My first love with mom’s bed partner

It’s an incidence happened 7-8 years ago as I was just 19 years old with a cute face ,as my height of 5’6 feet with white complexion makes me feel beautiful but my medium sized busts of 32 inches with waist of 26 inches makes me more sexy and my squared shaped buttocks is bit heavy as per my I have seen my mom’s extramarital affairs and as i caught him with a neighborhood guy Paul ,she is bit afraid (read previous story “Mom’s addiction:fucked by Paul) of being punished by her hubby if he come to know about their illicit being a 19 years gal is somehow special as I am enjoying my life but as my school friends are too hot with their mission to enjoy their life with their boyfriends as well as lovers .

I have kept myself aloof from it as my parents are too conservative but it’s my mom Julie ,who is enjoying her personal life with young guys and to keep my mouth close or to be a deaf and dumb member of family ,I have to bargain my mom Julie for something special or love making.Paul is not my classmate or my lover ,but his age as well as physical appearances seems to be attractive and I can bargain my mom for him ,so I can get my hands on his long thick cock.Paul ,a 22-23 years guy is in physical relationship with my mom Julie,a 36-37 years lady as I have seen my mom screaming in pleasure on bed with Paul’s long cock penetrating her vagina and my mom have seen me out of room’s next morning as i wake up late ,my mind is too confused ,so I have my refreshment and walked to dinning mom Julie is sitting on sofa as she is talking with someone on mobile but as she got my look ,her voice becomes slow and I walked to him as I sit near him on sofa………

“good morning mom
(Mom)morning ,it’s 08:45 am as you bunked your classes today
(Bina)sorry ,I slept late tonight ,so I am late
(Mom) o k ,go and see what’s going on inside kitchen and ask for cup of tea for me also to maid .”


I moved towards kitchen as i can see maid Gauri washing utensils and I asked him to prepare two cup of tea as my eyes have caught Paul’s cock , it’s tough for me to see my mom and than not disclosing about last night I am feeling too hot and I sit opposite to my mom as I am voiceless ,so she smiled at me……..

“baby ,are you fine or something happened to you
(Gauri put cups of tea) can’t believe the truth as my naked eyes have seen it
(Mom holding her cup)oh baby ,have you seen some dream tonight that’s making you afraid
(Bina drinking tea )yes mom I have seen you in a compromising position with a neighborhood guy and so I am feeling like a daughter of……..
(Mom)Bina you are too young to understand my problem but if you have seen me ,keep your mouth close.”

And my heart starts beating fastly and so I walked to my room as i opened my wardrobe to pick my miniskirts with tops but my thought of bargaining doesn’t happen ,so I hold my clothes and walked inside I removed my night wear as i am nude inside washroom ,so looking at nude body,I am bit sad as Physical love is not in my life soon but I have to impress mom’s lover Paul and I am sure he will be interested in while thinking about mom as well as Paul’s affair ,I took my bath and so rubbed my wet body as I put my miniskirts and tops on sexy body.later on ,I spent my day while watching t.v and talking to my friends on mobile …………in the evening ,I put my sandals on legs as i walked out of home ,just trying to make my disturbed mind peaceful and so I walked towards a nearby as I entered park to walk inside or sit alone on grass,while looking at couples my mind again starts thinking of mom’s lover Paul and a guy of 22-23 years will be the perfect partner for me but it’s my mom’s turn that she have seduced him and he is too hot with a older lady .so as i sit on grass for 20-25 minutes, it’s dark that prevailed and my mobile starts ringing ,so looking at mobile’s screen ,I can see mom calling……….

“yes mom
(Mom)it’s too late ,where are you ?
(Me)in a nearby park ,will come after sometime.”and so I moved out of park as I am walking on footpath in a slow motion and my eyes got the look of my mom’s lover Paul as he is on his bike but it’s our eyes that met and he stopped his bike as my excitement is on rise ,so he smiled……

“oh Bina ,from where are you coming ?
(I smiled)I walk daily in a nearby park to keep my physique fit
(He laughed)oh that’s nice but you are still fit ,come I will drop you at home.”

But I denied his proposal as I walked towards my home,feeling too happy as I have given him some clue about my evening walk but now I have to be regular ,so I have to wait and see his attitudes towards day,I spent my time in classes and in the evening ,after I am back in home ,I changed my school dress and after having refreshment i walked to dinning room as i sit there and mom walked to kitchen ,so while sitting there ,I am thinking of evening walk as I want to see Paul’s reaction also……if he comes there ,may be he is interested in me and if not ,than my teenage life is going to pass without any love cum in the evening ,I put my blue leggings with a tops as I have put a sports shoes on legs to look like an my mom said…….

“oh going for walk
(Me)yes ,is there any problem in it
(Mom)no but if it’s a secret affair with anyone than I will punish you
(Bina)sure mom ,you have got the licence to practice affairs.”

And my mom’s face turned reddish as she is in anger but I walked out of home ,so my eyes are searching for Paul as I am slow in walking towards park and lastly ,I moved inside park as I sit on grass while thinking of I have guessed his stalking but not happened and lastly I walked inside park for sometime as I am back home ,so feeling bit sad as I have denied his lift night passed normally but mind is too upset and next morning ,I wake up early as I have my refreshment and bath ,so have my breakfast and put my school dress on body ,a brown stripe miniskirts with white shirt ,black shoes on legs with white stockings covering my thighs to legs but miniskirts of short length have made us (gals)bit shy as it covers up to 2/3rd portion of thighs as I put my school bag on shoulder ,I left my home and I have to hire an auto rickshaw to reach school ,so as i reached auto stand to hire it ,I heard some voice “Bina Bina ………”and I turned back to see it’s non other than my mom’s lover Paul and so my excitement as well as happiness turned into a nice morning as I stopped there and Paul is there on his bike……….

“oh going to school
(Me)yes ,are you going towards Swaroop Nagar
(Paul)yes if you don’t mind
(Me)o k.”

And I sit on back seat of his bike as I have put my both legs in same direction ,it’s a nice morning meet with my mom’s lover and now as I inched closer to him,I put my right breast on his back to give him my soft touch and my one hand is on his shoulder as my other hand is on my thigh but I am waiting to put it on his waist ,so as he is moving bike smoothly ,my hand moved to his waist and as i starts pressing my boobs on his back while holding his waist,may be high voltage current starts flowing in my body but it’s for brief periods Paul asked……..”don’t you board your school bus?
(Me)no it take more time ,so auto rickshaw is best for me.”and 15 minutes of bike ride with him made me hot ,so I reached my school and he said “if you don’t mind ,my college is too near to your school
(Bina bit shy)oh ,means want to secure my pocket money
(He)as you think ,o k I will be here at 03:30 .”

I walked inside school premises as I am too happy ,now Paul’s company can make me more hot as I can fulfill my desires also but never going to surrender my sexy body to as my classes are going on ,I am thinking about 03:30 as I can remember a movie ,in it there is a song “Chali aana tu paan ke dukaan pe 03:30 baje” and my mind is fuelled with romance as well as jealousy also , so I have to steal my mom’s lover from in lunch break ,we friends have our lunch and there my friend Jasmine asked……..

“Bina ,I have seen you today with a guy
(Bina bit shy)so what , actually I was waiting for an auto rickshaw and he came there as he is my neighborhood guy
(Jasmine)oh I see ,so his lift proposal was accepted
(Bina)yes but can’t be regular with him
(Jasmine)oh come on baby ,I have seen him ,he is a handsome guy and what’s wrong having affair with him
(Me)no way , it’s not going to happen.”and my friends have given me more curiosity to get physical with him but my mind is still it’s the last class of day and as bell ringed ,I walked out of classes and moved fast to main gate ,so friends can’t see me again with I am out of school premises ,as my eyes are moving towards each end of road and it’s 03:35 , so either he is flirting me with his delayed response or he is busy ,can’t say and as it’s 03:45 ,I hired an auto rickshaw as I reached my home feeling bit changed my clothes and after a while , walked to dinning room as mom is there and so she asked me to prepare tea and I walked inside kitchen as i prepare tea ,so we have it and in the evening ,I put my red leggings and tops with sports shoes to go for evening walk,so I left home as I walked towards park but my eyes are looking for Paul ,will he stalk here ? ,if yes than things are going on smoothly otherwise I have to do something unusual to propose as I crossed the main road and turned towards park path,I can see Paul standing there as he have parked his bike on roadside and looking at me ,he smiled as he said………

“sorry ,I have not kept my promise
(Bina)promise ,I can’t understand
(Paul)I was not at 03:30 on your college gate ,so I kept you waiting
(Me)no , actually I have not waited for you and I know discipline is not in everyone’s life
(Paul is bit surprised)oh ,so sorry ,are you going for walk or can spend sometime in a coffee shop
(Me)no coffee ,want to walk.”

So I am making him too crazy with my attitude as he starts his bike and I walked towards park,so missing my chance a lot to make him more flirty with me ,so he can move forward fast as I need it desperately.later on ,I am in park as I walked there for sometime and than sit on grass as my eyes are dreaming about Paul’s affair with in a modern world , it’s possible for a guy to love both mom & daughter at a time as things are going towards I am well back home as I have accepted Paul’s single proposal while rejecting twice,so trying to make my image in front of him and after our dinner together ,I came to my room as it’s a weekend and so locked my door and windows,now switch on the A/C as I am on bed while wearing a night robes ,as I have put a artificial vibrator for my hole’s satisfaction and it’s my weekend act,so as i slept on bed ,I removed my robes and now as I am nude,I adjusted the length of vibrator to medium size as speed can be changed also,bought it online for my orgasm and now I hold the vibrator ,as I first spit on my palm and rubbed it on vagina’s hole,so put vibrator on hole as I press the ON button and it’s going inside as I have put speed at low,now vibrator moved inside slowly as I have stretched my legs wide and while sleeping on bed , it’s working slow as I hold my one boobs and starts squeezing it hard ,so as artificial penis is fucking my cunt ,I am feeling bit hot and so enhanced the speed of it as penis is hitting my clitoris ,it’s speed is fast and while pressing my breast hard ,I am screaming in pleasure “uh ah um Paul don’t don’t fuck hard ,aah “,and imaginary fuck is hitting my vaginal depth as I am feeling too hot and than sexy vagina cums as I took out the vibrator,now put it on bed as I pushed my long finger inside cunt to make it wet,so I sucked my wet finger to taste my vagina’s cum and I did it twice but loosing my first cum have never exhausted me as I want to do it I hold the vibrator as I opened my mouth to suck it ,so it’s a wet penis as i sucked it.

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