Adarso Paribar ( Ideal Family) : Ch 2

“Nibedita Bhavan” was known as the most ideal Bengalee Family at Hatibagan area in Kolkata for it’s members’ sober attitude, sophisticated make-up and dressing as well as their educational qualifications and profession. Smt. Anuradha Bandyopadhyay, double MA with Phd. was a respected widow Headmistress of “Maa Saarada Vidyapith”, her son Ashim was a central Govt. employee where as his Muslim wife Shabana was a renowned singer.

Adarso Paribar ( Ideal Family ) : Ch 1


Being a Orthodox Hindu Brahmin woman Anuradhadevi became deeply shocked hearing her son’s love-marraige with a Muslim girl. But soon the wrong perception about the Muslim community was proved baseless to her. The pretty innocent face of Shabana Azmi along with her decent behavior was able to win her heart. Her daughter Anusree was a spitting image of her mother in all respects.

With her mother’s continuous shouting, Anusree rose from the bed, refreshing herself, she went to the dinning hall. Completing the breakfast with other family members, Anusree and Keki ( MA English ) went out with Anuradhadevi to school ( Morning-school )and University respectively along with the Adibadi driver Ramu Soren. Although Keki helped in household jobs of Nibedita Bhavan, members of this great family treated her as their own member.

Finishing the other household chores along with Keki’s mother Sahana, Shabana refreshed herself in the bathroom dreaming about the hard-fucking of famous hindi film singer Sunidhi Chauhan’s  blue-film. During the time her hands were busy massaging her boobs and finger-fucking the insatiable pussy. After some time she entered her bedroom, picking up a fresh cucumber, she lied on her luxury queen-size bed.

In the meantime Sahana’s only son Bahadur, servant of the Nibedita Bhavan, headed for her room for some urgent jobs regarding the garden. But he stopped before the cracked-door of Shabana, hearing a low moan. With natural curiosity he peeped through the crack and became shocked.

His MILF “Bhabiji” was fucking herself with a big green cucumber on her bed. He’d never thought about fucking her before. But now seeing her like that, totally naked and cumming like a horny Teenager, his mind was racing like anything. He moved away from there with trembling feet and ended himself going into his room and wanking himself senseless. All the while he was imagining and fucking his Bhabiji, and doing the same as soon as he woke up the next morning, a Saturday.

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Bahadur wanted to do something about how he was feeling. He was confirmed that he’d never have a better opportunity to make his move. He also had no idea whether it would be a lot easier to seduce and fuck his Bhabiji than he thought.

And that was because much like her servant cum gardener, Shabana had also been having some pretty fucked up thoughts and idea of her own.  Lately, Bahadur would soon find out about his Malkin’s fantasy. This was one of the reasons she’d left her bedroom door ajar while she was getting off, because she wanted him to see her.

So when he walked into the kitchen on that Saturday morning, wearing just a pair of black boxer shorts, and found that his Bhabiji was sitting at the worktop and was drinking coffee with some snacks. She herself wss wearing nothing more than a short-sized maxi that showed more than it covered up. Bahadur felt his cock come to life almost straight away, and he was fairly certain that he also saw his Bhabiji looking at his bulge. She was squirming about on the leather and chrome high stool she was sitting on, which had his mind racing once again.

Then after making the coffees for others and indulging in small household talk, with the sexual tension already rising, he sat down opposite to her. He served some extra snacks, and then started talking to his Bhabiji, like he’d never done before. ”Bhabiji, if you don’t mind, I fell tired today. In fact I think I might go back to bed in a minute, seeing as I haven’t got anything on for the rest of the day”.

“OK it’s ok, I don’t mind at all. But I might go into town later to meet my Friend Sunidhi with Ramu, I have an urgent discussion with her about my album.” Sahana replied.
”Oh, OK!” said Bahadur, trying to gauge the best way to approach the most exciting topic but stopped. He quickly realized that when it came to something as serious as this honesty was the best policy.

”Actually Bhabiji, can I tell you something? The only thing is, it’s pretty personal.”
”Oh right! OK! Sounds interesting. Of course you can. Bahadur, you know very well that instead of servant, we treat you as our family member. So without hesitation, you can tell me anything, you know that. So what is it? Some Girl messing you around?” Shabana smiled.

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”If only! No, it’s nothing like that. It’s, well, it’s to do with you.” Bahadur stammered.

‘OMG, look at him, he’s blushing and everything! So I wonder if this means he saw me getting off last night? Here’s fucking hoping’, Shabana thought as she finished her coffee and took another snacks before speaking.

”Is it? OK? Well come on then, let’s hear it.” Shabana said.
”OK! God, this is so weird! Right, well when I came upstairs this morning, I… I  mean…well I saw you in your bedroom, you know? I saw what you were doing,” Bahadur felt embarrassed, a slight nervousness in his voice. But he was also fairly certain that she’d loosened her front-open maxi. As a result her 36″ gravity defying tits were almost spilling out.

”What? You mean you saw me wanking? Is that what you mean? Because if you did, well, it’s no big deal, is it? Now if we keep it confidential between us, anyway. It can be our little secret!” Shabana grinned.
‘Oh! God! Fuck! Wow! She’s not even shocked! Well in that case there’s no point fucking about’, Bahadur said to himself before giving his answer. His cock by now leaking pre-cum and as hard as he’d ever known it.

”Can it? OK! I guess? And yes, Bhabiji, that’s exactly what I mean. I did see you wanking!” Bahadur added.
”OK! And what, you got horny seeing me fucking myself, right?” Shabana grinned.
”My Goodness! Well yes! But, well, I mean…. doesn’t it bother you?”
”Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! Oh, Bahadur! Of course it doesn’t bother me, you silly youngman,” smiled Shabana, purposely leaning forward to pick snacks as she spoke.

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As a result he got a close up view of her fantastic fun bags, before completely blowing his mind. ”In fact, if anything it turns me on, you seeing me like that. And the reason it turns me on, and makes me really fucking wet. Just like I’m really fucking wet now, is because, well, can’t you work it out for yourself? And if you think that’s hot,” Shabana continued.

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As she was talking she was also licking her cock-sucking lips, which naturally had him in a right state.

‘Oh My Fucking God! No Fucking Way! This slut wants to fuck me as well? Surely fucking not! Fuck, well I think so. But I don’t know if I can say it. I mean, well, it’s nasty to fuck your Malkin, isn’t it!’
Bahadur thought himself.

”What is?” Bahadur queried.
‘Well what do you think? What you just said, about me seeing you and you liking it. I mean, well, you do mean you want to, well, fuck me, right? Oh! My God,  Fuck! I can’t believe I just said that!’ Shabana surprised herself.

”Ha, Ha!”
“Well you did, and yes, Bahadur, yes I do want to fuck you. Badly! And to be honest with you I’ve been thinking about it for a while, that’s why I left my door ajar. I knew that you were due to come in my room and I wanted you to see me wanking. Also judging by the way you’re looking at my boobs, not to mention that big fucking bulge in your boxers. I’d say you want to fuck me as well, right?’

As Shabana was speaking she stood up, walked round the worktop. She untied her loosened maxi and let it slide down her stunning body onto the black marble floor, once more leaving Bahadur totally hypnotized. She was five foot eight with medium length black hair, a full, curvy, tanned MILF body. She was completely shaven, as was Bahadur, who was just four foot six with short black hair and big brown eyes. Just like his Bhabiji, quite unbelievably, it looked like he was just about to fuck!

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