Short Vacation

During the last six months of my living in dorm with Andrea and Laura I saved some money and decided to use it for short summer time at the beach. I collected all the information necessary to make the summer trip easy and then finally managed to book seats on late night flight which was cheapest. Actually another friend of mine had joined me for the trip though eventually back out at the last moment; so there were last minutes changes to be made and I decided to go alone. With my new found taste for high exhibitionism adventures, perhaps it was for the best that I was going alone.

In preparation for the trip, I was looking for on line buying of less costly bikinis. I came across beach wear for teens which were the tiniest bathing suits you can imagine. Each suit in their catalog is extraordinarily tiny, barely covering anything. They all are invisible string tear drop thongs. And, what makes them even more naughty is that when wet , you can see right through them and make you look like complete naked. I was late in placing order because I was not sure about getting them timely. However I ordered two bathing suits, one white and another pink color. They came at very last moment the day I was leaving, so I just ended up tossing the entire package in my suitcase.

One day later , I was in my motel room little away from the beach, though I did not know how far it was from the beach. While taking shower I noticed that the bath room had one additional door. I could not resist the temptation to open that door and look what was on the other side. Without much efforts the door opened easily and I was surprised to see that the door was connected to the bath room of neighbouring room. Scared that the visitor staying in that room may find me intruding his area I quickly closed the door behind me and continued showering. I had just taken the shower and was preparing to head out to the beach for a bit of sun and fun. The only bathing suits I had brought were the two suits which arrived just at the time of leaving for this place. I opened the package and took suits out. I was shocked at how small they were. I had presumed the models on the internet were wearing exaggeratedly small suits for effect. I was wrong. What I saw was what I got. I stood there naked, swimming suit top and bottom dangling from my fingers, cursing myself for not bringing a tried swimming suits. It was a task in itself to untangle the transparent silicon strings and figure out which set of string was front and which was back- there were only three an inch wide and three inch long tiny pieces of sheer material; it was that tiny.

I went ahead and slipped on the white bikini. With bikini on , I stood in front of full-length mirror and examined my outfit. This suit did not leave a damn thing to imagination. The top was just an inch wide tiny strips barely covering only nipples and left complete breasts uncovered. If you were looking at me from front, none of my nipples were showing, but it was close. From the sides you could see the entire side of each breasts. The bottom was more tiny. From the back I was complete naked and nothing was covered. The suit was nothing more than two invisible thin strings at the back. From front the bikini hid only an inch wide area that was barely covering my pussy slit. All my pussy hair were freely hanging out to be seen by all. The exposed space from my belly button to the top of bikini bottom must have been a good eight –nine inches. I mean , wearing this bikini was as close to being naked as you could get without actually being naked. I couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to wear these thin strips when it was wet. Could I wear this bikini in public?

I decided there was no way I would wear it in a place where I might know someone, but I was at a place away from home. I wasn’t going to see anyone I knew. So there was no better chance and place than this for wearing tiniest bikini like this. I managed to push all my pussy hair as much as possible under the tiniest piece of fabric covering my pussy slit; whatever was hanging out I just let it go. Before leaving the room I called the front dest to enquire if it is safe to walk wearing bikini to the beach and if the beach was close to have a walk; and I was told that it was just very close; thinking that I would be quickly at the beach in few minutes I decided to proceed wearing only the bikini. I was very self conscious as I walked through the motel lobby. As I started walking toward the beach the distance seemed to be unending passing through crowded market places. All the people were staring at my tiniest bikini. I had to stop and ask for directions at some intersections and people could not help but look at my protruding pussy hair. I saw few girls walking like me wearing bikinis but no one had anything as tiny as mine. My bikini was almost bottom less. At some spot one young boy directly pointed at my pussy hair. Other than that no one was taking notice of my get up. May be I was just being too paranoid. As I walked, I tugged on the silicon string fully up, pulling the back string tightly up my ass crack and the front strip of fabric got deeply buried between my pussy lips. The two mile walk through crowded market places towards the beach was as if I was strolling completely naked and was extremely exciting experience.i decided to let it go. It was hot and I was full of sweat, walking on the crowded streets almost complete naked except my nipples covered with tiniest piece of fabric material. Well, it was a beach location and I was tourist where no one knew me. I actually enjoyed letting people stare openly at my naked body. One can be free at the beach . Right? So what if I walk almost naked on the streets here?

As I strode along, I was feeling rush of excitement. I was naked on the streets full of people. As I walked along, my butt subtly making movements with each step, I was feeling pretty confident, very naughty and increasingly turned on. The naughty feeling grew! I did not bother even my hairy pussy was hanging out and completely visible out of my bikini.i purposely stopped at crowded places letting people look at every inch of my skin. At places I stopped and bent down to adjust my beach sandel straps giving full view of my pink ass hole to people coming from behind. At some intersections I stopped at stop sign thrusting my pussy forward for people to see and waving at some people in acknowledgement. Even people walking with kids were comfortable to stand next to me. I was getting used to stares from the people. Finally after a long walk of more than three miles I made up to the beach. The beach wasn’t packed place, but was busy with plenty of beautiful girls and boys being around.

I found a nice spot on the beach, not really near anyone, but not far away from group of some young people and dropped my very small bag and headed for quick cooling off dip. I walked into the surf and dove in, enjoying the warm, salty water as the waves crashed around me. I stood there about shoulder deep in the water when it suddenly dawned on me. The bikini I was wearing was designed to be transparent when wet. I was in the water. My belongings were about sixty yards up on the beach. It would look like I wasn’t wearing anything. I stood there for a while wondering what to do. There were any people, too many boys and girls, around me to parade up the beach essentially naked. Even though I walked almost naked on the crowded streets I had option to adjust my bikini to cover my pussy and nipples.

Few minutes later I realized I wasn’t going to come up with any great ideas for getting myself easily out of this bind. So, I started out of water and headed towards my clothes. When I was about belly button deep, I looked down at my breasts, the white suit as advertised , was now totally see through. You could plainly see my nipples and my entire breasts. Not much to do but kept walking. I decided I would play it cool, not trying to cover up in hope of drawing attention to myself. As I entered knee-deep water , I again glanced down. Yep, you could see my pussy , plain as day. There was a vertical slit and wet pussy hair, totally visible with fabric completely disappeared deep in my pussy slit. If nothing at all , my very obvious dripping long pussy hair would surely catch eyes of the onlookers,- it was bad enough already!

As I emerged from the water, I kept my eyes front, not wanting to make eye contact. Finally, as I neared my stuff, I looked around. There were two young boys just ten feet away , staring at my pussy and breasts ; they smiled at me when they caught my eyes looking at them. One of the boys commented , “ Wow. Hay sweety ; you look very sexy like that and hot!!” I just thanked them and turning my back towards them bent to pick up my towel. I am sure they must have got full view of my pink ass hole and dripping hairy pussy from behind. Other than them no one was really watching me. May be this was truly live and let live kind of beach. Wow this was really very good. While I was toweling myself I did not really care to cover my naked body while all the time the two boys were directly staring at my every action. I got complete naked in their presence and stayed for about an hour soaking up my naked body in hot sun. After I was sweaty again I got up and walked naked towards the water. I was very sure that the boys were watching me intently from was really feeling very good when I entered the water to cool off. I must have been swimming for good about thirty minutes. The waves seem to be getting stronger. Possibly it was getting closer to high tide. So I started swimming back to shore. At that moment I must have lost the site of waves coming from behind and under that big wave I was tossed up and down loosing all my control. I managed to get hold of my self and feeling confident I started towards the beach. While nearing in shallow water I noticed the increased number of people around. Standing there in shoulder deep water I cursed myself for being naked. I was complete naked and my nipples were erect. I did not know how to get out of water being noticed. I was complete naked in real sense. Like earlier my mind was unable to come up with suitable idea to get out of this situation. So I decided to follow same method. I emerged from water, kept on looking everywhere with confidence without trying to cover my nakedness and started walking towards the spot where I had left my stuff. I kept walking for some distance and noticed that I have missed the spot where I thought I had left my stuff. I was standing complete naked in the beach crowd looking for my stuff. I realized that I was standing just close to the same spot but my stuff was gone missing. Even the boys who were there were nowhere to be seen. It was obvious that the boys had played on me making away with all by stuff leavening me behind complete naked. I was sure they must have been watching me from the distance ; but there was nothing what could be done . I was total panic now. Did not know what to do. I could not imagine me walking complete naked all the way back to motel.

I wanted to calm was no way to exhibit the panic. I adopted the posture which will make me look confident. Even though many people were staring at my complete naked body , I stood there with my legs little apart; one hand straight down along the body; other hand held up over the eyes as if I was shielding from sun. I let people stare at my breasts and hairy pussy. People were taking chances walking very close to me and looking at my naked body from head to toe. I was gradually feeling excited and turned on now with anticipation.

There was nothing to pick up. I received detailed and surprised look from many girls and boys with their eyes trapped in my freely flowing pussy hair. I heard some comments from one of the girls decrying the revealing unshaved pussy hair so openly. Also there was a boy who insultingly commented that there is a monkey between her legs; other boy commented that since when girls have fashion of growing beard between the legs. Another girl ; I guess she was lesbian; shouted that she would love to lick my pussy juices from my pussy hair. I laughed to myself. I was more confident now and could stand any comments. I decided to take chance and started walking along the beach.

It was great fun walking complete naked along the beach and hearing the comments from the people about my naked state. At the end of the beach I approached the street and walked towards the stop sign at the intersection. There was not much of traffic thought many people were coming and going . I was standing there for the signal to clear. Realizing that it was going to be some more time I was looking for some spot where I can stand un noticed and was moving to a spot little away. As I was standing there ,Suddenly a boy about fourteen came from side and stood in front of me. He was same height as mine and without even asking anything he started touching my pussy hair and asked if he can take some hair for him as token of my beauty. I smiled a t him and assured him he can take it if he has sissors to cut them. At that moment he twirled few long strands of long hair of my pussy lips and unexpectedly pulled them off from roots and ran away in the direction he came from. I ouched in the slight pain at my pussy ; but was amazed to notice the courage of the boy. Suddenly I was aroused and extremely horny.

I continued walking through crowded market areas and streets up to the motel. There were many minor encounters with boys ;some just passed appreciating comments ;some were just like they wanted to fuck me; some offered to shave my pussy; at places people honked or whistled on seeing me. I hurried into the motel lobby; approached the front desk and explained I lost everything. Requested him for another key which took another 15-20 minutes. I did not care to cover my breasts or pussy. I was enjoying the surprised looks and comments from people about my naked state and unshaved pussy. Finally I headed to the stairs to the second floor, where my room was.

About halfway up the stairs, I heard someone coming up behind me. It was a guy, must have been about eighteen years. I glanced back and caught him staring at my naked ass. I smiled at him and decided to give him a full show. Intentionally I twisted my ankle and bent slowly to touch there to relieve me of the pain, being sure to bend only at the waist. When I bent over, he stopped. I looked back at him saying sorry. He was staring , much agape at my fully exposed pussy from behind.

He was mesmerized by my perfect ass spread out before him with growth of long and thick pussy hair .i know from my self examination in the full length mirror that when I bent over, my ass hole gets fully exposed. You couldn’t see the hole itself, but you could easily make out puckered skin around it. Also I was not wearing anything and my pussy hair were hanging out free from already parted pussy lips. And this boy was staring right at it. Still bent over, pretending to be in pain I spread my foot more apart; with one foot on lower step and other foot two steps up i had Iy parted pussy lips and clitoris in his full view. I could tell my lips were now fully spread out and my pussy juices were seen by him. I stayed like that for few more seconds before standing up and continuing on up the stairs.

Once I topped the stairs, I gave him a way to go up and waited there till I was out of his sight. I did not want him to see which room I was staying in. Back in my room, I paused in front of the full length mirror to look at what every one else had seen as I marched from beach back to my room. As expected, everything was on display. The overflowing pussy hair were making it even more obvious. Feeling of excitement grew as I mentally retracked my steps remembering all the people I had passed on the way back to the motel and thinking about the balatant pussy and ass show I gave everyone.
Once I had managed to drag myself to the present , I decided to take a cat nap before getting ready to go out for dinner. I laid down naked on the top on the bedspread and quickly fell asleep.
Turns out I slept much longer than I had intended. I woke up about two hours later. I guess I was still tired from my naked walking. I flipped on my night stand lamp and walked over the sliding doors to the balcony. It wasn’t until I was standing at the doors that I realized I was nicely back-lit, providing a marvelous view to anyone looking up at the second floor of the motel from busy area below. What was getting into me?
I pulled the sheer white curtain closed, leaving the thick venetian blinds open for now. I could deal with silhouette, but balatant second story flashing seemed very wild proposition since it wouldn’t be hard to figure out what room I was in. I quickly showered and re-entered the bedroom to decide what to wear.
I actually had a mini dress. I liked this dress because it added meaning to “ mini”. It was barely covering the top of my breasts and just reached down to cover my ass. When I bent over, the dress would hike up exposing everything. Anyone seeing me bent over would see all bare ass, with but crack hair quite visible and completely visible my hairy pussy. Besides it being extra short, I also really like this dress because it is partially sheer. You could clearly imagine the dark patch of pussy hair from front.
This being the tropic area, I decided to go bra-less and panty less. The dress exposed great deal of cleavage. What wasn’t exposed ,was somewhat visible through the sheer material. I added a light colored scarf to complement the dress and to hide my visible nipples and mitigate some of raunchiness of the outfit.

Now dresses, I completed getting ready by adding a touch of make-up , some wonderful smelling perfume . Going through a guide book I selected the cheapest and most visited restaurant as dinning spot. I decided that since I was dressed the way I was , it was best to stick close to the motel. That way, I was always close to the safety of my room should I get too much unwelcome attention, or just feel a need to retreat.
I left my room and headed to stairs that would take me down to the lobby. Standing at the top of stars , I noted the lobby was crowded. I began to make my way down the stairs, carefully stepping down in my high heels. Just as I neared about five –six steps above the bottom of the stairway, I slipped and came crashing down on my butt, arms and legs akimbo. I let out a shirek which caused half people in the lobby to look my way. There I was , spread out on the stairs, legs apart in a very short, sheer dress and no panties underit. I quickly stood up, tugged the hem of my dress down and strode towards the main exit, many eyes following my every step. I gave the gawkers what they wanted as I swayed my hips side to side as I made my way through the people. Again , I felt excited, naughty feeling as I exited for my dinning restaurant.

Entering the restaurant for dinner was another exciting experience. Again receiving attention from people took me to the heights of thrilling adventure. I approached the reception for the table and the hostess informed me that there was a thirty minutes wait, even for the table for one. I could wait in the bar she told me. I agreed and went to the bar, finding an available tall stool next to an equally tall table in the corner of the bar.
The bar was pretty busy, with many dinners awaiting their tables. I hopped up on the bar stool, crossing my legs instinctively as I sat down. I could feel the cold wooden stool on my ass as I adjusted my position. My dress was too short to fit underneath me when I sat down. I knew if I bent forward, pretty much everything would be visible .

After few minutes , a young waiter came over to and handed me a drink menu. “ I will be right back to take your order.” He informed me. He soon returned and asked what I would have. I hemmed and hawed a bit as I looked at the menu, and looked at him. I put the menu flat on the table and bent forward, looking up at him to ask what was in a certain drinks. Hie mouth fell open as he could see right down the front of my dress. I followed his eyes and glanced down at my now exposed chest. he could see most of my breasts and just a partial view of nipples. I leaned forward a bit more and audibly pondered my drink decision. As I leaned more forward , his eyes travelled further deep inside the dress up to my pussy hair and I could feel the back of my dress rise. My skin prickled as the air conditioned air enveloped my now exposed ass checks. I saw his eyes take in this new development. This time , I pretended to be flustered as I looked back and noted my ass was hanging out. I made a bit of a production of tugging on the back of the dress attempting to hide my butt. “ Damn dress, always riding up.” I said.
I hung out in the bar for about twenty minutes, long enough to offer lots of views to this young guy several more times as he brought me drinks.i was downing those drinks much quicker than normal. I guess I was caught up in the moments of feeling adventurous, rambunctious and naughty. Just as I finished the last drink, the hostess appeared and told me my table would be ready in about three minutes. I called over the waiter and asked my count. I told him I was running to the ladie’s room and would be right back.

Inside the bathroom, I entered a stall, hiked up my dress, sat on the toilet and relieved myself. I washed my hands, and walked back out into the bar. I sware I could feel a breeze blowing up my short dress and caressing my hair pussy, must have been my ( horny) imagination. I got back to my table and the check was waiting. The waiter eagerly appeared as I was about to get my wallet out. He stood there looking down at me as I opened my purse. I was careful to pretend engrossed in fishing my wallet and in that not paying any attention to my wide open legs. I wanted him eto see under my dress and make sure that he knew that I had no panties. Finally, I got the money out and handed it to him. I lustily smiled at him as I got off the stool, taking care to spread my legs more in case anyone from the bar happened to be looking. I headed out of the bar, glanced back and noted he was watching me walk away. I knew the dress clearly highlighted my hips and was sheer enough that he could make out the dark line of my ass crack.

As I was about to open the bar door, I purposefully dropped my receipt and bent over to pick it up, my ass facing the entire barroom. As I bent at the waist, my dress provided a bit of resistance before finally slipping above my hips. I grabbed the receipt, paused to shake some mythical dirt off it, and stood back up, I glanced back and noted amny young visitor boys and girls silently staring at my back. I knew they had just feasted their eyes on unobstructed view of my most private parts. My winking asshole would have been front and center, sitting just above a nice rear view of my hairy pussy mound. What a naught thrill the little show was.

I had a pretty uneventful dinner, with my only exhibitionist activities consisting of walking to and from my table. The table cloth draped over my table kept my pussy and ass flashing to a minimum. Just as well. No need to push my luck…yet.
Fre drinks at the bar, coupled with a filling dinner and two glasses of wine pretty much did me in. after I finished eating, I made my way back to my room. I didn’t do anything particularly risky on my way back up, other than walking through the lobby in a see- through dress with no panties on. As I was putting my key into my door, I heard the door next to em open. A cute boy with girlish face,( same as my age) stepped out holding a room service tray. He was average height and sweet looking. He was wearing only a pair of boxer shorts. He bent down and set his tray on the floor. He glanced up at me as he was standing up. He was startled by my presence, but managed to speak out a “ Hello” before retreating back into his room. I was happy to see I had such a cute next door neighbor. Too bad he ducked back inside before I could show him something he wouldn’t forget.

Inside my room, I flipped on the TV, undressed and took a quick shower. After drying off and running a brush through my hair, I laid down on my bed and flipped channels for a bit. I was still naked and couldn’t resist the temptation to lightly play with my pussy. I just love the way it feels down there. So smooth, soft and fuzzy. As I watched the TV, I used my fingers to move around my pussy lips and lightly stroke my inner thighs and the rest of the area around my pubis. Strangely, I occasionally would hear grunts, moans and other sex sounds coming from somewhere outside my room. I turned off the TV and listened closely. I couldn’t tell where the noises were coming from, but someone was clearly having good time. I pulled on just a long shirt and came out in the corridor to the neighbouring room trying to discover the source of hot sounds. Finally , I walked to the door of the neighbouring room , where the cute guy was staying. With my ear against the door, I clearly heard sounds of someone from inside the room. I had been listening for few minutes when strange noises stopped. It then dawned on me, the guy was awake and was doing something. He must have been watching the video-on demand system the motel offers. I had noted earlier that availability of assorted adult entertainment free.

I stood there, picturing the guy enjoying adult entertainment. At that moment , a very naughty thought entered my mind. Why not make this guy’s fantasies come true? I should do something very extremely crazy to fuck his brains out.

I stood there listening and considering what , if anything I should do. After few more minutes, I decided to go for it. Even though I was up to doing something really crazy, I couldn’t walk over to his room totally naked just like that. Instead, I walked back into my room and closing the door behind me I went to my bathroom and reached the connecting door between the bathrooms of his and my rooms. Silently I checked and found that the door was open. I was shocked to notice that I forgot to close the door when I went out to the beach . it was quite possible that the guy may have entered my room just out of curiosity. Getting my mind out of that thinking I concentrated on trying to hear the noises coming from across the door. I could hear the TV noises from his room quite clearly. I withdrew myself silently and prepared my bedroom to make it look like I have been drinking for quite some time . Placed some empty liquor bottles on the side table along side the half filled glass. I planned that I should appear on the bed in half drunken state. I switched off all the lights except the night lamp and left open the balcony sliding doors. That allowed the ambient light from outside to fall on my bed and my naked body would be clearly visible to anyone standing anywhere in my room. I rehearsed in my mind where on the bed and how I will sleep if the cute boy appears in my room. I just had to do something to make him curious and make him enter my room through the connecting door between the bathrooms. I carefully opened the connecting door and inside his bathroom silently listened to the noises from his room. I was now standing in the bathroom of his suit. Everything appared to be normal except those curious noises. Suddenly I tumbled on something and some bottles crashed on the floor making big noise. I quickly and silently withdrew from his bathroom, closing the connecting door behind me and carefully rushed inside my room throwing myself on the bed pretending as if I had been sleeping complete naked since quite some time. Seeing through half opened eyes I could see my reflection in the large mirror next to my bed. My nipples were clearly visible. I was complete naked. My unshaved pussy, my bare ass, my curvaceous hips, all out in open. Could he just walk in my room?

My question was answered as I heard some movements in my bathroom. Possibly he came over to his bathroom after hearing the crashing noises of falling bottles and found the connecting door slightly open. I felt some silent movements now in my room and there I saw his image. I held my breath as he stood there just wearing his small boxing shorts in the door of the bathroom. I did not know what he was going to do with my naked body. I decided to just let it go the way it would and continued pretending to be deep in sleep after adopting very erotic position for him to see.
I heard him approach closer to my bed. He must have looked at me in the ambient light coming in through the balcony.i tried to look at him through squinted eyes. Seeing my complete naked body spread on the bed in very erotic position he stood there looking at me from head to toe. He took a step back and waited , anxiously , to see if I was awake; looked all around the room just to see everything. Again he was staring at my complete naked body; his eyes appeared to be caught in the mesh of my thick pussy hair. I assumed he was amazed to find himself in the room of drunk naked girl with unshaved pussy at eleven pm

Deciding to play this to the hilt, I suddenly spread my legs wide apart displaying my pussy in his full view and reached my pussy and started scratching my pussy uncontrollably all over in the thickest of my pubic hair and right in the clit up and down. This sexy display further caught the guy by surprise, if that was still possible. He must have decided at an impulse and started scratching my pussy lightly along side my hand. I slowly retreated my hand as his hand and fingers picked up intensity in scratching my pussy. My pussy was responding to his every touch and scratching at those sensitive areas there.

After a bit of vigorous scratches on my pussy the boy took a position on my bed next to me and started touching my breasts and nipples with other hand. My body was totally out of control and wanted his hands to touch me every where. I was thrusting my pussy to his entering fingers and my breasts for his exciting touch every where. He must have realized that I did not understand exactly what was happening though my body was responding sexually to his every touch.

The guy was still wearing only his boxer shorts I saw on him earlier. He seemed thinly built and was getting noticeably excited by the response of my naked body. Emboldened by the reaction my naked body was having on his loins, I decided to really go for it. At one of those particular moment when his hand was holding my pussy tightly with his finger inside I suddenly closed my thighs tight not letting him pull his hand out from there. He was kind of surprised and allowed his eyes fastened on my naked body. I wondered what exactly was going through his mind. He must have been thinking about what a fantasy-come –true this was.

He was pretty excited. It seemed every time I moved he would regress a bit his physical actions wise. While he was contemplating about his next action, I just pretended to be half awake and responding sensually to his touch on my breasts, or his tinkering around my very wet pussy. He continued his play with my naked body and just watched, with mouth open and wide eyes. Suddenly I felt him moving towards my legs. He spread my legs wide open and placed himself between them ; brought his face slowly along the side of my thighs. His hit breathing on inside of my upper thighs was too exciting and threw me in frenzy of sexual excitement. My mind anticipated his next move and I was too pleased to let that happen. He placed his lips on my throbbing pussy lips and started kissing deeply all over. I was thrown in heaven of heavens.
Spontaneously my hips started thrusting my pussy into his mouth. I knew I was completely out of control and my pussy was flowing all juices like stream. I felt his fingers spreading my pussy juices all over my pussy and down below up yo mu anus. Every thing appeared to be so slippery and wet there. I could feel the tip of his finger trying to enter my anus. I bent my knees a bit, arched my back and let him begin pushing his finger into me. I could feel my splincter muscles give a bit as his finger slowly entered me. I focused on relaxing and let him finger my ass with ease and increased intensity. He was looking intently engrossed in fingering my pussy and anus.

He then slowly withdrew his hands and very gently pulled my body towards the feet of the bed and placed at an angle. There were some movements I could not see though I believe he freed himself from his shorts and placed himself with his feet towards my head. With this position his face was still between my legs at my pussy and my face was close to his thighs. When he took the position I could smell his sex. He was now on his elbows, with his legs parted. I could see his nearly hairless balls dangling between his legs. His cock was rock hard and hanging from his flat stomach, pointing right yp towards my chin. I slightly adjusted my head, positioning myself between his legs. While he was sucking and biting my pussy I gathered his intention and brought my lips just touching his penis. I took his cock with my lips. When he brought the tip of his penis close to my lips I just gently held on to it still pretending to be unaware of his presence and as if I was dreaming of some sexual experience. I slightly turned myself on my left side letting him full access to my pussy and anus and lightly holding his penis into my mouth. I slowly started sucking on his penis. Within moments I felt his erection and the throbbing sensation in his shaft. I lowered my head further and put the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked applying as much pressure as I could.i rolled my tongue around his cock head while it was in my mouth. I released the sucking pressure and slid my mouth over the tip of his penis. I decided I was going to give this guy a blow job he would never forget.
He looked good naked. Not especially muscular, but lean and strong looking. I noticed his didn’t have any body hair. Just not a hairy guy, I guess. He had strong looking penis. It was fully erect and appeared to have an interesting curve to it. He didn’t have much pubic hair either. Well, to me, it looked good and very sexy. I decided that me too will have my pussy hair nicely trimmed for similar situation.

I continued slowly engulfing his dick, quarter inch by quarter inch. I was determined to see how much if it I could take in. I got it about half way in and slowly let it slip back out between my lips. I took a breath and started back down. I hit the halfway point this time and kept going. I felt he was thrusting his penis deep in my throat. I squeezed my mouth tightly around his penis, concentrating on shifting my gag reflex. I felt his cock head touch the back of my throat and I unconsciously tightened my grip on his cock shaft with my lips and teeth. I felt he was trying to withdraw his penis; very next moment he was again thrusting in my tight mouth. With my mouth tightly holding his penis, I felt my nose touch his pubic hair. Almost there. I took a deep breath through my nose and further tightened grip of my lips and teeth on his dick. I close my lips tightly around the base of his cock and opened my mouth wide open sucking his balls. He moaned with pleasure.

Having achieved my cock sucking goal, I slowly let his dick slide back out of my mouth, my lips tightly wrapped around his member. I then began quickly sliding it in and out of my mouth while I pumped his shaft with my lips tightly grasping his penis. I let go of his balls which were now freely slapping on my face. I had to concentrate to keep my head steady and continue pumping his cock shaft with my closed mouth.
He began to tense up and seemed to be skipping breaths. He was about to cum. I kept sucking, pumping, and sliding. After a few more strokes, he was right on the edge, about to let go. At the exact right moment, just as he was about to erupt, I gave him a deep severe bite on his sensitive penis. It was as if I had opened the floodgates of a dam. He began spewing load after load of cum. The first couple of blobs I caught in my mouth. The last few I watched shoot out of his dick and land on my breasts. I was watching his pulsating cock over my face with pleasure.
When he finally finished his minor convulsions and stopped spewing cum, he relaxed and let out a breathless, Wow”.

Wow, indeed , I said to myself in my mind.
After all that, I was incredibly horny again.

At that moment my right hand was next to my face when his body rested with exhaustion ; as it naturally happened his penis came in my right hand; I guess it was my natural response in deep sleep ; I pulled his penis to my mouth and started sucking his penis intensely with my tongue going over every sensitive skin of his glance with pressure. After a couple of moments, the vains in his dick got highly pronounced as my lips began tightly sucking. As I did this, he reached my pussy and began intense fingering and sucking of my pussy, he was using all his teeth on my clit. Hhis face was buried in my pussy as his penis ejaculated second time with strong spurting of his cum. As he withdrew from my mouth I slid myself around, to gice him better view up between my legs. The way I was positioned , my legs were spread right in front of him giving him clear view of my dripping unshaved pussy erotically inviting his penis to cum in.

He looked at my naked body as if to say,” Okay , what next.” What to do now, I wondered to myself. I took the stock of my situation. I had repeated orgasms when he was sucking biting and fingering my pussy while lying totally naked in the bed in full view of a complete stranger who entered my room through the open bathroom. This total stranger , whose name I did not even know, was sitting next to me , also naked, with his cock dripping. And my naked body was inviting him to fuck me like never before. Indeed , what to do next….
I realized that I was not on pills protection and it was time to stop any further development. At appropriate moment I managed to swipe my hand as if I was stirring in my sleep and making the empty bottles fall crashing down the floor. He suddenly was scared of those noises and quickly made to his room through the bathroom. I heard him closing the door silently.

Once he was out of my room it took me some time to come to reality. After a bout thirty minutes I got up and noticed that he had forgotton his boxer shorts in my room ; actually I liked his unintended present to me. I did not know if he would come back to pick up is boxer shorts. I did not want to make him believe that I left the bathroom door intentionally open to let him come ; so I left the room as it was and I flopped down on my back on my bed, threw my arms back over my head, took a deep breath and mentally reprimanded myself for doing something so raunchy. I guess it was good thing that I was leaving back home tomorrow, I told myself.

I wonder what I should wear?

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