Little sister’s vagina : part-8 (lost her virginity)

It’s a family under a single roof with no emotions as well as responsibility,our mom got divorced with dad 6 years ago and my dad is a businessman with his sole purpose of living a life for pleasure as well as his he have married a sexy lady of 27-28 years ,Cathy is nothing more than a sex bomb for him as her busts measures 36 inches while her curvy waist is nice (28 inches) and her round dome shaped buttocks is in great shape as her inner soft gives us (dad & me) a nice look and she is not a lady who have shown her responsibilities to family members but she get married with my dad for money only as her living standards are on a height ,she have impressed my dad with her sexy their two children ,Garry & Lili are alone in home as I (Garry)have an illicit affair with my stepmom Cathy and so my younger sister Lili is under my control as her teenage years are going on nicely ,she is a cute baby with slim figure as her busts is of 32 inches ,her curvy waist measures 24 inches and her squared shaped buttocks is too hot and I think it’s 34-35 inches .so it’s a weekend as our holiday is going to be special and both brother as well as sister have planned a secret affair for a whole day as Garry have booked a room in hotel Oberoi Sheraton ,so in the morning as our normal routine is in process ,I took my bath and than light breakfast as Lili is preparing for her friend’s house visit ,but it’s a lie for parents and we both have had decided to enjoy a day inside hotel room and so Lili want to lose her virginity also.It’s 09:35 am as I walked out of home with my small bag and now waiting for my younger sister Lili at main gate of appartment ,after 10 minutes ,she came with a bag as she is looking too hot as well as sexy in her red leggings with a black boxer as it have covered her chest to some part of tummy only ,her flat tummy with deep navel is looking nice as her sexy butts are swinging fast as she is walking with me towards taxi stand ,so hired a taxi for Oberoi Sheraton and both are sitting on back seat as car is moving faster on less traffic ,after 15-20 minutes we both are inside hotel a service guy hold our bags as we are walking towards the reception ,now Garry is there as service guy got a key of room and so we both walked in hotel’s corridor ,lastly guy opened the lift gate as we three are inside it ,so lift stops at sixth floor as we came out of it and now we both are walking in corridor as service guy is with us.lastly ,he opened the door of a room as we get inside room,so guy put our bag in wardrobe as he smiled and walked away.looking at me ,Lili said………

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Garry,order for beer first
(Me)sure you sexy ,have you tasted it earlier?
(Lili)quite often but I love it’s taste
(Me)o k ,so go and change your clothes.”and now I hold phone of room as i can see number in a menu card ,than called beer bar as I ordered for one bottle of beer ,now Lili stand in front of me as she said……….


“I am going to change the dress ,so keep me alert if service guy will come
(Me)sure my sweetheart.”

And now Lili hold her bag as she walked towards washroom as there is a curtain in between room and washroom with a large mirror ,so the space was for changing I removed my t’shirt as I put it in wardrobe , waiting for chilled beer and snacks ,so as I was wondering about late service,door bell starts ringing and I have already opened the lock ,so I shouted”come inside door is open ,guy came inside with bottle of beer as well as snacks ,put it on table and so took out an opener from his pocket, opened the bottle and as he was standing to put beer in glasses,I screamed”leave it mr.,I will do it,
(Guy)o k sir.”and as he left the room ,I locked the door as i removed my jeans,now put it in wardrobe ,so I am in vest as well as briefs only and now I sit on sofa as I started putting beer in both drinks have been made,I lit a cigarette to smoke as I opened my bag and a small kit for Lili is there, so I have put it on sofa and now I am waiting for Lili to come , so she screamed

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Garry ,if I can enter the room ?
(Me)sure ,your drink is ready.”

And while smoking cigarette ,my eyes are waiting for him and she walked inside room as my eyes got a look never expected,she have put a garter belt with laces on waist as her thighs to legs are covered in red stockings,really her black garter belt as well as laces with red stockings is making him too sexy and my eyes moved to her upper parts of body ,she have put a strapless brassiere and as she walked to me,my eyes have got look of her sexy vagina as laces are she stands in front of me as looking her from legs to thighs ,waist to breast ,I felt too hot as I hold her waist and pulled him on my lap,so she fall on my lap as she adjusted her sexy nude ass and now both hold their glass full of beer as we are drinking it ,now my one hand is on her sexy body as it’s moving on her neck to chest and she is a nice sexy gal as she have put sexy lingerie on her my hand touched her vagina as she is sitting on my thigh and her one arm is on my shoulder as other hand have hold glass,so we both are drinking beer as I said……..

“you are looking damn hot ,nice dress to make guy hot
(Lili)sure but have you got some essential items
(Me)means I can’t understand
(Lili)oh you are so innocent ,need some items for losing my virgin status
(I put empty glass )oh sexy baby ,I have arranged it.”and as her drink is in process,my hand have hold her boobs hard as I am waiting for her glass to be put on table.later on ,as her drinks finishes ,I hold her back and now make her a little child sitting on lap as her legs are stretched,she have put it on my waist.

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Inside hotel’s room ,Lili is sitting on Garry’s lap as I hold her back and now my lips are on her face to neck as she is in fire,she is rubbing her tits on my chest as her lips are kissing my neck to face and my hand is rubbing her nude as our kiss is in process,my hand have hold her straps on back but Lili than put her lips on my lips as she is kissing it hard ,now I am feeling her soft boobs touch on my chest as my hand is moving on her back but Lili is too horny as she took my lips in her mouth to suck and as she is sucking it hard,I hold her hairs and after a while ,I freed my lips but she is dominating me and her tongue starts licking my lips,so I opened my mouth and swallow his tongue to suck.we both are hot as I am sucking my sister’s tongue hard and her round soft boobs are pressing hard on my chest ,so my cock under briefs is getting harder and her closed eyes with reddish face is making her a slut gal on my lap,so our saliva are coming to eachother’s mouth and as i felt my cock getting fully erected in briefs,I pushed her head back to free her tongue as she smiled………

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