A man who loves to give and receive anal from women

Hello friends,

I am 41 years old man from Chandigarh. I am into business and doing well in life. As everyone here is crazy for sex, I am also one of them. I am married now and have kids too.

This story happened before my marriage, I had a GF who was married and we were very close to each other emotionally and physically. So, we used to meet for 2-3 days in one month or two.

Initially our sex life was OK but with time, we opened with each other a lot and explored each other a lot.

I remember one time, while foreplay, she started to touch my anus and I felt really good, she asked me if I am liking it and I said “yes”, she tried more and more and I was in heaven and she was just smiling and getting wild and she said in laugh “to tumhe khush hona chahiye, you have more spots which can give pleasure” I was little embarrassed and I stopped her to do that and we had great time together.

After that meeting, that touch of her on my anus was all over my mind and I was getting crazy. while talking on the phone, she asked me you really liked na, I said I loved it but I am little ashamed, either you may think I am a gay or what. She was laughing like crazy and said why the hell are you a gay, you are just a lucky man that you enjoy that area as well your girl friend is so open that she would love to give you that pleasure. I asked “How?”, she said let the right time comes and we will discuss.

Next time, when we met she again started doing it and asked me if she can give me oil massage. I was happy for that, while she was massaging my head, neck and back, she started to play with my butts and I was getting crazy like hell, I couldn’t hold her touch and I was moaning so much and she was just enjoying and trying to put more oil into my ass hole.

Then, she did something crazy, she put one of her finger inside and I was like “NOOOO” that was a pain with lot of pleasure and she stopped and asked what happened, I said I am feeling little pain, she said don’t worry and I will do it slowly, I said OK. Then she asked me to pose like a doggy so that she can give massage from back side.

I can’t tell you how much pleasure I got that day and I cummed so hard without her touch on my cock. That was so crazy and then we talked about it and discussed. She said it is OK and don’t think anything negative about it, just enjoy and I am very happy for you. Also, this makes her crazy and horny and after that day, our sex life became very wild.

One day she asked me either I want something big there, I asked “how?” she said we can try some object or we can order a toy online. I asked if she is serious and she said I’m damm serious. Wow! what a girl.

Then we checked few online stores and ordered a strapon which she can wear and that will act as a dick for me. We ordered it on my office address and we planned that whenever we will meet next time, I will bring that with me. Wow, that few weeks were so crazy for both of us, we were discussing about it and laughing, getting aroused and so on.

And then that day came, when we met. when we took hotel room and checked in, her first question was, show me that, I can’t wait to give pleasure to you. I said it is big in size more than we expected and she said “Really?” and I was scared and I don’t think it can ever go inside. She said “Don’t worry, we will try, if it doesn’t then we will stop and we can use lot of lubricants”, I said yes, first you have to give me massage and make me horny. Then she asked me to show that strapon, when she saw that, she blushed and said wow, what a great life. Wait for the night and today she will take my anal virginity!

Then in the evening, she asked me to take 1-2 drinks and it was evening, romantic music was playing, she asked me to take bath as well took her bath. we kissed passionately and she asked me to get ready for the massage. I laid down, she blindfolded me and asked me just to relax, don’t try to open it and just be relaxed and enjoy the moment.

I can’t tell you how excited I was, my cock was dripping with the precum and she said she is also wet as hell. Then I laid down and she started to put oil and gave me massage from top to bottom. We both were excited and after some time, I was ready for the real action, and she started to touch my anus and put lot of oil and asked me to bring out my butts like a dog and then she spanked it, uff, I was in heaven, then I started to feel like she was rubbing something on my whole, like I used to rub on my pussy and suddenly I said “OMG”, is that the dick, she said “Keep quiet and don’t dare to open your blindfold”

I was now under her control, slowly I was feeling some pressure of her fingers and then something big, she slowly tried to insert the strapon, initially I didn’t feel any pain but when she inserted more, I was in deep pain and I jumped, she laughed but controlled and said, sorry, she will be slow as she couldn’t control her excitement. In the mean time, my blindbold got open and I say, she was wearing that straopn, wow, can’t tell how hot she was looking. She was topless with a big dick strapped around her pussy, uff, I got so horny, I jumped on her, smooched her and asked her if I can suck her dick, she said yes do it, do it..wow..wow

After some time, she again asked me to bend like a doggy as she wanted to finish her job this time, I told her to be slow and put more oil, she did and slowly she started to insert. Now I was imagining her cock and pumps and slowly, that dick was going inside me, uff, it was so hot, I was in the heaven, I can’t tell how pleasurable that was, she also holded my cock now and was pushing slowly and it was a mixture of pain and pleasure.

After few pushes, I exploded, I couldn’t control and I cummed too much. It was one of the best nights in my life. This opened a great relationship between us, whenever we were drunk and horny, she explored my anal side.

As she was already married and it was difficult to continue the relationship for lifetime, we had to separate and we separated after few years on good and friendly grounds as she moved to the Canada and I am now in India and married and have a very dull sex life.

I miss those days, if any couple, lady also has this kind of interest and want to explore kinky side of their sex life, they can write me at [email protected]. Thank you guys, i hope you liked my first story.

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