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This is story happened in Madurai, Tamilnadu. This is Sundar here living in Madurai. I am posting my first experience here for all of you. Hope you all like it.

This is about my neighbor Nisha. She is a housewife and is a friend of mine. This incident happened just few months before. The story goes like this. She is my friend and she lives near by my place and we both know each other for few years. He is 36 28 36 and has a kid. She is a very beautiful housewife. She is 38 years now. She is a sexy lady with superb boobs and thin waist, with a great personality. Her hubby is now interested in enjoying and he is work alcoholic. She needs to enjoy but she is not getting what she need. We used to meet and talk to each other. She talk lot about her family and we exchange lot of information about our general things in life.

One day she told me that her hubby is not taking care of her even when they both visited a cool place. Instead of enjoying her he was enjoying drinks. I really scold him for not enjoying her. She too acknowledges me the same. I was talking to her indirectly for satisfying her. She too know my desire. But she said wait for proper time. So I too waited for the right time. In the mean time we both used to chat and talk lot over mobile. One day she called me and asked me to be ready within a weeks time. Any time she will invite me for enjoying once she planned things. So I was waiting for the right time and she called me one day.

She said we will be meeting only outside and not at her place or in my place. So we decided to meet in a lodge and she accepted that. I booked a room and waited for her to come. Once she arrived I picked her and we proceeded to the hotel room. In the car she was so excited and was nervous too. I told her you look so sexy and just was inducing her desire. She felt shy. While driving I just touched her hand and gently touched her. She was enjoying lot. Now we reached the hotel and once we entered inside, we were just relaxing. We are not in a hurry. After some 10 minutes I slowly went and caught her hand and planted a kiss.

She was hot. She hugged me tightly, i was feeling her boobs, and i touched her ass gently, it was big soft as pillow, which made my dick hard. I can see lust in her eyes, she told me about her sex desire and I told her I will satisfy it for lifetime. She became very happy as she got her dream guy, she removed my clothes, my dick was already in the shoot position, it was almost ready to hit the target. She immediatedly started kissing me, and increased my sensations Her lips very beautiful heart shaped, slowly we were kissing and it turned to smooch and our tongue were playing long upto 5 minutes.

We were kissing madly like lovers, i kissed her neck, I sucked her boobs as well and tasted her nipples, she was enjoying it, her body was beautiful, i had never seen such beauty in my life, her pussy was the most beautiful, i have ever seen in my life. She was Moaning ah ah… She ASKED me to do lot of role play which I acknowledged.

I started to rub my dick on her pussy, her pussy was clean shaved She was like bitch fuck me hard with your big dick, Slowly i inserted my 7 inch cock in her pussy, she was moaning ah ah ah.. ah yes baby yes fuck hard loudly but gradually she slowed her moanings, her pussy was quite hard, after trying a lot, i was finally in her, that moment was like i was in heaven, i said i am about to cum. I fucked her continuously for few minutes. We both took rest for a while and again we started to Fuck, Iwas enjoying every positions, on that day we fucked more than 3 times. She was so happy. I fulfilled her desires, She told me that we both must meet often and enjoy. So plan accordingly. She then tightly hugged me, I saw her eyes were filled with tears. It was the best pleasure and satisfaction which i ever got in my life , also one of the best memorable day of my life..

After that we enjoyed some role play for few more minutes and relaxed. Then we started to home and I dropped her at the bus stand. After reaching home she messaged me her satisfaction, and her real enjoyment after long time. She also said she is waiting for the next enjoyment and asked me to plan for a day.

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