I understand things are running a little hot?”

I was very conscious that I had stared at this gorgeous hunk of a man without answering. I just kept staring at him with what must have been a dazed look on my face.

“Your Fridge Freezer Mrs Smallman, I’m here to repair it for you.”

“Oh sorry, of course you are, do come in.”

I could feel my cheeks reddening as he stepped in.

Marcus must have stood 6’3″ tall, a very handsome black guy, he was of a solid large frame, but definitely not overweight. Marcus gave the appearance of a fit man who I guessed went to the gym regularly. He was softly spoken and he politely removed his shoes.

I showed him to the kitchen and offered him coffee, which he accepted. We exchanged pleasantries and talked about the hot weather we were experiencing.

“I had better crack on, let’s see what’s not happening here.”

Without another word Marcus slipped off his short sleeved company polo shirt to reveal a black singlet vest. I knew I was staring at him all over again, and he noticed my open mouth. Marcus gave me a huge smile, knowing exactly what I was thinking. I could feel my cheeks redden once again giving away my thoughts.

I had to excuse myself saying I would leave him to it. Then I did something, which even now I cannot think why I did. Okay, I do know why I did it, I wanted to flirt with Marcus, I thought he was gorgeous. I went upstairs and changed my clothes.

Fifteen minutes later I returned to the kitchen, I was wearing tight fitting denim shorts, which cut high up at the front and behind at my bottom. I had a white push up bra and thin white tee shirt.

I knew what I was doing and more importantly I knew what I wanted from him. I was going to flirt outrageously with my visitor.

I was a little disappointed when Marcus first saw me in my new attire. There was no indication from his facial expression to notice my efforts at all. I felt annoyed with myself for being such a fool.

“I’ve found your problem Mrs Smallman.”

I tried to appear that I understood what he was explaining to me and I thanked him for being so efficient.

“Now we wait.”

I looked at him in a quizzical manner, unsure what we were waiting for.

“Sorry, we wait to see if the temperature begins to come down,” he said in a triumphant tone.

I offered him a cold drink while we waited, as he took the drink he used both hands. One hand held the glass and the other held my hand with a pause longer than would be polite. This time though I caught him staring at my boobs instead of looking into my eyes. I knew my face was glowing again with excitement and I’m damn sure my nipples had stiffened slightly. Finally our hands parted as he took the drink, thanking me in the process.

We made small talk about nothing in particular and Marcus was checking his company tablet for his schedule. There was a groan of frustration, he explained his next job had been delayed by three hours.

This was a gift from heaven for me. I was quickly thinking on my feet and offered him lunch, it would give me plenty of time to flirt with him.

Marcus said he didn’t want to impose on me, but I can be very persuasive when I want. Ten minutes later I was making sandwiches for the both of us, while he checked the fridge temperature, again I made sure I bent right over to find fillings for our lunch.

“Well the good news is everything is fine now and only a minor, inexpensive fault Mrs Smallman.”

“Considering we are having lunch together, please at least call me Angie,” I said.

“Okay Angie it is, and thank you for your kind offer.”

I was past thinking of my lunch offer, I was already thinking what else he may accept and I smiled at him. We were now sat at the breakfast bar with him facing the fridge. I made another point of bending right over in front of him to reach the bottom shelf. I lingered for a while, I could feel the denim shorts cutting up into my crotch knowing he would get an eyeful.

It was turning me on for sure and hopefully having the same effect on Marcus. I was feeling horny just looking into his eyes and my nipples were definitely prominent and noticeable in my aroused state.

I leaned over his plate ensuring my large boobs brushed his shoulder and at every opportunity that I touched his hands or arms. In the heat of the day his body glistened emphasising his muscular arms.

I knew he was beginning to notice me more now, but I had to be more direct.

“Marcus is there anything else you would like, a drink or?”….I trailed off intentionally, leaving a silence for him to fill. I could feel my heart pace quicken with the anticipation of his reply. It was quick coming.

“Mrs Smallman.”

“Angie, please call me Angie.” He rolled his eyes before apologising.

“Sorry, ‘Angie’, he emphasised.

“Please don’t take this the wrong way, but are you coming onto me?”

“Do you want me to Marcus,” I replied innocently with my warmest smile.

“It’s wrong to tease a man, don’t lead him up the path unless you are genuine with your suggestive comments and actually follow them through.”

I looked straight in his eyes, “and if I am genuine with my comments?…..I trailed off again.

“Then this could go further than you intend it to Angie.”

“Oh, I intend to go all the way,” I said with a smile, this time I couldn’t be any more clear.

We both smiled at each other and began to eat lunch in silence, our eyes fixed on each other. I licked my lips suggestively after each bite. We finished our lunch and drinks, still sitting on the bar stools. Marcus was quite close and facing toward me with his legs parted outside of mine. He rested his hands on my bare legs, gently stroking up and down. I was trembling as he did so, his hands were so soft and his touch so very tender.

“Angie, I see you have a wedding band, what about your husband?”

“What about my husband?”

“I’m guessing he wouldn’t be very happy with any of this, would he?”

It is too difficult sometimes to explain our lifestyle, so I bypass discussion relating to our cuckold marriage.

I may be damned for what I was doing, but I won’t be the first wife to have fun with a tradesman working in the home and certainly won’t be the last.

“My husband is out at the moment and he is away tonight too.”

“Mmmm, that’s interesting sweetheart. I do have two hours to kill before my next job, we could get to know each other a little better, more intimately shall we say?”

“Ooh I wish,” I said with a mischievous smile.

Marcus’ smile was as wide as mine, knowing he was getting somewhere with this willing housewife. There was a pause before sliding his hand right up to the hem of my shorts, his smile even bigger.

As a woman I soon found out it is so easy to seduce a man. I could feel my pussy dampen as both of his hands parted my legs very slightly. I gasped out quietly, “Oh my God!” This was moving on quickly now, I knew where it was heading and happy for it to continue.

Marcus had called my bluff with his comments about me not teasing him, I decided to go with it. Instinctively we both moved in closer, one hand left my thigh and reached toward the back of my head pulling my face to his. I closed my eyes until our lips touched, I was trembling so much now. I opened my mouth allowing his tongue to push on to my tongue. We French kissed passionately, deeply with vigour and urgency. My hands reached his broad neck as we gasped and snogged frantically.

I got straight to the point, “Marcus come to bed with me,” I whispered trying to catch my breath. I took his hand and led him upstairs and into the master bedroom. I was pleased I had tidied our room that morning. The large bed looked as if it had not been slept in.

Marcus was just as eager, he was the first to start undressing, he gripped his vest on each side and pulled over his head, his bared chest was glistening from the heat. I stared at his muscular arms, his abs in perfect shape, he was gorgeous. I stared at him yet again, without moving, unable to say anything.

“Now it’s your turn Angie,” he said, smiling at me.

I followed his lead and whipped my tee shirt up and over my head and paused. Marcus nodded his head forward, his eyes keeping my gaze, all he said was “and?” I reached behind my back and unclipped my bra and slipped the straps down my arms before throwing it on the bed, his eyes honed in on my exposed boobs.

I think my boobs are my best feature and they get a lot of attention wherever I go. I measure at 38 inches with an ample D cup, I have chunky pink nipples surrounded with large areoles. I enjoy boob play and guy’s can’t get enough of them. I have had men kiss, suck, nibble and even bite them. I’m unsure why, but guy’s love to cum on my boobs. Also they enjoy gripping them and rubbing their cock in my cleavage too LOL.

There was this one guy who was into BDSM and on a couple of occasions he used a riding crop on them, it did sting somewhat, but strangely I found it to be very exhilarating, I loved the feeling. I have had two men sucking my boobs at the same time, which is heavenly.

I have had many men in the past, but because it’s very often a different guy it’s like the first time all over again. The anticipation turns me on so much, like, what will it feel like with him, can he last and will he give me an orgasm LOL. I stood proudly before Marcus with my arms by my side making no attempt to cover myself.

“Just perfect love, they are just perfect, you’re so beautiful.”

Marcus continued undressing himself, keeping his eyes fixed on my body, he unbuckled his belt and took off his trousers, again he nodded toward me. I unbuttoned my denim shorts and much more slowly than him, eased them down and stepped out of them. I now stood with only my small plain white knickers on, Marcus smiled, I knew he could see the damp patch at the front.

I tried to lighten the mood and said, “well it is a hot day.”

Marcus replied, “sure sweetheart,” and began chuckling away, my face reddened yet again. I could feel my heart beating much faster.

It was his turn now, Marcus pulled down his boxer shorts, his semi hard penis sprung out. Oh my God, he was sooo well hung, the naked man standing before me had an amazing body. Marcus came towards me, his penis and large balls swinging as he did so. I embraced and kissed him, his strong arms pulling me in until my boobs were squashed against his hairless chest. I was melting inside, his tawt muscular body was hard but soft to my touch, he felt amazing. It was difficult to stretch my arms around his large strong frame and now I could feel his penis twitching against my leg.

I was easily lifted on to the bed and placed on the edge, instinctively my hand reached for his cock. I could not touch my thumb and fingers around it, I know how much men enjoy oral sex, so I began to kiss and lick the dark red bulbous head before opening my mouth and sucking his cock right in. I could feel every vein and ridge with my mouth as his foreskin slipped further down the long shaft.

“Oh baby, that feels so good,” he said with his fingers running through my long blonde hair. I listened to him gasping in pleasure as I played with his balls. I rubbed his shaft and sucked it at the same time. I had the occasional gag reflex when he went too deep, I even had to push him back a few times because he was so big.

“You are very good at this love,” he groaned out, I carried on for ten or so minutes until I could taste some of his pre cum, which I swallowed down.

At this point Marcus backed off, in that lovely deep tone he asked, “Do you want it in you now?” I was so revved up and horny, I blurted out immediately without choosing my words and confirming how easy I was.

“Oh fuck yes, you can have me anytime honey,” I squealed out in delight.

I stretched out with my arms above my head submissively. Marcus bent down and gripped my knickers on each side, he pulled almost hard enough to tear them from me. I spread my legs wide showing my eagerness for him to fuck me. Marcus joined me on the bed as I scooted over, keeping my legs wide apart. I couldn’t believe what he said next though, I felt so very flattered.

“Oh baby you look perfect, this is surreal, is this really happening? This doesn’t happen to ordinary guys like me in real life, does it? The perfect housewife in her own bed, her married pussy desperately waiting to be filled by me and not by her husband. I thought you would need much more persuading than this, you’re making it far too easy for me sweetheart.”

I couldn’t argue with that though, this was a spur of the moment thing and I wanted him.

“If only your husband knew just how quickly you opened your legs for me, he would be gutted love.”

It made me think about my husband and how much he would have enjoyed seeing this, only this time I was on my own. The chair where Alan would usually sit to watch me play with my lovers was empty on this occasion. The large king size bed we have, is the stage where I entertain and cuckold my husband, where I have sex with others for our enjoyment and pleasure. Marcus was just another horny guy in a line of previous men.

Alan and I have previously discussed me having sex with other men in his absence. I know he finds the thrill just as exciting as he does when watching, as he has to use his imagination for the details. We wouldn’t choose this option all the time, but we both get a kick out of it when it happens.

People will always judge both Alan and me, but he is as much a willing part of my ‘cheating’ as I am. I always feel a twinge of guilt, but I need a man who can fully pleasure and satisfy me in ways my husband is unable to, and this time was no different.

Marcus knelt between my legs, he knew I had succumbed and he was going to get what he wanted. I wanted him too and I was eager to give myself to him. I recognise that look in a man’s eyes when he knows he’s about to get what he wants. Marcus held his strong frame above me and lowered to kiss me, it was beautiful, the kissing so passionate. I could feel him on my neck, I quietly asked him to bite me, he sucked forcefully on my neck before moving down and doing the same on my boobs.

“You have perfect tits love,” he gasped as he mauled and sucked even harder, extreme titty play drives me wild. Now with each kiss he moved down my tummy, his fingers were rubbing my pussy, working me open. I was shaking and squirming with pleasure.

I guess I have a ‘normal’ pussy, although it’s more ‘in’ than ‘out’ giving the impression it is quite small and tight, but I have never had a problem taking on big guys. Marcus started giving me oral. It made me squeal in delight as he worked on my clit, fingering me all the while and he was in no hurry to stop either. I could hold back no more and screeched out as my first orgasm cut through my body. I held his head in place until it subsided.

Marcus continued pleasuring me before he moved up to kiss me again, he whispered, smiling as he did.

“You have a lovely body, can I fuck you now?”

“Definitely, I’ve wanted that since you came to my door,” I giggled.

“Ah right, the only thing is, I haven’t got any with me…..”

“Don’t worry Marcus, just fuck me, it’s okay I’m on birth control.”

“Cool, bareback always works for me as I can feel so much more when I cum inside you.”

Immediately I could feel his thick thighs come to rest on mine, his cock poised ready between my legs. I opened my legs wider for him, the final act of submission. Marcus felt over twenty five pounds heavier than Alan. The thought occurred to me that most of that was his penis, LOL. I was so wet, I didn’t need to guide him. I felt his cock enter me, slowly at first and with one hard thrust he was deep inside me. I squealed out from the full force of the penetration.

“Nice eh? You wanted it love, no more teasing me now sweetheart,” Marcus shouted.

The thing was, I did want this, I wanted this hunk on me and in me. Very quickly he started a rhythm as he pushed in deeper and harder. I felt his thick cock, spreading my pussy wider, stretching me open. It was uncomfortable at first, I hadn’t been stretched like it in a good while, however my body naturally lubricated itself. I was getting wetter as my pussy loosened, allowing me to receive his size more easily.

Marcus lifted up on his straightened arms, he was looking into my eyes as he pounded me. A broad smile etched across his face as he kept going, my eyes were rolling up into my head in pleasure.

“You’re really loving this, eh sweetheart? I have heard the stories, I just didn’t believe them. You’re just another one of those poor, bored, unsatisfied housewives, as soon as your husband is away you’re cheating on him.”

“How much can you take eh? Marcus boasted, “once you let your hair down a bit, I’ll bet you can take all of this love.”

I found myself responding far too easily, and yes, I took all of that big penis.

It was sweet loving as we made out, the intensity building. Marcus lifted my legs up on to his shoulders until I was almost doubled in half. I was pinned beneath him, he was in full control now, the pumping quickened. I was moaning out loud as his balls slapped against my bottom with every stroke. We were both sweating now with his gorgeous body pressed tightly against mine.

Marcus had incredible stamina and he kept going for what seemed like an age. Oh my God, he was so good, and this is why I cuckold my husband, it’s for sex like this, sex my husband cannot get anywhere close to.

I was close to cumming again and so was Marcus, I know when a guy is close. The thrusting was slowing as he tried his best to delay his orgasm. We looked into each other’s eyes as I watched his face contort with pleasure. I had him where I wanted him, I squeezed my pussy as tight as I could. The pounding started again as Marcus began to grunt deeply and loudly. I gripped his neck and stared with widened eyes, we both knew.

I could feel him throbbing inside me, then he frantically fucked me so hard as he came. I moaned out as another orgasm hit me, my entire body trembled as I gasped for my next breath. I could hear the squelching sound as he ejaculated, but surprisingly he still kept fucking me, before eventually slowing down. After a short while I could feel his semen seeping from my pussy as his flaccid penis slipped out.

It seemed so natural as we kissed deeply and passionately in the aftermath of sex. In that very moment I wondered if he had a wife or girlfriend, it wasn’t my concern, but I felt sorry for them if he did. I tried to convince myself that I shouldn’t feel guilty as it takes two to cheat. In my case my husband knows and approves, he even encourages me and helps find lovers to satisfy me.

Marcus released my legs, I tried to straighten them out, but they were aching like crazy as we untangled our body’s.

We laid side-by side as we rested for what seemed to be a long time. After the passion, the acute awkwardness, Marcus spoke first.

“Erm, well thank you babe, that was amazing. Errr, well, what I mean of course, is that you were amazing love.”

There was an uncomfortable pause in the silence.

“Look, errr, I have to go now, I am supposed to be working after all,” he said sheepishly.

Marcus gave me a peck on my cheek as he climbed off our bed. I watched him as he dressed himself, I was sad to see that gorgeous body, in particular his penis, being covered up.

“I’m sorry babe, but I really have to go honestly, I would love to stay. I must get to my last customer and I need to book a hotel as I’ve just been given more jobs down this way tomorrow.”

I put on my most puppy eyed expression, Marcus bent down to kiss me. I needed more from this hunk of a man and the words escaped from my lips.

“You don’t have to book a hotel, why don’t you come back and stay the night here with me?” I couldn’t believe what I had said.

“What about your husband love?”

“What about my husband, I’ve already told you, he isn’t here is he?” I paused.

“He really is away until tomorrow evening, it will be fine, he will never find out. Anyway, don’t you want to stay the night with me? It’s just that I’m not comfortable being alone in the house at night, please come back. We have a spare room if you need your own space, so it’s not a problem.”

“I can give you dinner, breakfast and anything else you need,” this time I said it with a smile and suggestive tone.

“Anything, you say?” Marcus repeated.

“Anything,” I confirmed.

Marcus bent down and kissed me passionately again.

“You had better get my dinner on then” he said with a laugh.” I’ll be back as soon as I can love, and why don’t you dress in something sexy for me.” Marcus was still laughing as he left me lying there naked and very much sexually satisfied.

In my relaxed state, I drifted off to sleep, when I woke up I realised what I had said to Marcus. I prepared dinner for two and readied myself for my date, but with a difference, a date at home and not with my husband. I had a hot lover returning for some more of the same.

Dinner was soon in the oven, next was a soak in the bath. I thoroughly washed between my legs after our afternoon sex. I would be better prepared this time. I shaved my underarms, legs and tidied up down below. I knew I wasn’t going out, but I still put on full makeup, including a bright red lip gloss. I wanted to look hot, and at home I could wear very little.

I chose a navy blue cami top with matching lace French Knickers set. The knickers were all lace, cut high on my bottom and pretty much transparent. I knew my pussy was completely visible. The thin strappy top struggled to contain my ample boobs and the silk panel did just hide my nipples. I wore a lovely enticing perfume, I knew there was no way Marcus could resist me.

The Ring doorbell sounded on my mobile, my heartbeat went crazy. It was Marcus, I stood away from the door and called out for him to come in. I posed for him, I was propped against the wall with my foot raised and resting both hands on my head.

When the door opened he dropped an overnight bag and stared at my scantily clad body.

“What a welcome, now that is a sexy outfit, you look beautiful Angie, I’ll say it again, you’ve got great tits love.” Instantly he gave me a hug, we kissed madly and he said I looked incredible, and he wondered why my husband had left me at home alone. I told him not to worry about Alan, it was just him and me.

We had quite a few drinks and talked a lot, it was a lovely evening and despite what happened earlier this was still an awkward moment, it was time for bed. We went upstairs and I showed him to the guest room, he laughed and said something like “seriously? If your husband is away we should both take advantage of this moment.” There was a pause before Marcus took my hand and led me to my bedroom.

I stood in front of him, his hands were quickly all over me as I calmly raised my arms. Marcus pulled my cami top over my head, he removed his shirt, kissed my neck and fondled my boobs, his touch made me tingle. It was lovely, I felt very relaxed with him.

“Turn around sweetheart, I do love your mirror wardrobe doors, kinky or what.”

I swivelled around as he suggested, again his hands groped my boobs. I could see he had a huge smile.

“Angie, you’re simply perfect, look at yourself you’re beautiful.”

We studied ourselves in the mirror, I was melting inside from the attention and I was feeling so horny, Marcus knew exactly what to say. We both looked at our reflection, my raised arms allowed him complete access to my body. One of his hands slipped down my tummy and into my French Knickers while the other groped my boobs. I stood with my legs slightly apart encouraging him to finger me. Marcus tenderly explored my wet pussy, it was time to move this on, I was so ready for him.

Marcus slowly moved us back towards the bed. I watched him undress in front of me, I couldn’t believe I would be waking up next to this hunk of a man. It seemed only right to give him oral again and I soon had him moaning with pleasure. I tried to take as much of his shaft as I could manage, the deeper he went in, the more he moaned out.

I was beginning to gag, but I didn’t want to disappoint him, my eyes were watering and my mascara run down my cheeks, but I kept going. I know men love it when a woman takes their whole length in their mouth and throat. I so wanted to please him so he would make love to me, so I kept sucking hard and gagging until my jaw was aching. All kinds of choking and slurping noises came from my mouth and throat as I twisted and tongued his long shaft. I had made him so hard and so big that I could rub him whilst still sucking him. I could taste his pre cum and for the second time that day I willingly gulped it down.

I looked up into his eyes, he told me I was a good girl and that I was the perfect. Marcus said it was the best blowjob he’d had and by the most beautiful woman. It was all very romantic and erotic. Alan was away and I was with a handsome stranger in my bedroom and we were about to have amazing sex all over again.

“Angie, I’ve got to have you, I’m so ready, I want to fuck you, this time from behind,” he gasped out.

I let his cock slip from my mouth as he turned me around across the bed on all fours, he ripped my knickers down, sliding them down and off. I looked up, I could see us both in the mirror, it was too easy for him. I was too easy for him, he has to be thinking what a slut I am, but I didn’t care and neither did he. I knew I was an easy lay for him because he was a very attractive man and I think he knew it too.

I felt two strong hands grip my hips tightly, he was so big and hard I didn’t need to guide him or help him in as I do with my husband. I felt my pussy stretch open as he entered me, it was beautiful and for the second time that day I was in heaven.

Marcus made love for ages without cumming, he has sooo much stamina.

We looked at each other in the mirror as he pumped in and out of me relentlessly with my large boobs swinging furiously beneath me. Marcus groped them hard and forcefully, giving them an occasional slap, quite hard too, so much so it made me cry out. It did sting, to the point of painful, but it made my nipples stand out even more. I would let him do anything he wanted, just so he kept having sex with me.

“Like that do we?” Marcus said in joyful tone.

I didn’t answer, I just wanted to please him, so he groped and slapped each of my boobs even more, alternating from one to the other. It made me cry out each time.

“Ah, so we both like it rough, do we?”

I could see the smile on his face, it excited him as he thrust more forcefully without letting up. I closed my eyes, and with no warning his large hand smacked my bottom really hard. It stung sooo much, again I whimpered out.

Marcus’ voice was a whisper.

“Call my name when you cum, I want to hear you cry out my name.”

“The bored wife at home cheating on her husband.”

“Is this the first time Angie?”

“Yes,” I moaned.

“I’ll bet you’ve never been blacked before eh, sweetie?”

“No, I haven’t done it with a black guy before, you are my first Marcus.”

“Tell me, is this really the first time you’ve cheated?”

“Yes, this is the first time I have been unfaithful to my husband.”

I lied on both counts and Marcus kept pushing hard in to me. It was spurring him on, making him more determined and more forceful, wanting to impress me sexually. Oh my God, I was impressed with this gorgeous man, he’s amazing in bed. I could feel and hear as his balls slapped against my crotch, confirming I had his entire length deep in my pussy.

“Oooh nice, wifey acting like a little slut, getting laid, in the marital bed by a stranger.”

“Tell me, am I better than your husband love?”

“Yes,” I whispered, gasping as I did.

“I can’t hear you,” he said, even though we both knew he had.

“Yes you are, oh my God, yes, like so much better,” I cried out louder.

The dirty talk was really working on me, Marcus was turning me on so much, he would never guess I had a professional and, at times stressful career. All he could see was a dirty cheating wife, which I was, and I loved that. I wanted him to believe what he had assumed. I have no problem being called a slut LOL.

Marcus eased up a little, before he continued relentlessly yet again. He used both hands to massage my back and shoulders. It felt so nice as his hands rubbed my bottom. One hand slipped beneath me and worked very fast on my clit. Oh my gosh it drove me wild as he pushed into my pussy at the same time, his cock entering at different angles. I was squealing in delight. Then his hand smacked my bottom several times.

“You have a great ass love, that little rose bud looks incredibly tight, any chance of letting me….?”

“No, definitely not, no chance,” I said, I was fast and very firm this time.

There was no way I was going to submit to anal sex with that huge cock. I think I had reached my limit and on this occasion, I would not do everything Marcus asked for.

We had been having sex for what seemed like eternity, my pussy was getting sore, it felt stretched and loose, he had this incredible ability to delay his orgasm. I needed to rest, but I wasn’t going to stop him despite the fact my legs were shaking like jelly. I felt his sweaty body on my back, his skin was so soft and smooth.

I raised my head to see our reflection, oh my God, I looked a mess. I looked as if I had been taken by a group of men not by one. Marcus was sweating profusely, his face looked determined and focused. I closed my eyes tightly, keeping them closed, I relaxed and I was happy to let him use me.

I thought I could hear an unexplainable ‘click’ sound, but in my trance like state I ignored it. I could faintly hear him whisper as his fingers ran through my hair as he gripped bunches of it. He was pumping so fast into me, then came the deep grunts escaping his lips.

I could feel my hair being pulled back hard as he used it to grip me, pulling me back onto his cock. It was rough, raw sex, but it turned me on sooo much. I screamed out as I had an incredible orgasm.

I apologise if this sounds very crude, but I wanted to squeeze down on him, only my pussy was so loose from Marcus’ huge cock. It turned out that I didn’t need to, the grunts were growls now, he was trembling, his cock throbbing in me as he finally ejaculated into me. It felt that he was never going to stop, there must have been so much cum. It was leaking on to my thighs and crotch. I know he wanted to keep fucking me and he tried to keep going, but eventually he began to slow. The grunt’s softening as he collapsed on top of me. The weight pushed me down flat on the bed, he was still inside me. We were both breathing so heavily from exhaustion.

While we recovered our breath, Marcus was very gentle and less aggressive. It was like being with a different man all of a sudden. A kind of Jekyll & Hyde character, up to, and particularly during sex he was domineering, but after having sex he was chilled and loving. I do enjoy that mix, I love it when a man dominates me in bed with very physical sex. I love being submissive to a strong man who does what he wants to me.

That said, I love my husband because he is always gentle with me the polar opposite of my occasional sexual cravings, with Alan it’s real love and he satisfies me sexually in a different way, mostly with oral sex and vibrators. I only need occasional dates with another lover or Bull which is why I cuckold him and he’s very happy for it to continue. I was not about to tell Marcus this though, he was only for one night of pleasure.

While we talked he asked me about my sex life with Alan and why I had cheated on him. The earlier drinks acted like a truth serum. I didn’t think about how I was betraying my husband. I blurted it all out I admitted that he is unable to satisfy me in the same way as Marcus just had. I wanted Marcus to know he was a far better lover than my husband, in a lame way of justifying my adultery. I also confessed to him that Alan is much smaller and how I can barely feel him inside me. Marcus had a smug satisfied look on his face.

I reached down to feel Marcus again, even in his flaccid state he was so much bigger than when my husband is fully erect. I was ready for more sex with this gorgeous man anytime he wanted it, but something inside me made me wary.

During the night, I was woken by Marcus, we were in the spooning position. I could feel his body pressing against mine.

“I would love to see you again Angie, we could have an affair,” he whispered into my ear.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Marcus.”

“You’ve just cheated on your husband Angie, we’re so good together, at least think about it, please.”

“I am fully aware I have cheated on him, but I couldn’t do this regularly.”

“Look Angie, to show how serious I am about you, why don’t you leave your husband and move in with me in a permanent relationship?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and gave him an emphatic reply, “NO.”

“It’s been fun Marcus, but there’s no way I would leave Alan. We’ve just had some fun and that’s where it stops. Look you’re amazing in bed, but that’s not enough to leave my husband for, I’m sorry. I love my husband, he makes me happy.”

“I don’t think he makes you happy enough love, does he? It has been too easy to bed you, I’ll bet you have been gagging for sex like this for ages from what you tell me about your husband,”Marcus said.

“I just can’t Marcus, end of conversation.”

It seemed he was okay with my rebuff, but he still wanted to try to persuade me. Deep down inside I knew I would love to see him again, the sex was incredible. The only issue is, he worry’s me. Marcus seems too smitten and that could lead to problems in the future if he became too needy.

I felt his hard cock ease into me from behind. Alan would not be able to go again until morning. Marcus kissed my neck and caressed my body as he gently took me. It was quicker than the two earlier lengthy efforts. I felt his fingers frantically rubbing across my clit. I moaned softly as he did all the work. This guy was too hot and gave me another orgasm. Then much quicker than before I felt him cum inside me again. We stayed in that position as we both drifted off into slumber.

It was early morning when I heard an alarm ring, it was quickly turned off. I felt a hand caress my body, I was so tired and still half asleep. I was lying face down on my tummy.

“Good morning beautiful, you were amazing last night.”

I realised it wasn’t my husband’s voice, I felt the weight of a man easing on top of me.

“I’m always horny in the morning love, I need a quickie,” the voice said.

I came to my senses just as I could feel my legs being parted by Marcus’ feet. I was shocked when all of a sudden he thrust his cock up inside me. I squealed out, as I wasn’t prepared for it.

“You love big cock don’t you Angie, I just know it. You’re so sexy love, I can’t resist one more go at you.”

I didn’t expect what happened next, he pushed my face side on into the pillow and held me forcefully. This was the other side of his personality showing. My shoulder length blonde hair was tangled in his fingers as he held me there. I couldn’t move as Marcus had sex with me. It was fast and frantic as he pounded me deep and hard. After a while I was wet enough to enjoy it, but I was still sore from his size and so much sex earlier. I didn’t complain though I knew I wanted to submissively take it, he was able to bring me to orgasm on an entirely new level.

Marcus was groaning out and grunting deeply as he just kept on going. The force was moving my body up the bed until I could not go any further.

“I’ll bet you fucking love it like this don’t you? Go on, tell me again how much better it is with me. I want to hear you say you are a dirty married little slut, tell me,” he had an expectancy in his voice, I felt the need to agree.

“Marcus, I love it like this, I honestly do, it’s all true what I said about sex with you.”

“And what else love, what else.”

He was insistent, all the while he kept pumping in and out of me, he was much more forceful than before.

“Come on tell me,” he said loudly.

“I’m a little slut,” I said meekly.”

“Louder I can’t hear you baby, all of it, what’s my name?”

“Marcus, it’s Marcus and I’m a dirty married little slut, fuck me harder, oh God I love it,” I screamed out this time, a piercing loud shriek. I was close to orgasm, this vocal, wild sex was pushing us both near the edge.

Finally I screamed out “Marcus, I’m cumming, Marcus fuck me. Oh God Marcus, I’m cumming,” my orgasm hit me hard. It was too much for Marcus as well.

“You little slut, you fucking little slut,” he bellowed out.

Then his body shook, he thrust fast and hard three more times, I felt his warm sperm filling my pussy once again. Finally he slowed down, but continued easing in and out of me.

Marcus didn’t move, he stayed on top of me, my head still held firm. I could just see out from my hair covered eyes a framed picture on the bedside drawer. It was a photograph of Alan and me cuddling. I should have felt much remorse, but I didn’t, despite having another man inside me. I knew Alan would be happy for me to enjoy myself.

I was woken from my daydream when Marcus rolled off and let me go.

“I’m sorry Angie, I don’t know what came over me. It’s your own fault, you are so pretty, so sexy that you bring out the worst in me. I didn’t mean what I said you’re just so beautiful.”

Marcus climbed off the bed, saying he needed to take a shower. I could see he was sweating profusely, his gorgeous cock was glistening from our lovemaking. It was softening now, but even in its softened state it was impressive.

Marcus quickly showered, dried and he dressed in front of me.

“It’s time Angie, thank you sweetheart. Look, I have to go, you’re an amazing woman and I’ve really enjoyed your company….. and your body,” Marcus said with a smile before breaking into laughter.

“It seems you were satisfied too sweetheart,” he continued, “in fact, very satisfied I would say.”

“Marcus, that was incredible sex, you certainly know how to pleasure a woman.”

“Angie, I was thinking maybe we could hook up together again sometime soon. If your husband is away I could drop in if I’m in this area. I would love to stay for the night again sweetheart. If he’s not away soon, maybe we could meet at a hotel, say you’re staying with a girl friend. I will pay for the room and buy you dinner, whatever you want love. I want to see you again it has been fun and I would love a repeat.”

I definitely want to see you again Marcus, let’s swap numbers so you can text me when you are in this area.”

Strangely I still wanted to meet up with Marcus despite his appetite for sexually dominating me. I too enjoyed him being in control to the point of abusing me this morning. I get turned on by it, which will seem odd to many people. I understand it, I do the same to Alan. I have control of him and his needs.


I was woken by my mobile phone alarm. The bed next to me was empty. I quickly realised I was away from home in an hotel room. I gathered my thoughts about meeting my friend the day before. It was good to catch up. I wondered if Angela had managed to organise the repair to our fridge freezer. I had ordered a continental breakfast from room service.

It was a lovely view from my room, I was about to text my wife when my phone pinged, she had beaten me to it.

A – “Great news darling, the fridge is working fine. Marcus has done a great job. he is very adept at many things.”

Me – “That’s good, what was he like?”

A – “Very nice, gorgeous and super friendly too.”

Me -??

A – “I’ll send a pic.”

The moment she said that, I knew. I could feel my cock stiffen in anticipation of what she had been up to.

I opened the next message, it was pic of a black guy standing in our bedroom, he was naked with only a towel around his neck and shoulders. I could see why Angela had allowed him into our bed, he was younger than her, in great shape and good looking.

A – “Marcus was an amazing lover”

Me – “Why don’t you have a sleep love”

A – “I will, I’m exhausted.”

Me -“Stay exactly as you are, don’t shower”

A – “Naughty, be gentle, I’m very sore.”

Me – “I will be home earlier than I planned my love.”

I wanted to masturbate, my cock was stiff, but I had to save it for my wife. I caught the very next train home. I love the anticipation of meeting Angela soon after her ‘cheating’, now it was my turn. I needed to reclaim her after her infidelity and I knew she would expect oral sex. Angela would be sore and messy from her lover, which meant one thing. I was expected to pleasure and clean her using my mouth and tongue.


It was two weeks on from meeting Marcus when the text message and picture was sent to my mobile. I always have my phone on silent during work meetings, which is a must. I glanced quickly, it was from Marcus, my heart skipped a beat in anticipation. A little later on I opened the message and fortunately I was alone.

I couldn’t believe I had been so foolish. We never allow my lovers to take pictures of me. Marcus had taken it at the height of my orgasm, he was having me from behind and the view in the mirror showed everything. It was very clearly me in the picture, even with my eyes closed, contorted face and in the throes of passion. It wasn’t a flattering image at all, I looked a mess, my tangled hair and smeared makeup. My hanging boobs for all to see, they looked red and sore with love bites to each. Marcus’ face had been blurred out, he could be anyone, but clearly it was definitely not Alan my husband.

I had already told Alan what had gone on with Marcus and that was the only relief from it all. We argued and he did remind me how stupid I had been, but it was too late now. The other implications could yet become far worse. The message was to the point.

‘Hi lover, thank you for last Wednesday, I hadn’t heard from you so I thought a pic would remind you of the fun we had. I thought we were going to hook up again? We could go a little further this time. You know I like it a bit kinky, maybe you could bring some lube and toys, I have a good friend who wants to meet you too, he thinks you’re hot!

Angie you have an amazing body, I expect many people would love to see this image?’

Please don’t disappoint me, message me soon, luv M xx

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