How I fucked my bestie

Hey this is Pankaj, 19 years 5’11 and average, fair looking guy. I never had a girlfriend before as I was always shy around girls. I’d never talk to them unless spoken to.

When I was in 8th, I moved to a new school and was sad since I had no friends. But a girl came upto me and invited me to her home for hee birthday party along with all our classmates. It was that day we became friends and she even introduced me to her friends. Her name was Tanusree. Turns out her house was just a few blocks away from mine. We became close so fast everyone in the school thought we were a couple. Even our parents started having each other’s families over for lunch or dinner. As years passed, her assets bulged and currently she’s 32-26-32. Her dressing sense too became more modernized.

And when I was at her home she’d just wear some shorts and a t shirt with or without her bra. I started developing sexual feelings to her and occasionally I’d touch her on purpose or so. She wouldn’t mind, I’d just say by mistake or something. Soon our exams started and at the same time my parents had to go out of town. I’m an ace in mathematics which was the final exam whereas she had some trouble with it. So her parents asked me to help her out while combined studies.

“My parents are out of town so no one will be in the house… Is that no problem?” I said.

Her mom just laughed and said it was okay and my house is not that far anyway. So Tanu came over 2 days before exam wearing a white top and gray leggings. She was looking very sexy, i kept staring at her. She pushed me inside and went in. We studied for some time and then i got bored since i already finished all those chapters but stayed with her. Soon both of us were bored and my stomach growled. She said she just learnt a new recipe and she’ll prepare it. I said no no i wont probably live if u cook. She went to kitchen and started cooking. While doing some oil fell on her shirt and it made all her chest area transparent. My eye caught sight of her black bra and my penis started jumping up and down. She didn’t mind and started the stove. Immediately due to the oil on her dress, it caught fire. She shouted and went back. I ran to her and tried to put out the fire with my hands. I slapped her chest until all the flames got reduced. By now her top was burned and her bra too was singed and her strap fell open. Her chest was nearly full bare and boobs were out. She covered them with her hands and groaned in pain. The side of her right breast was burned a little. I carried her to my room and got some ointment. I insisted that I’ll rub it even though she tried to argue but eventually she agreed. She opened her hands slightly and the burned area was visible. I rubbed the ointment by gently massaging her right boob.bShe was slowly giving in and moving her hand away and away. At a point her whole right boob was visible. It was beautiful, round like an orange and dark, erect nipples. My fingers slowly crept up to her nipple without involuntarily. With other hand she kept on hitting me and annoying me. I said stop it but she just laughed and kept on doing it. I told her do it one more time and I’m going to pin your hands. She did it again. That was it, i got on top of her, caught both her hands and pinned them above her head. Now she was naked above her abdomen. Her underarms were smooth shaved and waxed. I got caught in the moment and felt my member hardening so i immediately got off and she too covered her chest again. I gave her one of my t-shirts which was a lil too big but she was cute in it. We went back to studying but it was really hard for me to focus. I kept glancing at her. Since the shirt was big her boobs can be seen whenever she bends and i kept eyeing her butt as well. It was almost 9 and she threw the books aside and slept on her back. She stretched her arms wide and laid them on her stomach. Her nipples were poking through the t shirt and fuck i couldn’t hold it anymore. I fell on top of her and kissed her. She fought it but i pinned her hands and kept kissing. She wriggled her hands free and slapped me. I said what? You wanted it right? I looked at her, she was shocked. I immediately regretted what I’ve done. She just got up and stormed off. I apologized but she turned a deaf ear on me. She didn’t talk to me the next day either. I felt like an idiot, and really really guilty and ashamed. I saw after exam the next day. Whenever I hurt her or she hurts me, we give a chocolate to express our sorry. So I bought a big one and gave it but she just rejected it and went away. I was heartbroken. I went straight home.

At night, the doorbell rang and it was Tanu. I let her in but couldn’t face her. After an awkward silence I was about to apologize when she locked her lips on mine. I immediately pulled back and asked what r u doin?

She replied ‘Pankaj im sorry about that day, i too felt it but I was really scared and then i slapped you. I couldn’t face u. But i want u so bad’. And again she put her lips on mine and this time i returned the favour. I lifted her and she put her legs around my waist. I ran my hands on her back inside her shirt. We were kissing each other very violently only stopping to breathe in between. I took her to my room and she removed my shirt as soon as we got in. I placed her on the bed and removed her shirt as well. I placed kisses on her neck, upper chest and my hands creeped up to her bra strap and i unclasped them. And her breasts fell out. I squeezed them gently at first making her moan. I massaged them slowly increasing her pleasure touch by touch. I still had that chocolate, i broke it into pieces and placed those pieces on her lips, each of her boobs and her waist. I started eating them one by one.

By now she was gasping and breathing so heavily. Her chest was going up and down and causing crazy vibrations in me. I opened her pant button and removed it slowly and felt her smooth and silky legs. I started to open her panties but she closed her legs and said ‘I don’t know anything about this, I want you to enjoy this’. I went close to her and said let’s teach you then. I opened my laptop and played a porn video in my collection. I made her sit on me and showed her. They started making out. Tanu was looking at it so intently but I was totally engrossed in her body. I rubbed her waist, boobs and slowly opened her legs and she gave in this time. In the video the girl and boy were in 69 position and started sucking each other’s privates. Tanu opened her eyes wide and said ‘that whole thing fit inside her mouth. Wow’. I wasn’t listening i was kissing her neck and inserted my hands inside her panty. And i felt her clit. She looked up and moaned. I kept rubbing it until it was soaking wet. Then i pushed a finger inside her and she shouted loudly. I fingered her fast for 10 mins until she came. The video was over and my patience was too. So i pushed her back onto bed and pulled her panties and spread her legs wide. There was no hair, and her pussy was a little darker than her surrounding skin. I removed my pants too and she saw my 6′ dick for the first time. She held it in her hands and stroked. She said let’s do the same position so we got into 69. I licked her pussy while she kept took my cock in her mouth. She started off slow but was good at it and i was trying not cum fast. I kept working my tongue on her pussy. She started taking my penis really deep into her throat and now my balls wanted to be emptied. I stood up, made her head hanging to side of bed and stood back of her head and pushed my cock straight into her mouth. I pushed every inch of it inside her throat and shot my load straight down into her stomach. By now she was choking so i pulled out and immediately gasped for air.

We both were ready for the next thing. She was sleeping on her back, so i slowly penetrated her pussy and popped her cherry. She cried and tears came running down her cheek and blood down her pussy. I kissed her and played with her tits to make her over come the pain. It took some time but soon she was moaning with pleasure. And i kept on increasing the pace. Then i made her get on all fours and fucked her in doggy position. I fucked her so hard she kept on screaming loudly. The sound of her moans, my stomach slapping on her butt, and the view of her boobs bouncing up and down and her pussy sucking my dick inside like a magnet was making me over the edge. I told her i was about to cum and she pulled out and held my dick very hard to keep me from cumming. Seeing my look of surprise, she smiled naughty and said she saw it in the video. She pushed me onto the bed and rubbed her boobs all over my face and held my dick and positioned it on her entrance. She kept rubbing the tip on her clit and was teasing me. I couldn’t hold anymore so i surprised her by pushing my hips and my dick slid inside her. She jumped a little and started moving her hips very fast. She took my hands and placed them on her boobs to keep them from jumping up and down. After 10 mins or so soon she climaxed and immediately i pulled out and came on her tits. After she cleaned herself she came and slept on me and we had another session them she went home. We kept having sex whenever we were alone in our houses.

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