Father fucks me when my husband is asleep

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I am Lisa, 28 years old and happily married to my husband James. We were good friends during high school which gradually bloomed into love. My father-in-law Philip is 47 year old gym instructor. Even now he is in good shape. Unlike other people of his age he doesn’t have budging stomach or hairy arms.

James was a baby when he lost his father. Stephanie, his mother, remarried Philip her gym instructor. Philip took care of James as his own son. James admires his step-father and shares a good rapport with him.

One day, James and I were sharing a night of after-sex cuddling when James said, “would you mind if Philip came to stay here for few days. Stephanie is coming home to get her things and don’t want him to face that cheating bitch.”

Few weeks back I came to know from my husband that Philip caught his wife Stephanie cheating on him with her neighbour. Philip immediately filed for divorce and threw his cheating wife out of his house with James’s help.

“I understand. Philip is welcomed to stay here as long as he wants. It will be fun to have someone else in our house. Maybe we can go for a trip with him to make him forget all these problems.” I suggest.

“Yes, that’s a good idea.” James smiled.

Next day morning he invited his father to stay at our house for two weeks who gladly accepted it. James informed me that Philip would be coming by afternoon after his class at gym so I started to get on cleaning the house. Soon it was afternoon and I was in the kitchen making Philip’s favourite spaghetti when I heard the buzzer. Removing my apron I immediately opened the door. Philip stood there with all his glory and a bag in his hand.

“Hi honey, I hope I am not intruding.” Philip said with a sheepish smile.

I rolled my eyes playfully and went on my tiptoes to hug him, “Philip, it’s so good to see you.”

His hug was very strong. He hauled me bodily into his arms. Suddenly I realised two things. First thing was that I usually don’t wear my bra at my house hence my boobs had plastered to his hard chest erotically and second thing was that it felt good. Really really good. He smelled very manly. I savoured this feeling for few more seconds.

“I am sorry. I came directly from gym so I am sweaty.” He said with a boyish smile.

“Then you go and have a bath, while I arrange the lunch.” I ushered him in and settled him in the guest room adjacent to our bedroom. Giving him towel and bath supplies I went down to get the lunch ready.

Oh fuck!

The hug was so hot that I nearly exploded. I could feel my nipples proudly jutting out of my white t-shirt and my thong drenching. I was very horny. The one thing that kept our sex life alive was my horniness. I can get horny at anytime and anywhere.

My hand on its own accord pinched my nipples through the shirt and my other hand went inside my skirt and rubbed my inner lips through the thong. It was how Philip had caught me in kitchen. I was so into pleasure that a clearing of throat jolted me from my pleasure induced stupor and I stood frozen with my hands in pussy.


“Ah… Hey… um… you finished bathing so soon? Take a seat on the couch I will get the plates ready” I said removing my hand innocently from my pussy. Philip who was only in his boxers stared dazedly at my fingers wet with cum then turned his heated stare to my face.

“Yeah, I…. I will just go to the living room. You don’t need to hurry.” With that said he hurried out of the kitchen.

Shit! Shit! I just masturbated in front of my father-in-law!

I was embarrassed to face Philip. I decided to be nonchalant. I gave him a plate of spaghetti and sat beside him to watch TV. Thankfully Philip didn’t bring up my act and we both mutually decided not to discuss that he had caught me finger fucking myself. During lunch we talked about his job.

“I am sure girls at gym must hit on you.” I said teasingly.

“There was this girl. She must be in early twenties. She wanted to have sex with me but I told her politely that I am married.” We both went silent. It was clear that Philip loved his wife but everything turned out differently.

“Stephanie must be mad to do something like that to you. I mean you are so handsome and hot. Who wouldn’t want to have a caring and loving husband like you?” I said honestly which made him smile. He pulled me into a hug by wrapping one of his arms around my shoulder and I leaned into his hard chest. I could the outline of his hard cock through those flimsy boxers. And it looked big, bigger than James. I stayed still even though my heart was racing like a train.

By seven pm James retuned from his office. James was thrilled to have Philip. They lounged at the pool while I prepared dinner. We had a pleasant dinner and soon it was time to sleep so we changed into our nightdress.

James and Philip both were in boxers and I was in my flimsy night robe which was gifted to me by my husband on our wedding anniversary. It was made of loose silk and was light pink in colour which reached my mid thighs with frills at the end. It had a belt at my waist which was tied to my front. Its neck line was plunging to show the top of my breasts. James loved this dress because he could access to my intimate parts without taking the dress off.

James suddenly realised that the heater in the guestroom wasn’t working.

“I will sleep on the couch. You guys don’t need to worry about me.” Philip said.

“But it will be cold in the living room. There is only one more heater and that’s in the bedroom.” I said.

James scratched his head thoughtfully. “Dad, why don’t you share our bed? I don’t want you to get sick by sleeping in cold. Also our bed is big enough to accommodate all three of us.”

“Yes, Philip. It’s just a matter of few days. I think we will be able to manage.” I said.

Philip sighed and agreed to share our bed. He apologised profusely for intruding our privacy but James waved it off smiling. As James had said the bed was very big. James and I shifted to the left side of the bed to make space for Philip. James usually has a habit of cuddling and it would have been weird if he accidentally cuddled his father so he suggested Philip to sleep on my right side while he slept on my left. We had a huge blanket which was big enough to cover three of us easily. Initially for few minutes Philip was restless in bed but later he got adjusted and he slept with his back to us.

It was eleven o’clock when I felt my husband pull open my robe and kneading my bare boobs. I opened my eyes with a start when I saw Philip facing us and let out a relieved sighed as I heard Philip snoring softly.

“What are you doing? Philip will wake up!” I whispered softly to James still keeping my eyes on Philip to make sure he is asleep.

James thrust his naked cock to my pussy and bit my earlobe making me bit my lip to stop the moan rising out of my throat. That was when I realised that James had stripped his boxers under the blanket and my panties were also missing. The only think that hid my wet pussy from Philip was the blanket that covered us.

“He is fast asleep. He won’t know; we will be quite.” James pinched my nipple making me moan.

“Don’t make noise baby. Or Philip will think that his slut daughter-in-law want him to see me fuck you.”

Oh fuck yes!

Did I mention that James is a dirty talker?

It was amazing. I arched my back and allowed him to push all of his seven inch cock in me in one go. This caused the blanket to fall to our waist and baring my naked breast to the air. I watched Philip who was sleeping an inch away from us and I badly wanted him to open his eyes and watch my nipples hardening.

James thrust his cock in and out of my pussy. I nearly cried out loud when his thumb massaged my clit.

“What do you think will happen if Philip wakes up now? Will you let him watch you? Or… will you let him fuck you?” James whispered with a hard thrust. I know he is not serious, it’s just dirty talking but the image that created in my mind was highly sensual.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I whimpered softly. I couldn’t help but move my hips in sync with his thrust. I felt the bed moving with our lovemaking but ignored it. I was so deep in pleasure that I wouldn’t have stopped if there had been an earthquake.

“Squeeze that fucking cunt baby.”

James pressed my sensitive clit. “Come for me baby. Now!”

And just like that we both shattered in pleasure. He emptied his cum in me and we both settled down with a ragged breath.

“Fuck, James that was awesome.” I half-turned around and kissed him wildly. With a satisfied smile we both relaxed down. I was too tired that I retied my rob and disregarded my thrown panties and went back to sleep

I don’t remember how long I must have slept when I felt and two finger inserting in my pussy. I moaned and snuggled back to the hard body behind me. James is insatiable. He usually wakes me up two to three times a night to fuck me. I suddenly felt warm rough hand on my bare boobs. It was different from my husband’s. James does computer job so his hands are soft and smooth. But this hand was warm and rough. This comprehension jolted my eyes open but I dared not to make any noise.

I could see my husband sleeping in front of me with his back facing me. I was still in daze that someone other than my husband was touching me intimately.

Fuck! My father-in-law is fingering me!

I didn’t know what to do. Should I wake my husband? Should I tell Philip to stop? The only thing I did was fake sleep. I closed my eyes halfway and tried to control my harsh breath.

A calloused finger flicked my nipple. I couldn’t control the shudder that raked my body. Suddenly the finger in my pussy and on by breast stilled. Philip froze afraid that I must have woken up. I was horny and I badly wanted him to continue although I knew it was wrong. I relaxed my shoulders and made a soft snoring sound. Happy that I was asleep he continued to finger fuck my pussy. I noise tumbled out of my mouth when he hit my g-spot perfectly.

“I knew you were awake, bitch.” Philip whispered. His words should have insulted me alternately it turned me on.

“I saw you take my son’s cock in your tight cunt greedily. You want to fuck? I will fuck you hard and fast that you won’t be able to walk for days.” He said adding his third finger in my pussy.

“Slut, tell me that you want my cock in you.”

I hesitated.

“Or should I call James to satisfy your greedy pussy?”


He wrapped his fingers in my hair and pulled my head back slightly. “Tell me bitch that you want my cock.”

I cleared my throat. “I… I want your cock, Philip. Please…” he inserted his cock in my pussy. It was huge. It was thicker that James’s. His dick filled me in completely. I could feel it touch places which never been touched by anyone. Philip clamped one hand on my mouth to stop my pleasure scream and another hand tweaked my clit.

“I have never fucked such tight pussy.” He said with malicious laugh.

He thrust his cock roughly and I held onto the headboard to stop the movement of the bed which could wake my husband. His dirty talking and eight inch cock bought me to the brink of orgasm in just few seconds.

“I am going to fuck you hard, honey.” I couldn’t speak. The pleasure and the fear of getting caught rendered me speechless.

Suddenly he moved to his back and held me on top of him, his cock still seated in me. Frightened I glanced at my sleeping husband. In this position he could see me straddling his step-father.

“Fuck your husband’s father!” Philip said with an evil grin. He clamped my hips and rode my pussy. The friction was delicious and hot. With each dip his pelvic bone hit on my clit creaming me further. Sweat dribbled down for foreheads.

“Oh fuck! Yes! Mm mm… yes!” I was whispering frantically.

He rose to bite and suck my sensitized nipple. I gasped his head and encouraged him to play with my breast.

“I am going to come in you honey.” He declared

“No Philip, please don’t come in me. I could get pregnant.” I whispered desperately. He smiled and clasped my hips in place firmly. “Philip, no…don’t…” and before I could stop him he shot his warm cum in me which caused me to orgasm. He held onto my hips till sperm filled me.

“Suck all my cum in your pussy, honey.” He said with smug smile. Tired I fell sideways on the bed boneless his cock still inserted in my cervix.

Biting my earlobe Philip said,”Sleep now honey. Tomorrow I am going to fuck you harder.” I closed my eyes taking a haggard breath. I realised that this sex has turned my life upside down.

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