Jahnavi Bhabhi Part 1

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Hello readers, this is vicky back with a story to share with you guys. Get ready to read, relate and enjoy. To tell about Jahnavi bhabhi, she is a perfect package. She is thirty-two years old but has her figure maintained so well. She has a wheatish complexion and her skin looks so luscious.

She is a perfect balance of a little white and a little dusky tone. She has got curves that a woman needs to have at right places. She usually wears slim fit churidars and leggings. Her neckline is considerably deep. Her dresses don’t cooperate much to give a cleavage show.

The look of her deep neck when she doesn’t wear a dupatta is enough to get tempted for her. I usually get a lot of sneak peeks at her cleavage when she bends as she usually doesn’t wear a dupatta at home.

She wears a saree very rarely. But when she wears one, you can’t resist looking at her navel. Her side boobs through that blouse show her heavy bust. The cleavage is minimum. But the transparent pallu decently exposes her deep neck. Her saree drapes her ass so well that the shape is clearly visible.

Her color, thickness with such attires just add up to her beauty and overall, she is a goddess. Her deep eyes give her a lustful appearance which very few women have on their face. Right from the first time we met, she treated me like a friend and not like her husband’s younger brother.

It has been five years since their marriage. For the first year, my brother and bhabhi were sexually active. I used to hear my bhabhi moaning slightly at night as their room was just beside mine. As years passed, their sex life got worse and worse.

My brother started working overtime at the office due to the vast development of our business. He spent most of his time traveling to other cities for meeting clients. In such a busy life, he slowly took bhabhi for granted and I could see that. Bhabhi had been very understanding.

She waited for him to change like before with a lot of patience. She tried explaining and convincing him. But failed as my brother got more and more involved in the business. She just left all hopes and even stopped convincing him to spend time with her.

I started trying to spend some time with Jahnavi bhabhi. My brother and father would be at the office and my mom asleep in her room upstairs every day. I slowly found ways to get close to her. As I completed B. Tech and was free at home temporarily, I could give her the time she needed.

I used to help her with cooking or cleaning dishes. We spent most of the time in the kitchen and talked about different things. I always tried to get the topic of sex or something very kinky. But couldn’t gather my courage to do that with her. But for now, I got closer than before.

She has started feeling comfortable around me which is a good sign. One evening I came home after playing cricket with my friends and got really sweaty. I found that there is no one at home. I went to my room to bathe. The shower in my bathroom stopped working in the middle of the bath.

I tried other taps but it didn’t work. I put my towel on and went to my brother and bhabhi’s room to check if the water is coming in that. The shower was working there. So I decided to take a shower in that bathroom. The bathroom’s knob broke and I could not lock it from inside.

I thought its ok as no one is at home. I just closed the door without locking it. As I was taking my bath, I heard someone entering the room. I heard my mom’s voice. I thought that my bhabhi and my mom must have come back home. I started washing the soap off me.

I heard bhabhi entering her room. But I kept quiet and continued bathing. She started talking to me from outside and the conversation went like this.

Jahnavi bhabhi: vinay, you are home early today? Let’s have a bath together. It’s been years doing it. Wait for me I am coming.

Me in my mind: vinay? No, I am vicky, bhabhi. She thinks that I am my brother. What to do? Should I say that it’s me? Damn it

My heart rate was going high. The idea of going to see my bhabhi naked was making my blood boil and flow into the right places. Meanwhile, she got naked outside the bathroom and opened the door. I was facing the wall and she could see my bareback.

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