Wife fucked by Business partner

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Hi I am Saahil, from Delhi, this is my own story. 4 yrs before I was married to Sofiya, It was a Arrange Marriage, I was 32 and she was 26 at that time. Sofiya is a God-gifted Beauty, milking white skin, perfect curvy shaped Figure with two tight rounds Boobs,whats the most attractive is her Round tight ass which becomes visible with every type of dress she wears, I felt so lucky when I got married with her. Our sex-life was quite good, she was very active and wild in be, I use to become tired very soon, during sex When I fucked her she hold me tightly and pull me towards her more and tries to push my dick more inside her, I realized that her body is made to take much more bigger Dick than my average 5 inches.
I was into Business, during one time I faced major loss in my business ,I went into depression, my sex life with Sofiya also got affected bcoz of this. That time I met with a Person named Nikhil during a Meeting in Mumbai, he was into the same business but at a very higher level than me, we became friends very quickly, he told me that he will be coming to Delhi and will stay for few months bcoz of his Project, I told him to be my guest for few days.

I told Sofiya about Nikhil, she suggested of making him my Partner so that My business can improve again, I thanked her for such lovely Idea and kissed her, within few moments We undressed each other and starts making passionate love, bcoz of my not having sex for a long time bcoz of depression my sexual performance also decreased,I came within 3 minutes and lied on her, she made me sleep and turned around and slept.
After few days Nikhil came to Delhi, he gave me the address of his Hotel where he was staying, I went there, after coming to the hotel I asked the Staff about his room and went there. As soon as I reached there, I found that nikhil was not alone in his room, some one’s with him, after some time when he opened the door I found a Very sexy woman coming out of the room also and went out. Nikhil told me that he is a Sex-starved Person and needs sex every other day or otherwise he will lose self-control. Though he was 36 and older than me and was unmarried he has fucked lots of Women, Girls, Aunties, Bhabis etc I told him about my project and requested him to become my partner. He thought for some time and agreed. I was so happy I told him to come to my home with me and have lunch with my family, he was not ready at first but I insisted so much he agreed.

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after coming home I rang the bell, Sofiya opened the door, As soon as Nikhil saw my wife his mouth remained open, he was mesmerized by her beauty I could understand that, Sofiya also liked him I realized from her eyes after all Nikhil was 6ft tall Handsome dark-skinned guy with a broad structure, We have our lunch together,Nikhil was very friendly within few time Sofiya became comfortable with him and was laughing on his Jokes, I could see from Nikhil’s eyes that he has become mad for my wife from inside, after all she’s a damn beauty with a figure anyone will die for. It kinda made me aroused of the thought of Nikhil thinking of having sex with my wife. That day Nikhil left, but within few days he began to come to my home on regular basis bcoz of business purpose, in fact he financed a huge amount of money on my project, I was so much gratified towards him, Sofiya was also happy and liked him very much….

Now Nikhil sometimes flirt with my wife infront of me but I never minded after all he was helping me so much and Sofiya was also comfortable with that infact she started enjoying his approaches. Nikhil sometimes grabbed her playfully from behind and both laughed, I realized there’s a chemistry building up between them, once I had to go outside Delhi for two days for our Project, Nikhil was the main head between us so he send me, after two days when I reached home I found Nikhil’s car in front of my house. I realized he was in my home, I get out of my car and went towards the door, as soon as I was about to ring the bell something stuck in my mind, I then instead opened the door myself with the master key and went inside, After getting in I heard some noises from my bedroom, I slowly stepped towards the room and stopped behind the door. What I saw completely shocked me, Nikhil was having Sex with my Wife, Both were naked and Nikhil was pounding her very hard, Sofiya was moaning very hard and was putting her nails on his back, this was making him more furious and he was increasing his speed, my God Nikhil was so good at sex he was fucking like a Pornstar, I saw his dick when he was getting out of her pussy and then again getting in, it was huge almost twice of my size, it should be around 9-10 inches long and thick no doubt he could seduce any woman so easily, Sofiya was in heaven I could see from her expressions after all she was getting fucked by a massive dick, her moaning were interrupt by his Long kisses, I couldn’t hold myself any longer I unzipped my pant and began to stroke my Dick, their intense lovemaking was so long I came two times in my pants, finally I saw Nikhil pounding harder his balls became big and with a Loud Groan he cummed deep inside her Womb, they remained in that position for some time then Nikhil fucked her again in doggy position, I went outside silently and then rang the doorbell, Sofiya came quickly and opened the door, I went inside and saw nikhil sitting in the dining room watching TV, they both pretended that Nothing happened but little they knew that I catched them red-handed, that night when Sofiya and me were in bed I told her that I saw her having sex with nikhil, she was shocked but said that Nikhil helped me so much financially so when he approached her she couldn’t say no, I told her it’s OK And I m not angry with her infact I love her more now, we hugged each other and made slow passionate lovemaking. Next day I told Nikhil also about him and Sofiya, before he can say anything I told him that he can fuck Sofiya anytime now, He was so happy hearing this, that day he took his luggage and things from hotel and shifted with us. For the next few months Nikhil stayed in my house, in my bedroom with my Wife, they fucked regularly while I get to watch sometimes,on the other hand Nikhil gave me more money for our business project and told me to concentrate on the project while he enjoying the hospitality of my Wife, he made her his slut and filled her daily with his Seed.

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Our project became a Success and I made lots of profit from that, Nikhil was now about to leave us, but before that he gifted us a Brand new car,also he gave one more gift, Sofiya became pregnant with his Child…. Then he left and congratulate me for my new life, 5 days before our 2nd marriage anniversary Sofiya gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby Boy, a total carbon copy of Nikhil, our parents were so happy little did they knew that it was my Business partner who was the biological father of our Son.

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