Freelancer 2

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When Leila returned home, (Freelancer) She was so hot Still, and She did looked like hot, slutty sweet .

I immediately wanted to put my Cock in to HER PUSSY, and She too did not had anything agaainst that thing, She had just been used by the other man, from friday evening till this early monday Morning 5.0 Clock, needed to go work 8.0 a Clock.


I wanted to know all the things but Leila said that better now to make love to Her pussy, let us speak more in the evening, but I can say that must at first to thank You for that wonderfull weekend spending with the other man, our customer from work, He really fucked me, I mean that it happened many, many, many times ,

He was immediately so very TURNING ON when He saw that my short dress which He could see through quickly when the sun was shining and when I sit to chair my legs were almost whole to see, ……. oh that your fucking is great……. and She did told that evening eeevvniiingg… moooore detaiiiiiiiiils….. fuck Your slut wife…. continue Freelancer 3

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