She Liked to Watch (True story)

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She liked to watch

A true story as told to me by someone involved. Names changed and all.

My name is Stan, and I got caught spying on my dad’s girlfriends daughter, Rena.

She was so sexy and built so hot, a younger version of her sexy mom. Her mom, Lynn, caught me opening the bathroom door while Rena was taking a shower. I was watching her soap herself up and rub her pussy and tits. She really got into rubbing her pussy. I think she was masturbating. Anyway, she was giving me a nice boner. When I quietly closed the bathroom door, her mom was right behind me smiling.

I jumped as she saw my boner sticking straight out of my shorts and held up her finger to be quiet. She led me to her bedroom. She whispered that we would just keep what I did between us, but not to do that anymore. She looked at my boner and hugged me. My boner went right between legs on her night gown. She started breathing hard and whispered: (“..Stan, you come to my bedroom tonight after Rena has gone to bed. We have to have a talk. Ok?”)
I thought, oh shit, a long lecture I’m in trouble now. I hope she doesn’t tell dad about this. He is only home once a month with his job. Maybe she’ll forget about it when he’s here. I quietly went to her bedroom after Rena closed her door downstairs.
The bedroom was dimly lit and she closed and locked the door. She still had on that sexy sheer black night gown, no bra and tiny pink panties. She had me lay down on the bed. She walked around talking about how she understood about guys getting excited about women and It was normal, with limits. I tried not to look at her big tits and small pink panties. She was hot like Rena so I held my hand over my eyes as she talked.

It didn’t help as I felt a boner rising up in my pajama bottoms. She stopped talking and sat on the bed beside me. She leaned over and whispered in my ear: (“..are you getting an erection looking at me?”) I said: “Can I go now Lynn?”, as I was embarrassed. She started in with the questions and said: “Don’t be embarrassed, I’m flattered that you are aroused by me. Is this the first time this has happened? Do you have to masturbate to make it go down? How often does this happen? When was the first time….”

She stopped and just looked at my boner. While she was talking it got real hard and now was making big tent. I don’t think she realized that as she talked, she was feeling her tit and nipple. My boner now was making her aroused.

Lynn thought to herself….nobody knows it, but I can climax by just watching. With out even touching myself. I remember when it first happened. I was young and opened my parents bedroom door to see what all the noise was about. They thought I was next door, but I had come home. The door was set back in from the room and they never saw me watching them.

Dad was on top of mom and he had his dick in mom fucking her. They moaned and then he pulling his dick out, sat back and started jacking it. Mom sat up and watched at he began to shoot big streams of cum. She immediately began to suck on his dick.
That’s when I got a wonderful jolt tingle in my pussy, and it felt so good I soon wanted more of it again. I found that looking at daddy’s hidden magazines, made me get that feeling again. I took one of his magazines and hid it real good in my room. He had so many, I guess he never missed it. After looking at the pictures of women climaxing when dicks shot cum in them and on them, I would close my eyes and let the feelings build up. Then the jolt of massive tingles would happen again. I didn’t have to even touch my pussy.

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