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“But Mom, I want to go with my friends for Summer camp?”

“Well you can go after we are done with the modification.”

“No way!” By then the school vacation will be over.

“Well, there’s always will be opportunities for that Erica.” she said.

“OK .For how long?”

“I dunno may be few weeks or so.”

“Yeah, right,” I said as I rolled my eyes. My Mom fancied herself a home improvement expert and I have to admit that her projects eventually turned out pretty good. But you could always take her estimate of how long something would take to finish and multiply it by about three or four. Knocking out a wall and adding a walk-in closet didn’t sound like a “few weeks or so” project to me so I mentally prepared myself to be out for moms job for at least a month.

“Alright then,” she replied. “If you don’t like either of those options I can always set up someone else to do that for me .But then like I always think first about you .That allows you to make some pocket money . And then It’ll be like camping out .You can request your friends to join you.”

“To check and do your renovation work there?” I whined.

“Well it’s all up to you,” she replied little disappointed. “It’ll be a fun time for you and your friend. There is everything you need. Listen, Erica, I’m not going to do everything you need to be comfortable there .Though first you have to reach there and just let me know what all you need.”

Finally I got influenced by mom and I convinced my friends Andrea and Chrystal to join me. We all were looking for some time away from parents and have summer fun .I was to go there first .Two bed rooms and washroom was supposed to be available for us for some time .I had to make little arrangements and by then Andrea and Chrystal were to join me .

On that beautiful summer evening mom drove me one hundred miles away to the site of the house under renovation. We reached there about five PM .We walked around and noticed that certain work was already started. Mom had to leave back immediately for her other routine work .As soon as mom left I got a call from Andrea telling that she couldn’t come because they had some guests suddenly and her mom needed her help till their stay with them for the week. Soon later Chrystal too called in informing similar situation and I was left alone wondering what I was going to do alone there all that time.

Completely disappointed and having no option to get away from the situation I entered the house just to look how it looks and what all is going to be done. To my surprise I noticed that the construction workers have ripped off all the rooms and washrooms leaving no room or washroom for my use .That was totally a shock to me .How was I going to live there? As it happened that day when mom was busy whole day till she took me to the site the construction workers ripped of other portions of house and there was virtually no place to live in the house .

I called mom and explained her situation and did not know what to do .Mom said she will call me back soon. Within about an hour some people came and brought me a small camping tent along with field toilet and erected in the backyard of the house .Mom called and explained me what she did and that was most she could do in a situation.

So that’s how I came to find myself sleeping in a small two-person tent in my backyard for nearly a month. With an air mattress, a sleeping bag, a couple of pillows and some music to listen to I wasn’t exactly roughing it, and after the first couple of nights I decided it wasn’t so bad.

Very next day Mom had to go out to other town for her additional work and asked me to continue living in that tiny tent in the backyard till her return .And suddenly I realised that possibly this was going to be one of best opportunities to bring out my fantacies into reality. Next morning as I was getting up late mom called informing that earlier workers have been discontinued and it will be another few more days till alternate arrangement is worked out; though I was to continue there.

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