Cold Night with Tenant (True story)

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True story – Cold Night With My Tenant

This is a story based on true events that happened to my friend Raghav (Narrator) and I’m adding some creativity of my adult sense with some romantic and erotic moments.

My name is Raghav and my age is 23 living in decent surroundings in Bangalore. I completed my Engineering Degree in a college and now working in a Company. I had a Girlfriend who also used to study with me but a different department. We started our love life when I proposed to her in my 2nd Year, She was cute, beautiful, and Intelligent. She is a type of girl who maintains distance from other boys in College. She was selected by an MNC company from Chennai. So we maintained a long-distance relationship as well as it was possible. I used to go to Chennai, 2 months once. She came to Bangalore for some Hometown leave from her company.

In my house we used to have 3 floors, Ground Floor was rented by a family ( 40yr Good looking Nirmala Aunty, Her husband Subash and their 20yr slim Beautiful Daugther Narmadha). On the Second Floor, I and my family used to live. On the third floor, there used to be a terrace with a room where I used to live. I have a Computer in that room where I used to work and to do kinds of stuff that I wish like jerking and watching porn movies.

Describing Narmadha is quite easy. She was a Beautiful not much smart and Slim looking girl. I don’t know why I used to have weird feeling s when I see her but I used to calm myself telling me that I have a Girlfriend. But my mother and her mother got friends in a short span so that she used to come to our home and used to talk with my mother most of the time. But we never crossed paths most of the time. As she never came to my room.

One day I was watching a Bollywood Movie, then happened this amazing moment for the first time for me which I never even also felt with my Girlfriend.

Someone knocked on the door of my room, I asked who is that, a sweet voice said ” It’s me BRO”
I opened the door with confusion who is that calling me BRO.
When I opened the door, that’s when it happened a beautiful structure with a slim and sleek body was standing opposite to me, It was Narmadha those beautiful brown eyes which were shining in bright and her Salwar kameez dress, without shawl her average-sized boobs was easily visible to be attractive.

I was statued with that body for over 20 seconds, then when she shrugged to me I cleared my thoughts and said “ Yeah, come in” and continued “ What are you doing here?”
She replied “ Your Maa is busy in cooking so she asked me to give this to you”
I gave her a chair and told her to sit down and asked “ What’s in that Box?”
She sat and saw the movie which I was watching and said “Is that the Romantic Movie was released a month ago?” a saw me.
I nodded and raised my eyebrows by looking at the box. Suddenly she took her eyes from the monitor and gave a cute smile. By seeing her smile I was swept right out of my thought and went to the thought of kissing her lips above and below in a sudden and squeezing those butts for a short time.

As she replied my senses came alive from that beautiful thought “It’s Gulab Jamun made by me”.
I said “I love you” and saw her with face, she was so confused by hearing that and looked at me, then I realized what I have told but I saw a surprise in her eyes. I asked “ What’s so special today? Is it your birthday?”
She shook her head horizontally and said “NO”, and continued ” Just made Casually and thought that you guys should have some, your maa loved it and said that you love Gulab Jamun so I brought to you”

While I was eating we watched a movie together and then came to this romantic kissing scene and I saw her face which glowed brightly in the screen brightness and her eyes were so beautiful with all that brightness. Then I moved my head to her to see her eyes more closely, but after seeing it so close I couldn’t resist myself. I managed myself to be usual when I saw that her hair was in the way of her eyes, so I combed her hair in the back of her ear. As she saw me doing it her eyes closed and she bitted her lower lips with her teeth which made me feel something unusual and thought that “If that lip is let alone then it’s a huge sin”.

Then I didn’t know where I got the courage I kissed her lower lips and then upper lips and again lower and upper but I was scared after kissing that she would tell everyone about what I did, but she didn’t open her eyes until I leave her lips then she slowly opened her eyes I saw a joy in that eyes and her lips slowly started smiling with a cute small smile she again made me feel that way which I felt before and I again started kissing her lips this time also responded but kissing me then we both couldn’t stop it for 5 minutes, once we stopped she smiled again that cute small smile and I said: ” If you kept smiling like that I couldn’t resist myself from kissing you Narmadha”. Then she said, ” Then I would be giving you that smile all day”. Again I kissed her but this time even harder our tongues collided and rolled our tongues when I touched her boobs with the clothes she moaned like ” Ahhh… Ahhhh..”

When I was going to squeeze those boobs my phone started to ring from the ringtone I got to know it was my mother and we stopped and signaled her to keep quiet and attended the call and said ” Hello Maa” and she told me to come down for a bit, I asked “Why Maa?”, she said that she needs some help for buying some groceries and I replied that ” I would come in few minutes” and said to Narmadha that ” Now we should definitely leave or she would come here”, before going down I held her hands and said to her ” That I would love to watch the movie again with you”. Then she left first then I followed after a few minutes.

I told my maa that I would not come down tonight to sleep because I’m going to watch the movie tonight and would sleep on the sofa in my room tonight. In my room, I had a sofa which can be extended to a bed. I locked the door and started to watch porn videos in which was a full-length video. Then I started to stroke my five-inch hard cock with my right hand which was already hard due to the kissing scene that appeared in the porn video.

That’s when I heard the door knocking sound. I paused and minimized the video screen and opened the door saying “Maa I said….” But it wasn’t my mother at the door, it was Narmadha wearing a green color full hand Sweater T-shirt and red leggings. She was folding her hands and shivering due to the cold night of Bangalore and smiled at me slightly. I was shocked to see her in front of my room and asked “Narmadha, What are you doing this late?” and she replied with a smile “I heard what you said to your mother and thought that we could watch some movies together”.

I was surprised and scared and asked her “But what would your parents think if they find out that their daughter is watching movies late at night with a man”. She came inside the room and said ” My mother is out of town for a wedding and she will only come next night, my father is drunk and been gone to deep sleep and wouldn’t wake up until tomorrow morning”. I smiled and asked her to sit on the sofa while asking “Well, what movie would you like to see?”

I forgot that I was watching a porn video, I opened the video screen and the picture of the couples in the screen kissing appeared, and immediately closed after I recognized that I was watching porn. But it was too late she saw that picture and said “What was that movie you were seeing I think I would be a good romantic movie? Play that movie we can watch”. I said, “It’s nothing just a… just a….. movie”. She was like “Please play that movie, we can watch it together, although you have started that movie I wouldn’t want to intrude to the movie”. I thought that she didn’t recognize the video so only she asking that video to play. But next thing what she said shocked me “I always wanted to watch a porn video, But I never got a chance!!” and continued “Wasn’t that a porn video you were watching?” and asked me to play it.

I was shell shocked by hearing what she said and said “Yes!! It was. And are you sure? Many naughty things may happen if I play it”. She with a naughty smile “I know and I’m sure, play it”. I played a one hour video and came sat with a long distance from her on the sofa. She was the video so curiously that she was watching it without even a blink. But my concentration was fully on her I didn’t watch the video. I was watching her reaction over the video, when she turned to me I turned and started acting like I was watching the video. Suddenly she came so close to me and sat next to me saying “It is so cold in here” and there was no gap between us. From the video and my hand touching her side boobs simply made me hard.

I couldn’t resist myself of putting my hands around her and hugged her tightly without leaving a gap and at an instance, she also hugged me putting her hands around me and laid her heads in my chest. I pulled her chin up and started to kiss in her lips and said “Your lips are so soft and hot, that it drives all the cold away”. She smiled softly which made more me arouse and we kissed for five minutes each other. And she kept her hand in my aroused cock and started rubbing it.
She said, “Can we do as same as in the video that couples do?”
Me: As you wish my dear. But I will do more things that happen in that video.
She: If you insist then go on.
I kissed her lips and removed her T-shirt and started kissing in her neck and earlobes. She started to give out a light moaning sounds which made me hornier and squeezed her boobs with the sleeveless top and removed it also and kissed the boobs which were in perfect form for a girl her age. I squeezed, sucked, bitted that boobs from which she said “I think you have never seen tits before”. By sucking both of the boobs alternatively I said “I did have seen my girlfriend boobs, but these are far better than that boobs”. While I biting her nipples she moaned and asked “You never said that you have a girlfriend…ahhhhh….Go easy on me…”. I replied by extending my sofa into a bed “Yeah, she is in Chennai now, but we never had sex together”, I kissed her on lips lay on her and started to kiss her from top to her navel and started to remove her leggings and saw panties matching her top.

She was already wet and I removed her panties and started kissing and licking her pussy just like they did in the video, she started moaning out louder and said “Oh…what a slut you are Narmadha laying with another girl’s man….ahhhhhh….”. I inserted one of my fingers in her pussy which went quite easily and asked her “Aren’t you a virgin? Have you had sex before why is hymen already torn?”. She said while I continued to lick her pussy “It happened when I was studying College first with my boyfriend but we are not together anymore”. I heard but I didn’t respond anything, my full attention was on the wet pussy in front of me. After some minutes of licking and rolling my tongue putting my fingers inside and out of that wet juicy pussy, she moaned and shouted saying “I’m Cumming……Cumming”. I drank all the cum which she gave me with all the love.
Then she brought my head up to her and kissed my lips saying ” Let me also taste my cum, Now its time for me to pay you the deed”. I laid in the bed and she started to suck my cock and sucked it so real good like a pro, I moaned and said “Oh…You are so good with your mouth than my girlf…” suddenly she kept her finger in my mouth and stopped me from speaking and said “Don’t talk about your girlfriend now, Please that makes me regret. Let us enjoy the night together” and continued to suck my cock good when I was going to cum, I pulled her up and kissed her lips and tits. I didn’t want to cum already I want this night to go long for good.

I took my purse and searched for the condom, but she stopped me and kissed me and said “We don’t need that, luckily I’m in my safe days now so its no big issue. Let us go raw” after hearing that I didn’t wait any longer and kissed her in the lips and then her tits, I was above her and inserted my cock in missionary position. It was wet and juicy so with some light effort I inserted my cock into her she was moaning for every stoke I give to her. She screamed like “Ohhh… yes…give it to me…. Give me that cock….ahhhh….” when I started pounding her even harder.
Then we changed our position to cowgirl when she said “I want to ride your cock”. This time she was on top of me and inserted my cock into her pussy and started up and down motion of her body. She said in my ear “This position feels so good that your cock is getting into me so much deeper” and kissed me. Then she was slowing down a bit that’s when I took my rogue into action, I held butts by raising it above my thighs and started to pounding cock into her pussy harder and faster from which the sound was like ‘Flap…Flap…Flap’ when my thighs hitting her butts while fucking. She loved the force and was screaming like “Oh my god… Fuck me… Fuck me….. harder….harder…Don’t you stop now? Fuck me like that…. I’m almost there” and in a few seconds she moaned again like “I’m cumming…I’m cumming”. After hearing that it made me also cum and I also was screaming like “I’m also about to cum…Let’s do it together”

And then she came first in my cock when that hot cum dripped in my cock I also cummed in her pussy and I didn’t want to take out my cock from her pussy. She also didn’t move, she was on top of me her lips kissing mine lips and my cheeks and my neck and came to my ears and said “This is the best night ever” and responded by a kiss to her lips and her cheeks and said “There is gonna be more nights like this, Even better than this” and hugged her tightly turned my body and made her lay to my side and my cock came out of the pussy. And we slept like that for some hours and while sleeping naked my cock got hard again because of her naked skin touching my cock. I could not sleep like that hard so I inserted my cock into her pussy while she was sleeping and started pounding my cock. She woke up by moaning saying “Your naughty cock is back again!”. I couldn’t sleep your body is so sexy that I could not resist getting hard. She said “Don’t you finish soon? Take your own time and keep fucking me all night. I think today your not gonna sleep.” I said, ” I wouldn’t sleep all day if had you next to me, I would make you orgasm so many times that you wouldn’t be able to walk soon”.

Then I fucked her couple of times that night, and it was early morning 4 am when she said “I should be leaving now or your Maa would catch us when she goes for walking at 5 am” and kissed me while I lay naked in the bed and said “You have come here all planned yourself, you this was going to happen”She replied, “You naughty boy I planned all this only to fuck you, that kissing session we had was also planned I would have come that day itself but I wanted to fuck you raw so I waited for my safe days to come”. I raised my eyebrows with a smile and said “You naughty little slut”.


I would come back and meet guys with the next story about fucking Narmadha’s mother Nirmala at a Hill station resort in Kodaikanal. Until then your horny BLACKHUNTER. Girls and ladies those lusting for sex chat contact me at [email protected]

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