Sister wake up surprise (100% true story)

100% true story. This is my first story so let me know how you like it and I’ll post some more… My family lived in a large house about 10 miles from town in the middle of nowhere. Mine and my sister’s rooms were were seperated by a hall and our shared bathroom. Puberty had set in and I was a typical horny pervert. We had HBO and cinemax and I’d always stay up late watching the skin flicks and jacking off. Our bathroom shared a cabinet with Julie’s room, it was long and had doors in both rooms.

One night after watching some skin flicks i went in to get some tissues for my mess. When i opened the cabinet door i noticed that Julie had left her cabinet door open and I could see clear in her room. That was the first time I started looking at my sister in a sexual way, she was asleep in bed and the covers were pulled down almost to her nipples, just far enough that I could see she was sleeping in the nude. I had never noticed how fucking sexy she was before. She was about 5’6″ and very athletic thanks to volleyball. Blonde hair and perfect perky full B cups and a big tight round ass. I began to fantasize about her all the time, it was hard to keep from getting a hard on when i was around her.

Then something amazing happened: The faucet in our bathtub broke. When the plumber came to fix it he had to get to the pipes through my closet, I hadn’t realized before that the tub was directly behind my closet. he had to cut a hole in the wall and didn’t fix it before he left, my dad never got around to fixing it either. one night i was taking a bath and noticed the faucet was a little loose. I jiggled it around a little and realized there was a tiny crack to the side of it. Then I had a brilliant thought.

As soon as i was done bathing i went to my room and into my closet where the whole was. I searched for the crack and put my eye to it, sure enough there was the bath tub. I sat on my bed watching tv eagerly waiting for Julie to take her bath. about an hour later her door opened and she went straight to the bathroom. I heard the water start running so i turned off the light in my room and went straight to the closet. I waited for what seemed like an eternity while she was undressing and waiting on the tub to fill up, then i saw her leg hit the water. My cock was instantly hard and i started to stroke it slowly.

She got in with her back to the faucet so I saw her beautiful tight ass first. She had amazing tanlines from her bikini and as she bent over to get in I caught sight of her tight pink hole. I was about to cum all over the place and all I’d seen was her bare ass. When she finally turned around I caught sight of the first pussy I’d ever seen, the skin flicks only showed tits and ass so this was a first for me. She had trimmed her bush into a cute little landing strip and her pussy lips looked so smooth I couldn’t hold it any longer and I shot load after load of my cum into my hand.

Once I cleaned up I went back to the closet and looked in again. She had laid back and I could finally see her bare perky tits. She had the cutest little pink nipples and I was instantly hard again. I watched as she shampooed her hair then started lathering her arms and legs with soap. My cock was starting to hurt it was so hard but I didn’t figure I could go a second time but when she started soaping up her tits I couldn’t help myself and started jerking again. She took extra good care of her tits, running her hard nipples through her fingers and within a few minutes I started to cum, this time harder than before, this was amazing.

I watched her bathe almost every night after that, I must have gone through 3 boxes of tissues. The best was when she had friends stay the night cuz they would often be in the bathroom together one bathing while the other sitting outside talking so those nights I got a double feature. But thats where things went amazingly wrong.

Julie’s friend Amanda was over staying the night. Amanda was hot, she played volleyball with Julie so she had the same athletic body, but was a bit shorter at about 5’4″. She had bigger boobs too, a full C cup pushing D size but I still thought Julie’s were better cuz her’s were perkier. That night I could hardly sit through dinner anticipating what I would get to see later when they took their baths. I hurried and took my shower to give them all the time they wanted. I didn’t even wait for them to go to the bathroom I just went straight to my closet and sat there until I saw the light come on.

Julie went first, I had my dick in my hands before she even got in the water. I had built up some stamina over the many nights of fantasizing so I decided to let this one last until Amanda got in. When Julie was done she drained the water and started to fill the bath again for Amanda. Amanda stepped in and I got a great shot of her completely shaved pussy, it didn’t look as smooth as Julie’s but looked just as appetizing.

She sat down in the water and it took me a little while to fully take in her big tits. She was 15 so they were still perky but they did droop a little under all the weight. She had big silver dollar sized nipples, a bit darker than Julie’s. When she started soaping up her legs she worked her way up and started rubbing her juicy pussy, getting bubbles all over her lips.

I shot the biggest load into my hand, some dribbled over the side and onto the floor.Then Amanda asked Julie to go get her towel, she had left it in Julie’s room. I stood up and went for the tissue box when I realized I had left my door wide open. I had been in such a rush to get to the closet I hadn’t taken the usual precautions. They hadn’t seen me when they went in cuz I was in my closet. I went to shut it when I saw Julie come out of the bathroom. It was too late, she imediately looked into my room to see me standing there with my cum in my hand, luckily I had already put my dick away so she couldn’t tell what I’d been doing. She asked what I had in my hand I stuttered a little but finally told her it was white chocolate that melted in my hand. Then she told me how much she loved white chocolate and begged me for some. I refused as much as I could but she walked over grabbed ahold of my hand and licked every last drop of my own cum out of my palm. She looked at me and gave me a weird smirk saying “mmm good chocolate.” I couldn’t believe it, my own sister had just eaten my cum out of my hand and didn’t realize it. Or so I thought.

My panik started to go away but I still didn’t dare go back to the closet tonight. I sat and played some video games for a while and then just went to sleep. I woke up at about 2 in the morning to the most amazing sensation I’d ever felt. An amazing tingling feeling coming from my dick. I looked down to see that my dick was completely burried in Julie’s mouth. Since I had been asleep it was still limp but as soon as I realized what was going on my cock started to swell inside her mouth. When she noticed my dick growing Julie looked up and said “you like that little brother?” I smiled at her but couldn’t say anything cuz she went straight back to licking and a shiver ran all the way through my body. She looked up again and smiled, she told me she knew it was my cum she had licked up earlier and just had to have another taste. I finally got a few words out and told her she was about to get that other taste. She instantly took my whole shaft in her mouth, as soon as i felt my head hit the back of her throat a huge stream of cum sperted out and she swallowed it. As she bobbed her head up and down on my cock she swallowed every drop. I couldn’t believe it, Julie had just given me my first blow job. when i was finally done spewing my load she looked at me and said “yummmmm”

She complimented me on the size of my cock and told me how excited it made her. Then she realized that it wasn’t going limp like most do after her blowjobs. I told her I couldn’t help it, that just looking at her made me hard, she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and had the most amazing tits. She blushed a little and said “you wanna see ’em?” again I was shocked but eventually came to and gave her a big hell ya. She sat up a little and slowly peeled off her tight night shirt, revealing to me for the second time tonight her beautiful tits. Instinctively I reached up to take a feel and she batted my hand away. “I didn’t say you could touch them!” she said in a harsh voice and I was worried I had ruined everything. But then she gave a little smile and said “You have to lick them first” she moved her way up the bead and stuffed her chest right in my face, burrying her nipple in my mouth. I kissed it then rolled my toungue over it as it began to get hard. I moved over to the other one and gave it the same treatment.

As I licked and sucked on both nipples she threw her head back and let out a soft moan. I decided to try again and reached up to take her left tit in my hand. I rubbed it the way I had seen her caress them in the bath and then switched. She interupted me and planted a kiss right on the lips, she explored my toungue with hers, when she drew back she said “I’m so hot for you right now, my pussy is so wet,” then she grabbed the hand that wasn’t rubbing her boobs and guided it down her shorts. I felt my fingers graze past the soft little landing strip, then it hit the smooth lips that were completely soaked. I explored her pussy with my fingers until I’d found her clit. As soon as I’d touched it she threw her head back again and let out a shivery moan. I rubbed it back and forth and rolled it in my fingers. Pretty soon her hips started shaking a little bit and her breathing got really faster. She shuttered and said “yes thats it, rub my clit it feels so good… I’m cummmminnnnggg!!!!” she gave one last shiver and then collapsed on my chest with a big sigh. then looked at me and said “Fuck me now, I want that big cock deep inside me, fill me up.”

She hurried and took her shorts off. I didn’t have any experience here so she took the lead. She straddled me and grabbed my cock between her legs. She started to sit guiding my raging hard on toward her slit. I felt her warm juices on my dick and almost came right there, but luckily I had worked up my stamina. It was tough at first to squeeze through her tight hole but finally I felt her slippery pussy lips slide all the way down my shaft as she moaned so loud i thought she might wake the neighbors. She began to move her hips back and forth and my dick explored every inch of her pussy.

She started to talk dirty again, she said “fuck my pussy little brother, ooooo fill me with your cock its so big, oooo, FUCK ME!!!!” I started moving my hips with hers and i reached up to caress her tits again. Then I gave a big push forward, filling her pussy even more with my cock. She screamed and said “holy fuck little brother your so huge, uuuuhhhhh fuck me do that again.” I kept doing it and she bent over putting her tits back in my face so I sucked on them and kept fucking her.

I remembered seeing a skin flick the night before that had doggy style in it and wanted to try it so I moved her over and got her on her hands and knees. Approaching her from behind I grabbed her sweet ass and gave it a gentle kiss while running my fingers back over her pussy. she reached through her legs and grabbed my cock again guiding it to her hole. I eased it in gently and just rotated my hips around again exploring her pussy with my cock. She was pushing her ass back hard and said “come on little brother stop teasing me, give it to me hard, fuck me now!” I slowly eased back almost out of her pussy and then slammed it back in. “OH FUCKKKKK!!!!!” she said, I did that a couple more times then got into a stride. “Thats it, just like ooohhhhh” she said.

I kept it up but before long I couldn’t hold back, “Julie I’m gonna cum” I told her. She looked back at me and gave the best smile ever, “don’t stop, cum inside me, i’m cuummm ooohh innng” I quickened my pace and I started to feel her hips shuttering as her orgasm hit, her pussy started milking my dick and I shot load after load right there inside my sister. “YESSS!” We said at the same time. When I was done we both collapsed on my bed next to each other.

We laid there for about ten minutes just catching our breaths, then she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, I turned and kissed her back on the lips. “That was amazing bro” she said “I cant believe it, I never knew you were so good.” “I didn’t know either, That was my first time” I said. She smiled “I’m glad it was with me, it was such a treat.” She sat up a little and said “Oh my God, you’re still hard, are you okay?” “Oh I’m better than okay Julie, you’re still naked and laying right next to me, I’d be worried if I wasn’t hard.

She grinned and sat up more, before I knew it she was throwing one leg over me saying “wanna do it again?” She didn’t have to wait for my answer as I had already guided myself back to her pussy. “mmm fuck me again brother.” We fucked about two more times that night and I slept clear till noon the next day. Coming down to lunch she smiled and gave me a seductive “good morning little brother.” We kept out sexual relationship going until she graduated and moved away. I visited her in college every now and then and we fucked every time. She’s engaged now so we haven’t fucked in quite a while but she still gives me those sly seductive looks that tell me we’re not done.

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