Short Vacation

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During the last six months of my living in dorm with Andrea and Laura I saved some money and decided to use it for short summer time at the beach. I collected all the information necessary to make the summer trip easy and then finally managed to book seats on late night flight which was cheapest. Actually another friend of mine had joined me for the trip though eventually back out at the last moment; so there were last minutes changes to be made and I decided to go alone. With my new found taste for high exhibitionism adventures, perhaps it was for the best that I was going alone.

In preparation for the trip, I was looking for on line buying of less costly bikinis. I came across beach wear for teens which were the tiniest bathing suits you can imagine. Each suit in their catalog is extraordinarily tiny, barely covering anything. They all are invisible string tear drop thongs. And, what makes them even more naughty is that when wet , you can see right through them and make you look like complete naked. I was late in placing order because I was not sure about getting them timely. However I ordered two bathing suits, one white and another pink color. They came at very last moment the day I was leaving, so I just ended up tossing the entire package in my suitcase.

One day later , I was in my motel room little away from the beach, though I did not know how far it was from the beach. While taking shower I noticed that the bath room had one additional door. I could not resist the temptation to open that door and look what was on the other side. Without much efforts the door opened easily and I was surprised to see that the door was connected to the bath room of neighbouring room. Scared that the visitor staying in that room may find me intruding his area I quickly closed the door behind me and continued showering. I had just taken the shower and was preparing to head out to the beach for a bit of sun and fun. The only bathing suits I had brought were the two suits which arrived just at the time of leaving for this place. I opened the package and took suits out. I was shocked at how small they were. I had presumed the models on the internet were wearing exaggeratedly small suits for effect. I was wrong. What I saw was what I got. I stood there naked, swimming suit top and bottom dangling from my fingers, cursing myself for not bringing a tried swimming suits. It was a task in itself to untangle the transparent silicon strings and figure out which set of string was front and which was back- there were only three an inch wide and three inch long tiny pieces of sheer material; it was that tiny.

I went ahead and slipped on the white bikini. With bikini on , I stood in front of full-length mirror and examined my outfit. This suit did not leave a damn thing to imagination. The top was just an inch wide tiny strips barely covering only nipples and left complete breasts uncovered. If you were looking at me from front, none of my nipples were showing, but it was close. From the sides you could see the entire side of each breasts. The bottom was more tiny. From the back I was complete naked and nothing was covered. The suit was nothing more than two invisible thin strings at the back. From front the bikini hid only an inch wide area that was barely covering my pussy slit. All my pussy hair were freely hanging out to be seen by all. The exposed space from my belly button to the top of bikini bottom must have been a good eight –nine inches. I mean , wearing this bikini was as close to being naked as you could get without actually being naked. I couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to wear these thin strips when it was wet. Could I wear this bikini in public?

I decided there was no way I would wear it in a place where I might know someone, but I was at a place away from home. I wasn’t going to see anyone I knew. So there was no better chance and place than this for wearing tiniest bikini like this. I managed to push all my pussy hair as much as possible under the tiniest piece of fabric covering my pussy slit; whatever was hanging out I just let it go. Before leaving the room I called the front dest to enquire if it is safe to walk wearing bikini to the beach and if the beach was close to have a walk; and I was told that it was just very close; thinking that I would be quickly at the beach in few minutes I decided to proceed wearing only the bikini. I was very self conscious as I walked through the motel lobby. As I started walking toward the beach the distance seemed to be unending passing through crowded market places. All the people were staring at my tiniest bikini. I had to stop and ask for directions at some intersections and people could not help but look at my protruding pussy hair. I saw few girls walking like me wearing bikinis but no one had anything as tiny as mine. My bikini was almost bottom less. At some spot one young boy directly pointed at my pussy hair. Other than that no one was taking notice of my get up. May be I was just being too paranoid. As I walked, I tugged on the silicon string fully up, pulling the back string tightly up my ass crack and the front strip of fabric got deeply buried between my pussy lips. The two mile walk through crowded market places towards the beach was as if I was strolling completely naked and was extremely exciting experience.i decided to let it go. It was hot and I was full of sweat, walking on the crowded streets almost complete naked except my nipples covered with tiniest piece of fabric material. Well, it was a beach location and I was tourist where no one knew me. I actually enjoyed letting people stare openly at my naked body. One can be free at the beach . Right? So what if I walk almost naked on the streets here?

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