Cold Night with Tenant (True story)

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True story – Cold Night With My Tenant

This is a story based on true events that happened to my friend Raghav (Narrator) and I’m adding some creativity of my adult sense with some romantic and erotic moments.

My name is Raghav and my age is 23 living in decent surroundings in Bangalore. I completed my Engineering Degree in a college and now working in a Company. I had a Girlfriend who also used to study with me but a different department. We started our love life when I proposed to her in my 2nd Year, She was cute, beautiful, and Intelligent. She is a type of girl who maintains distance from other boys in College. She was selected by an MNC company from Chennai. So we maintained a long-distance relationship as well as it was possible. I used to go to Chennai, 2 months once. She came to Bangalore for some Hometown leave from her company.

In my house we used to have 3 floors, Ground Floor was rented by a family ( 40yr Good looking Nirmala Aunty, Her husband Subash and their 20yr slim Beautiful Daugther Narmadha). On the Second Floor, I and my family used to live. On the third floor, there used to be a terrace with a room where I used to live. I have a Computer in that room where I used to work and to do kinds of stuff that I wish like jerking and watching porn movies.

Describing Narmadha is quite easy. She was a Beautiful not much smart and Slim looking girl. I don’t know why I used to have weird feeling s when I see her but I used to calm myself telling me that I have a Girlfriend. But my mother and her mother got friends in a short span so that she used to come to our home and used to talk with my mother most of the time. But we never crossed paths most of the time. As she never came to my room.

One day I was watching a Bollywood Movie, then happened this amazing moment for the first time for me which I never even also felt with my Girlfriend.

Someone knocked on the door of my room, I asked who is that, a sweet voice said ” It’s me BRO”
I opened the door with confusion who is that calling me BRO.
When I opened the door, that’s when it happened a beautiful structure with a slim and sleek body was standing opposite to me, It was Narmadha those beautiful brown eyes which were shining in bright and her Salwar kameez dress, without shawl her average-sized boobs was easily visible to be attractive.

I was statued with that body for over 20 seconds, then when she shrugged to me I cleared my thoughts and said “ Yeah, come in” and continued “ What are you doing here?”
She replied “ Your Maa is busy in cooking so she asked me to give this to you”
I gave her a chair and told her to sit down and asked “ What’s in that Box?”
She sat and saw the movie which I was watching and said “Is that the Romantic Movie was released a month ago?” a saw me.
I nodded and raised my eyebrows by looking at the box. Suddenly she took her eyes from the monitor and gave a cute smile. By seeing her smile I was swept right out of my thought and went to the thought of kissing her lips above and below in a sudden and squeezing those butts for a short time.

As she replied my senses came alive from that beautiful thought “It’s Gulab Jamun made by me”.
I said “I love you” and saw her with face, she was so confused by hearing that and looked at me, then I realized what I have told but I saw a surprise in her eyes. I asked “ What’s so special today? Is it your birthday?”
She shook her head horizontally and said “NO”, and continued ” Just made Casually and thought that you guys should have some, your maa loved it and said that you love Gulab Jamun so I brought to you”

While I was eating we watched a movie together and then came to this romantic kissing scene and I saw her face which glowed brightly in the screen brightness and her eyes were so beautiful with all that brightness. Then I moved my head to her to see her eyes more closely, but after seeing it so close I couldn’t resist myself. I managed myself to be usual when I saw that her hair was in the way of her eyes, so I combed her hair in the back of her ear. As she saw me doing it her eyes closed and she bitted her lower lips with her teeth which made me feel something unusual and thought that “If that lip is let alone then it’s a huge sin”.

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