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2:30 pm me and my step brothers get home from school. Usually are parents are home but today they went on vacation for a week. I head to my usual spot in the library to read and chill for the day. Im about 5ft 1inches about 145 pounds with green eyes long brown curly hair inhave a small waist with the hugest ass so my friends tell me. I always get complimented on my ass and my small perky tits i guess they are a great asset. Now back to the story My step brothers Devon and Dontay walks in to read as well. Devon is sexy with 6’4 brown curly hair and hazel eyes he has the cutest smile with the sexiest dimples because of his height he plays basketball wiith my other brother. Dontay is 6’6 broad shoulders green eyes black curly hair with a smile that will make a girl melt in his presence. Both my brothers are very handsome and not to be a perv but when they where their shorts (like today) you can see the hugest dick prints in history funny thing is i dont think they notice how much i stare lol. We all enjoy a good book. Devon is the oldest he brings in his own book today its a sex book on the cover is a naked woman perky breast pretty pink pussy dripping wet with a big 15 inch dick shoved in her mouth and another in her pussy. Its called DP’d by celey brown. Heres how the convo started:

Me: your such a pervy perv
Devon(d1): and you such a nerd you dont know good reading when you see it
Dontay(d2): aye bro i can see your boner

We all laugh but i cant keep my eyes off my step brothers massive hard dick. It looks atleast 13 inches maybe even bigger. All i know is its rock solid. He catches me staring at his hard on and he smirks and says want a closer look and without hesitation he takes his hard dick out his pants. My eyes widen i havent seen one that big before. Dontay chuckles and says “ that little thing let me show you a real dick” he pulls out his soft dick spits down on it and begins to jack his dick off to get it hard. He motions for me to make him hard so i go over both hands wrapped around his dick and i begin to stroke. Up and down his dick begins to grow in my hands. Inch by inch its get harder and harder. He looks like hes enjoying it. Im actually enjoying it as well. He looks me in my eyes and says spit on that dick so i do as im told and i spit on his hard dick. My pussy begins to throbb and i feel my wetness coming about. I look over at my other brother who is watching as he strokes his huge hard dick. He begins to take off his shirt and his pants. After getting naked he walks toward me stroking his dick and spitting on it. As he gets close he begins to pull off my shirt im not wearing a bra this day so my perky tits are already hard and my nipple rings compliment my titts. Devon says “wow you boobs are gorgeous” and with no hesitation he begins to suck on my boobs. My pussy throbs even more. I let out soft moans and Dontay lifts me up and sits me on the desk and goes for my other boob. Wow i cant believe this both my step brothers are sucking on my cute pierced tits and im loving every moment. Dontay kisses down to my waist and pulls down my school skirt. Im wearing a lace thong with red accents he grabs them with his teeth and pulls them off my already soaked pussy. Taking two fingers he begins to play with my clit i let out a moan louder than the first one. This is really happening one of my brothers is sucking on my tits while the other plays sweet melodies in my clit. Eyes closed Moaning louder and louder and then out of no where i feel a wetness that isnt my own, opening my eyes to lookdown at wat could be giving me the greatest pleasure of my life i see my brother dazing deep in my eyes tongue flickering my pearl as his fingers slide in and out of my wet pussy. I get louder and thats when Devon shoves his hard dick deep down my throat, i gag and choke. Devon lets out the sweetest moan a man can let out and then grabbing his dick with both hands i begin to go to work on his dick. Slurping and sucking. Spitting and gagging on all 13 inches of his dick. I cant fit the whole thing in my mouth but that doesnt stop me i slurp faster and suck on the tip of his long shaft. Gagging and moaning as my pussy throbs in the mouth of Dontay. I cant help but to look down and i see him stroking his 16 inch dick as he eats my pussy. I can tell he is enjoying it be cause his eyes are closed as he licks every inch of my privacy. Trying to control my moans but its difficult with a mouth full of dick. Devon lets out a soft moan and throws his head back as he does this movement he places his hands on the back of my head and begins to thrust his hips back and forth. I heard of this before this is face fucking. I gag and he stops then i look at my brothers with amazement and i tell them to just wait one minute and for them to give me their phones.


I have all our phones, and a camcorder i set all the phones on record as well as the camcorder and i prop them on the dresser. Without hesitattion i drop to my knees and take both dicks in my hands and begin to stroke. Spitting on both dicks i stroke faster and faster. I spit some more i want it slippery. I begin to suck on Dontays dick. Deep throating, trying to fit his whole dick in my throat gagging and drooling all on my tits. I slurp up the spit and proceed to the next dick and again with no hesitation i go to work on Devons hard dick twisting and pulling in a gentle manner slurping and gagging drool falling down my chin to my tits. My pussy is throbbing. I begin to play with my pussy and then opening my eyes looking up at my brothers as they stroke their soaked dicks i say “i want you to fuck me hard please and i want to be your dirty slut”. Devon picks me up with no struggle and carry me to his room. Dontay pushes a button behind the dresser and a secret door opens.

Inside of the wall there is a hallway a long dark hallway. Devon says “you belong to us now and that pussy is ours do you hear me you dirty slut” as he says this he has his finger in my ass i moan out “Yes im both of yours for you personal pleasure please take me”. Entering the room now it looks like a sex dungeon theres whips chains bondage toys you name it. He throws me on the bed and they both begin to handcuff me to the bed rails. I like it its kinky and different. They blind fold me and tell me to hold on tight. Then out of no where i hear 3 more voices it sounds like Kyle, Kevin, and Kash the triplets. Dontay takes off my blind fold and in front of me i see 4 men naked stroking their oily dicks making them stand a full attention. Devon comes over my head and grabs the back of my neck as he shoves his dick down my throat. My eyes water as he stabs my throat harder and harder. Im gagging and trying to catch my breath but i cant he begins to fuck my face faster and harder. Balls deep in my throat i gag and drool all over myself. Devon stops and Dontay comes along and slaps me with his dick. They pick me up and hand cuff my hands to the floor and zip tie my feet together. Slapping me with their dicks the triplets join in. Kyle is first to stick his dick down my throat fucking my throat harder and faster deeper and deeper. Choking and spitting all over his hard dick gagging and slurping like the nasty slut i am. I suck everyones dick gagging and stroking the other dicks that arent stabbing the back of my wet throat.

Kevin then picks me up and stands up sliding his 12 inch dick into my tight gripping pussy. He moans out “fuck this pussys tight” and he begins to slow stroke me untill his dick stretches my pussy to perfection for his dick. He sits down and begins to bounce me up and down. Oh my god i can feel him deep in my guts. I begin to ride him like i never rode dick before. Grabbing my tits bouncing up and down on the dick. Putting his hands around my next as he fucks me a little harder. I yell out “fuck me harder please fuck this pussy harder”. Grabbing the baby oil Kash drenches his dick in oil and begins to stroke. Then thats when he slides his oily dick deep into my tight ass hole “OH MY FUCKING GOD YES” i yell out. Ass oily, pussy dripping wet, and tits perfect everythingn is just wonderful. As they fuck both my holes faster and deeper. Kash grabs me by my neck from the back and begins to power drive my ass hole. This is my first anal and he is not taking it gentle. Pounding my ass hole as he squirts my ass with more oil. Making my ass more oily than anything. Then Kyle comes up front grabbing my head he slaps me with his dick and yells “open you slut, open you dirty little dick suckers” i open my mouth and he slams his dick into my mouth. All my holes are filled. My ass is getting pounded i mean super pounded, my pussy is gripping the hell out of this huge dick Kevin thrusting his hips up and down and Kyle hands interlocked behind my head is shoving his dick deep down my throat not giving me the chance to breath pinching my nose as he fucks my throat harder and harder. This is the best day of my life.

I look over looking for Devon and Dontay when my eyes catch them to my surprise Kash is jerking Devons dick as he sucks on Dontays. Wow can it be are my siblings gay. Dontay begins to fuck Kash’s pretty little mouth. Stabbing his full dick down his throat. Kash is gagging and choking, he motions for his to stop but Dontay doesnt he tightens his grip and begins to thrust harder. Fucking Kash’s throat letting out loud moans throwin his head back and thrusting harder. Kash kant breath but Dontay doesnt kare his eyes locked on his brother Devon who was now drenching his dick in baby oil. Bending Kash over Devon gets him to the perfect arch i want to make sure its womderful. He slips his hard dick in to Kash’s tight ass hole. Kash moans out loud “oh my god papi yes fuck your little ass hole”. Devon begins to speed up his stroke. Grabbing kash by the back of the neck with both hands he begins to choke him and pound his ass i mean like really pound. Devon moans out “oh my god you ass fills so tight on my dick” and then he fucks a lot harder and chokes alot older and yells out “take this dick fuck back let me see you fuck this dick back bounce that ass all over this dick stroke that dick while you throw that ass back”. I listen very well i take a drink of water and proceed. Kash bends over and arches his back as if he knows whats going on. Devon comes behind him slaps his dick on kash’s ass hole and spits in it as he slide his finger in. Fingering his ass while Dontay walks in front of him and slaps his dick all over his mouth and tells him to spit on his dick and slurp it up. He does as hes told and then Dontay begins to fuck his throat not taking stop for an answer. Dontay is fucking the shit out of Kash’s throat. Not letting him breath power drilling the back of his tonsils. Fucking his mouth hard and deep. Im watching my brothers fuck Kash and its actually really sexy. Devon deep in his tight ass and Dontay deep in his throat fucking his holes all at once.

Then Kevin and Kyle begin to kiss. This is amazement and i watched watching them kiss eachother it was so fucking sexy. Kevin picks up kyle and carries him to the mens restroom, i follow. Fully naked i cant miss out on anything at this point. They dont know im here i watch as they strip eachother down pullin and grabbing all clothes off of eachother kissing and licking. Its a beautiful site. I sit on the counter legs spread wide and i begin to play with my wet pussy as i watch these two brothers please eachother. Kyle is the first to notice me. He doesnt look surprised or mad. He looks seductive and freaky. The way his eyes squint its sexy. He walks over to me and begins to stroke his dick. Looking in my eyes he says “look at me , look me deep in my eyes, rub that pussy i want you to cum all over your fingers and lick it all off”. I rub my pussy faster and faster as he strokes his oily dick faster. Looking me in my eyes as he strokes his dick he lets out a moan and says “yes play with that pussy bitch, matter of fact come suck this dick slut.” He picks me up and flips me upside down to where he is holding me and his dick is in my face. I immediately begin to slurp, blow and spit all over daddies dick. While im slurping up Kyles dick he begins to eat my pussy and ass with such passion. Spitting in my holes and slurping it back up. Kyle throws me on the bed and grabs the bondage ties my hands together pulls me to the floor ties me to the ground and tells me to stay put. Devon Dontay Kevin Kash and Kyle all stand around me all stroking faster and faster on there throbbing dicks. I open my mouth ready for my treat. Kyle comes closer strokes faster and then slams his dick in my throat 6 hard strong strokes to my mouth and he pulls out and explodes all over my face “ aaaaah fuck yes fuck yes” he yells out. Next is Devon and Dontay they come up together. I spit on there dicks the stroke faster and faster. Devon holds my head back and begins to fuck my throat so aggressive i cant breath. Hes fucking the shit out okf my throat and he pulls out and starts to stroke and Dontay slams his dick in my throat pounding my face and he pulls out both stroking their hard dicks im ready for it this time mouth wide open moaning mmmmm as i play with my pussy at the same time they explode on my face and in my mouth they both moan out “AHHHHHH FUCK YESS YESS AAAAH YESSSS YESSS”. I rub it in on my tits and my mouth and moaan “mmmm tasty daddies”. Then that leaves Kevin and Kash they both walk up stroking their dicks faster and faster and faster moaning sweet words like “ you ready for this hot cum” “ you ready for me to explode on your face and in your mouth” thats when i shake my head no and say “ i want you to explode in my ass” he says okay and unties me and picks me up and hangs me from this bondage chandelier. Kevin grabs my ass and slides me on top of his dick. My ass is already gaping and i can feel every inch of his dick. His strokes speed up and i moan out “you like fucking this ass hole dont you” “fuck me deeper i want the cum deep in this ass hole” “yes fuck my ass” “fuck my ass harder make me your dirty little slut” those words make him fuck me harder and as he fucks me harder he grips my ass cheeks pulling me up and down faster and faster. My ass making a loud clapping sound against his thighs im moaning loud and screaming in spanish he fucks me harder and chokes me and yells “shut up bitch take all this dick” “fuck this ass is tight” “ you like when i fuck your ass like this huh bitch” “ im bout to cum deep in that ass bitch” he fucks me harder and faster “take this dick bitch take it bitch aaaaahhh” and thats when i feel it his cum shooting inside my ass hole he pulls out and then Kash komes and slams into my ass hole hes more aggressive. He doesnt ease his just power drives my ass i scream out “FUUUUUCK OMG PLEASE SLOW DOWN PLEASE OMG I CANT TAKE IT” he doesnt care he chokes me and fucks me even harder and says “you can take everybody elses dick bitch take mines” “shut up bitch take this dick aaaah yes yes yes yes that ass is so tight i bout to fuck the shit out of you bitch” and he did just that. Tying a wire around my neck and choking me harder his dick drilled my ass i screaaaaamed “AAAAAH FUCK OMG PLEASE STOP” he did not care he puled on the wire tighter and fucked me even harder and grabbed his whip and smacked me hard with oil on my ass and said “shut up bitch, shut up bitch, you gone take this dick you dirty slut”. My eyes water i cant control my moans and screams he. Is fed up with my screaming he takes a rag and gags my mouth with it and pulls the wire around my neck tighter and fucks me harder and harder and deeper and deeper he fucks me so hard i pass out. Fucking my lifeless body he fucks me harder and slaps me and says wake up bitch im bout to cum all over you my eyes open back im still being demolished im moaning loudly “aaah yes yes fuck me harder choke me harder slap me im your dirty little bitch spit on me daddy” he spits in my mouth i swallow it “mmmm yes daddy fuck this ass hole i been dirty little whore” he yells out “shut up slut take this dick aaah im bout to cum bitch open your mouth you dirty bitch” i drop to my knees ass he strokes his dick faster and faster i open my moutth and he slams his dick in my throat. Fucking th shit out of my throat bot letting me breath harder and harder and harder he grips my head fucking my throat harder and harder i gag and choke till i hear him yell out “HERE I COME BITCH HERE IT COMES IM BOUT TO CUM DEEP IN YOUR MOUTH BITCH uuuuuuuuuiuuhiuuuuuuuugh” “ aaaah ahhhhh ahaah yeah bitch swallow it swallow my cum bitch aaaaah yes”

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