Me and my twin sister sharing a big hot dick

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Hi guys. My name is Aradhana and I have a twin sister named Archana. We are 29 years old from Bangalore. We like to share about our experience when we first met our boyfriend. And now both of us are married to him.

This goes way back to 2008 when we moved to Mysore for studies. When we started studying in college, every guy wanted to approach us and they all had a crush on us. But we were never interested in anyone, since they were not of our types. Most of the boys whom we came across tried their best to impress us. But we were too mean. We never really liked any of them. Then one fine day we came across a tall handsome guy who lived just few miles away from our Hostel.

His room was visible from our Hostel through a Binaculor. We even got to know his name. His name is Krishna. And he is 2 years younger than us. He was in 11th at that time and was doing some part time modelling. One day when we were print into his room, we saw him naked and he had a very huge dick. He was so muscular.

Although he was 16, he looked much older mainly because of his height and muscles. We had to pass by his home to go to college everyday so we used to hope that someday he would notice us when. One fine day we both were dressed up in hot pink mini dress and high heels. We passed by his home and he was standing right outside. He noticed us and he wasn’t able to take his eyes of us. He even whistled at us, we acted like as though we hated it, but we actually enjoyed it. Next day we wore a sleeveless blouse and half saree.

Before we could go near his home we made our cleavages visible. Then after we went near his home, he was standing outside, we winked and blew a naughty flying kiss at him. Then after we went few miles ahead. He followed us and grabbed our waists from behind. We saw him and got really tempted and kissed him all over his face. Then he invited us home. We sat chatted for few minutes. We realized that no body was home. So we wanted to use the opportunity.

Me and my twin sister were Virgins at that point in time and we thought even he was a virgin. But to our shock he wasn’t a virgin. He had sex with his teacher before. So he carried Aradhana in his arms and Archana on his shoulders to his bedroom. In his bedroom we were wild. We removed his shirt and he was missing is all over it neck and navel. Then he pulled our pallu and he got a clear look of our cleavages. Then we both started hugging and kissing asking with him.

Then we removed his pant and we stopped a huge bulge in his underwear we got more tempted. Then he removed our blouses and we were in a bra and he started kissing our cleavages. Then he used his teeth to unhook our bras. And he started kissing and sleeping on our big boobs. Then we removed his underwear. And we got to see that huge cock from close range. We got completely Horny. He removed our skirts (Lehengas) and he started massaging our legs.

We have him a good handjob and a blowjob. Then he used his erect dick to remove or panties. Wow we loved the touch of his dick in our pussies. Then we went to shower in the attached bathroom with him. We were smooching him and giving handjobs in the shower. Then we came out. We kissed him all over his body and left lipstick marks. He was covered in Pink Glitter all over his body. Then we sandwiched his huge cock between our boobs and started jerking him up and down. He was loving it.

Then after a few minutes he cummed a fountain on us. He fingered both of us at the same time and started licking and kissing our clits. We started grabbing his hair everytime he suckered our clits. Then we licked his dick side by side. Then one of us sucked his dick, other one sucked his balls and vice versa.

Then he put his long hard dick in Aradhana’s pussy and started fucking her slowly then he increased the intensity. Archana massaged his back with her boobs when he was fucking Aradhna. He was fucking Aradhna so hard that she was about to scream very loud but he smooched her in the process and both of them started hugging each other and rolling on the bed. Then he cummed a fountain inside Aradhana. Then it was Archana’s turn.

He still had enough stamina and power to fuck Archana too and she was guy for his dick. He inserted his dick slowly inside Archana and started fucking her slowly and then started fucking her hard just like what Aradhana got. Both of them smooched each other and started rolling on the bed and he cummed inside Archana too. We took an I-pill to avoid pregnancy at that time. He was such a naughty guy that he even fucked us in a park when nobody was watching. Then we both got married to him 5 years back and we have 2 kids each from him. We enjoy our sex life everyday.

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