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Hi iam ricky i live in coimbatore. Now I’m 23 from school itself I use to stare at teachers and neighbour aunt
And masturbate one day i was masturbating in my room that time there is no one in my house so i freely doing that that time my house owner aunty came inside without any noise and caught me masturbating then she went.

Let’s tell about the Aunty her name is janani, she is a sexy lady her age is 45 but she look like sex boom her boobs and ass are so big sexy her husband dose not satisfy her.

After that days passed one day she came down and got ready for college and went out to take bike she called me and said’can i come with you i will drop in hopes’ i said okay then we started while travelling she asked me what you do in that day i tell it’s my personal.

The she asked ‘can i tell about this to your mother’ i said no then you want obey my orders i said okay. Then u dropped her and went to college she call me in evening and told to pick her up then while going home she said ‘do the real sex with me to night’ by saying she placed her hands on my cock I shocked and ask what about uncle. He is not coming home today so you come to my home I will talk to your mother and we reached home.

Then asked my mother to stay me in house because her husband was not in home then I go up at 11pm he is so sexy in her nighty . I locked the door and hug her at back. And started kissing her neck shoulder and removed her nighty and sucked her nipples kiss her lips and then she removed my pants.

And put my dick in her mouth and sucking it hardly then I made her up and sucked her pussy. The he said’ insert inside me pleasure then I rubb her pussy with my cock and insert inside.

Then I fucked her hardly he moaning like ‘ahhhhhhhhhohhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhh, hmmmmhmhmhmhmmmm yesss,
Then she sat on me she fucked me this continue for 20 minutes.

Then we take rest and asked her I want to fuck you ass, she said I didn’t have in that. Why your husband will not tease that ah. Yeah no . Okay today I will open that with my cock.

Then I took her to dinning table and her stand in back position by holding table I applies oil in her ass and also in my cock and started fucking at first she cried said’ it’s so painfully da’ then later she enjoyed it then fuck her badly and hold here and went to bed and put her fuck her hardly’ ahhhhhohhhhh yesssssuhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmyeahhhhhh oh my god.
I had cum where should I leave she said leave it inside.

Then it cum and leave inside her and then we get to sleep with Huging nudely till morning..

Okay if you like send me comments or any unsatisfied married women’s in coimbatore want safe and secure sex mail me to [email protected]

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