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Well I came to learn that pregnancy is wonderful for families and at the same time quite confusing to the uninitiated and downright frustrating at times. But, let me say right here and right now that I would not change a thing for our home life.

However, given my er um lifestyle over the past few years, pregnancy sex was, is and will continue to be one of the highlights of my life. All three women, while different in personality and likes/dislikes all have one thing in common. They are ready to get butt fucked on a moment’s notice. All three love it up their asses and while Suzie is queen of the castle, her love of all things, all positions sex, she lives to feel my cock sliding up and down, in and out of her ass. I got to admit that I kinda like it too.

After consulting with the three different OB/GYN docs to make sure that vaginal sex is ok and safe, we engage in conventional sex about once a week or rather the women do. That equates to three times per week for me. At least that’s the way it WAS for me.


I had to leave to teach for a cycle at the Academy and would be gone for 10 weeks. Those ten weeks then brought some changes that took me by surprise. Both disappointment and elation came with my return back home. As I drove up the long winding ultra secluded drive, I rounded the last twist to see Suzie standing there in the place I normally park. She was wearing my favorite kimono and nothing else.

She bolted to the driver’s door with a huge ‘come hither look’. As I got out of the car, she leaped in to my arms and I forgot what a grueling ten weeks it had been. She jerked open her kimono and exposing both her bulge and her pussy, she said to me, “fuck me now big boy, I am so horny.” So, who am I to deny a woman’s demands.

I didn’t even have time to step out of my pants before she was bent over propped up on the hood of the car wiggling her ass, just begging me to ram my hot steel rod home. I stepped over behind her and started easing my straining cock up her pussy canal and like always she was impatient to feel my man missile so she thrust back on to me like a Minx in heat. In about a half second I was ramming my rod in and out of her sopping wet cunt and within about 3 minutes she was squealing with delight as wave after wave of orgasm flooded her canal, out on to my dick and down her legs. In another minute, I was exploding ten weeks of pent up cum deep up her twat.

After cumming profusely, we stayed still and connected for about 5 minutes, she pulls off my dick and turning around, she grabbed me around the neck and started ramming her tongue down my throat. After a couple minutes of that, we broke the kiss and I asked her what brought all this on. She replied that she and the other two girls had been talking about what they wanted to do to and with me once I walked through the door. Apparently being pregnant and discussing wild sex is a huge turn on to the lady folk.

As she explained it, Renee and Sandy were somewhere about lying naked. They weren’t hiding but they were waiting for me to “stumble on to them.” As my usual routine would dictate, I headed for the shower to clean up after the journey and now to clean off the sticky cum that was now dried on my cum covered balls and cock. So, I reached in the shower and turned the water on to just how I like it which is just short of scalding. I got undressed and stepped in to the shower and as I turned around there was Sandy bent over the edge of the hot tub rubbing her clit with one hand and rubbing her asshole with a vibrator.

I quickly and I do mean quickly finished showering and jumped out of the shower and took the several steps over to the tub. I got down on my knees behind Sandy and started licking her snatch and asshole from behind. That drove her freaking wild. She started cumming after about the fourth stroke of my tongue. AS she came down from her cum, I stood up and eased my cock right up against her asshole. Taking my cue that I wanted to feel her ass clinched around my cock, she wiggled back and forth a bit and grabbing the lube, I greased up my cock and fingers and began to massage some all around the entrance to her dark love tunnel. As I touched her tight hole, I saw goose bumps pop up all over her ass cheeks. I knew that she was ready so I eased a couple fingers right in and she immediately thrust back on my hand.

I finger fucked her ass for a few minutes making sure that she was relaxed and ready for my jackhammer. I pulled out my fingers and as I did so, she started to cum again. So, I quickly replaced my fingers with my 9 inches of man meat and slid all the way up to my ball sack in her ass. She let out a yell and started pumping back on to me so hard that she almost knocked me down. I rammed her ass so hard and fast that it only took about two minutes before I was squirting my second load of the day up her hot delicious ass. She let loose of a load of her own cum, the likes I have never seen a woman do before. It literally flooded down my balls and dripped on to the floor.

After standing perfectly still for a couple minutes, she pulled off and turned to me and said, “now that Suzie and I have been totally fucked by our very own stud horse, Renee is anxiously awaiting your hot rod.” I quickly jumped back to the shower, washed and dried and wandered through the house looking for Renee. I didn’t see her anywhere however and was beginning to wonder if I was being set up or was I just a victim of some sort of joke. I saw Suzie standing in the Kitchen getting supper ready and asked her if she knew where Renee actually is.

She smiled and said, “yep, but I am not telling.” You got to do all the work. I honestly looked for more than an hour but to no avail. I finally gave up the search thinking that the other two had just played a seriously twisted joke on me. I figured that Renee had probably gone to her parent’s home as she had been talking about doing for a few weeks. She just wanted to go visit them and let them see her all prego.

I live on a large estate left to me by my Grandfather at his passing. One of the first things I usually do when I get home from having been gone for days at a time is get on my Four Wheeler and ride over the property just taking in the fresh air, checking for anything out of place and sometimes, I would just sit on a hilltop and look and breath. I rounded the bend leading up to the 2 acre lake and there lying on the dock was none other than Renee.

She was lying there on spread blankets as naked as the day she was born. I pulled up to the dock and shut the machine down and she casually turns to me and said, “well it’s about darned time.” She went on to tell me that she had been fucking her own pussy with a dildo that she had taken along to keep up the heat while waiting on me to stumble across her. I wasted no time in diving down between her legs to lick her juices and suck her glorious clit.

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She began bucking her hips up and down meeting my every tongue thrust. I spread her legs wide and plunged my tongue deep inside her blazing love tunnel. I tongue fucked her furiously for about 5 minutes until she exploded in a massive orgasm. When she had come down from the experience, she got up on her hands and knees and instructed me to load her up.

Again, I wasted no time at all, moving in to position within about two seconds. Within another second and a half I was plowing my cock in her pussy. As I built up steam toward my own and third orgasm, I pulled out of her lovely hair covered cunt and slid the tip up against her ass. She wiggled a little bit to let me know she was ready for it there too.

I eased the cock tip in slightly testing for natural lube since she had been juicing her own pussy flooding her cunt juices down her ass crack as she lay on the blankets. To my delight she was as slick as if she had used a bottle of Anal-Eze and Astroglide. As my cock tip penetrated past her sphincter muscle, she squealed in pleasure and instantly I was buried all the way up her ass with my balls slapping forward to hit her clit.

I pumped and pumped her ass until my cum started to rise once again and without warning, I surprised her with squirt after squirt of a load of cum. As my love potion shot up her ass along with the banging of my balls against her clit, she moaned a deep guttural moan of intense pleasure and suddenly let loose of a powerful orgasm. Her juice literally shot out of her pussy like a stream of water. As she finished squirting her own love lotion, she collapsed face down on her blankets with my cock still buried up her ass. Amazingly I was still hard so I began to ease back and forth until she roused around. When she became aware of me still fucking her ass, she moaned that moan again and had herself another big O.

After we lay there for a while, I helped her up and helped her dress and we loaded her blankets and our two worn out bodies in to the Four Wheeler and headed back to the house. By now it was getting dark so the other girls were getting a bit concerned that we had taken so long. As I pulled in to the garage, Sandy met me at the doorway telling me that Suzie had something she wanted to show me so, I was to go straight away in to the Den.

Thinking Suzie was horny again, I walked in to the Den with my limp dick playfully hanging out of my pants. As I walked through the doorway, there sitting behind my desk was Suzie with a sly grin on her face. She was dressed in that same kimono but she had showered and I could see a tee shirt underneath. So, I assumed she was going to make me work for it. But, my dick was tired and there was no way I could muster up another cum and I wasn’t even sure I could get an erection again for a while. Reading my mind, Suzie smiled and said, “Don’t worry big boy, I am not going to go after that monster just yet.” She then stunned me to no end by saying, “I’m not, but she is.”

With that I turned my head to see her Mother sitting there on the Sofa with her eyes glued to my dick. OH Brother…’Mom’ had come to help take care of her baby girl and her husband.

Now my Mother in Law is as hot of a woman as I have ever imagined a woman could be. She was a doll to look at and she was divorced from Suzie’s Dad. She gets up from the sofa and walks over to me and looking down at my flaccid cock, she smiled and said, “I see we have work to do.”

With that, I started to zip up and she quickly said, “don’t you dare put that beast away. At least not until I see what all the talk is about first hand.” So, there I was standing there in the Den with my beautiful wife smiling ruefully and her equally beautiful mother eyeing my dangling cock.

Barbara who was in her late 50s was a bombshell back in her youth and her age had not diminished that beauty one little bit. Her tits were still firm and pointed and 38c in size. Her figure was hour glass shaped and although not the so called perfect size, she was absolutely stunning standing there in her jogging suit. She had the top unzipped down below her boobs and just above her navel almost tempting me to just run my face right in there and start licking and sucking.

Babs, as I have always called her, even above her objections, spoke up saying that she was there to relieve the burdens of her Daughters…She had been unaware of our living arrangement and had decided to make the journey across country immediately after Suzie told her that she was now pregnant. Babs arrived two days later and was shocked, surprised and astoundingly, was excited to learn of how all this had come to be. She readily accepted the other two women as her own daughters even when she heard Renee’s own story of being my sister and how that in itself came to be. She said that, if she had been asked about such an arrangement before hand she would have advised against it. But, having seen the girls together and their apparent love of me and how much they bubbled and gushed over their sexual and non sexual exploits she was not about to pass judgement.

She then said that Suzie had told her that the girls had begun growing a bit apprehensive about continuing to sex with me because we all loved it aggressive and they didn’t want to risk a chance of harming the unborn babies. She had talked to her mother about what to do and her mom unbelievably had suggested anal sex to wit Suzie told her that we all had been engaging in it regularly. Barbara had started to rub her own crotch as Suzie was talking and when Suzie finished Barb said that she would be happy to sample my man meat and if she liked how it worked out, would love to fill in the sex gaps. So, It came to be that there are now four women living in my home again but this time, instead of wearing me out with hot wild sex with all four of them, Babs would be taking over most of the activities.

With that being discussed and agreed upon by all the women, it was left up to me to decide if I wanted to sleep with Babs and do who knows what she might have in mind. I had no preconceived notions that she would be a wildcat like her daughter and was prepared to just take it slow and easy to see how things played out. It didn’t take long however to see just how serious she would be.

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Once Suzie and her mom finished speaking, Babs unzipped her top all the way in order to expose her boobs so that I could see just what kind of package she was carrying. I was excited to see that they were all real and not a hint of anything artificial was on that woman. Her long blonde hair hung down past her shoulders and I could only imagine if she was shaved, trimmed or all natural like her daughter is.

After all had finished talking, I excused myself to get busy riding the property thoroughly to see if anything was out of place with downed trees, broken fences, cattle that were missing or injured etc. Suzie then chuckled at my thoughts to wit, I asked her what she was laughing about. She reminded me that it was well after dark. Sheepishly I admitted that I had forgotten but with all the new information, I was going to ride the fence lines anyway so I could think and ponder over all that has transpired. Babs took over at that point and said that she would love to ride with me to get to know me even better, before she got to know me even better still. I felt an unusual stirring in my groin.

So, after changing in to something less comfortable, Barbara came down to the garage dressed in blue jeans, a sweat shirt and riding boots. She smiled as I was looking her up and down telling me that she was perfectly aware of farm and ranch life and had come prepared. So, we climbed in to the four wheeler and I strapped down my shotgun in case we ran in to predators that wanted to eat us.

We drove out to the back side of the property first in order to work our way back. As we rode along Babs was chattering like a teenage school girl about anything and everything when suddenly one of the tires on the four wheeler blew. I had ridden over an unseen broken off tree that was left in a very sharp pointy spike. I didn’t carry a spare on board, So we limped along very gingerly until the tire finally rolled off the rim. So, I called Suzie and told her what had happened and that we would be walking back to the house. She suggested that I find one of the caves out here and hunker down for the night and she would take the pickup truck out in the morning to get us. She was wise beyond her years. So we hiked around in the pitch dark for a while until I could locate the entrance to one of the several caves that exist on the property.

I could tell Babs was a bit apprehensive at first but, I calmed her spirits by reminding her that I had the shotgun. So I found a safe perch for her to get in to while I explored the entrance and as far back as I was comfortable with going to make sure we were not disturbing anything larger than we were. After a few minutes of casting about for evidence of things critter, I found no tracks or evidence and called for Babs to come on in. She did so tentatively at first, but upon seeing me working to build a fire, she settled down and helped me gather dry wood. Soon, I had a nice roaring fire for her and went back to the four wheeler and retrieved the emergency blankets that I kept in all our vehicles.

I went back inside the cave and spread the blankets on the ground and invited Babs to lie down and relax. Since it was late, I figured we would fall fast asleep which would make our stay in the cave much more pleasant. I was exhausted from the ten weeks I had been gone plus, the hot sex with three women upon my arrival. So, I fell asleep almost immediately. I wasn’t asleep very long however, before I awoke feeling Barbara snuggling up against me. After a few minutes, I went back to sleep only to be awakened again in about an hour with her rubbing my chest. I roused around and she moved her hand down to brush across my cock. It bounced a little as her hand gently caressed it and she let out a sigh and a slight giggle.

I groaned a bit and got awake enough to tell her that her hand felt good. With that she unzipped my pants and started tugging on the them so she could get a up close and personal hand full of man meat. As I helped her help me get my jeans off while “accidentally” sliding my underwear with them, I returned the favor for her. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was not wearing even a thong which, I had expected to see. So when her jeans slid down past her hips, I could see her thick blonde bush was untrimmed. Just the way I like it. I ran my hand and fingers through soft thick curls causing her to let out a moan.

As she moaned, I let my fingers delve around a bit until I found the top of her slit. The instant my fingers brushed across the top of her lips, she tensed and moaned again. With that, I slid my fingers up and down her pussy lips causing her to squirm and gyrate her hips. As I slid first one then two fingers inside, she groaned in intense pleasure. She surprised me when she said that she had not been with a man since her divorce 5 years earlier. She had not even used a vibrator or dildo, only fingering herself to orgasm about once every other month or so. Upon hearing that I slid down her body until I had my nose nestled in her blonde bush.

Flicking my tongue out, I lapped the outside of her lips which threw her in to a frenzy, quickly bucking up her hips. Taking that as a cue, I started licking her cunt lips and then I noticed her clit was bulging. I quickly took her clit in to my mouth and began to gently suck on it. She lasted about 1 minute before she thrust her hips up in an explosive orgasm. I let out a moan of my own and began to taste her juices as it flowed uncontrollably as she was shaking from the first man induced orgasm in 5 years.

After her initial high had settled down, she moved around until she could take hold of my now rock of a cock in to her mouth. We slid around and adjusted until we were engaged in a deep throat sixty nine. As I nibbled her clit and sucked her Cunt, I got a whiff of her perfume which was light and delight-some. I began to finger her asshole just a bit to see how she would respond and to my joy and excitement she really liked what I was doing.

After unloading my load of cum down her throat and she, having dumped about a pint of lady cum in mine, we moved around again so that I could mount her missionary style. I slid my cock in to her snatch with ease but, oh man alive was she tight. As tight as any virgin I have ever been with. As my cock slid in her twat, she bucked up hard to drive my cock deep inside her. As I began to pump my woody in her box, she thrust up to meet my downward motion. Within a few seconds, we were in perfect timing with me ramming down and she, thrusting up. In about 5 minutes we both suddenly let lose of an explosive orgasm. We were making sloshing noises as we continued bucking and thrusting for almost an hour after I had emptied my nut sack.

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When we stopped long enough to take a breather, I quickly began to shrink. As I shrank down to a completely flaccid state, I rolled off her in time to see her with a huge smile on her face. I asked if everything was OK and being only able to nod, she reached down to grasp my cock. We both fell fast asleep and slept until well after daylight. As I awoke the next morning and raised up, I saw Babs standing naked in the entrance way of the cave. Asking her what she was doing, she replied that she was letting the cool morning air brush across her pussy and tits. She said that it turned her on doing that.

She turned around and walked over to where I was sitting on the blankets and sat down beside me. As she got seated, she said she had a confession to make. She said she had never engaged in anal sex before and wasn’t sure if she wanted to and then asked if I would be upset if she didn’t ever want to feel my missile in her ass. I hugged her and told her that while I dearly loved fucking my girls in their asses, I was not addicted to it and if she didn’t want to try it, it was OK. When I finished saying that she grabbed me around the neck and began to french kiss me like there would be no tomorrow.

She bent over and started sucking on my cock causing me to instantly get a massive hard on. She raised up and asked if I liked…I assured her that she was doing quite well. She sucked my cock like a true pro. Licking me up one side and down the other, she knew exactly where all the buttons were. Then without warning she completely engulfed my cock taking me all the way down to my balls. She deep throated me for several minutes and as she was sliding my excited dick out of her mouth she let her tongue caress my most sensitive areas causing me to start shooting rope after rope of cum in to her mouth. All of a sudden, she reached underneath me and slipped one of her slick with cunt juiced fingers in my ass. I exploded again making it two orgasms without there being a break between the two events. I had never had that happen before.

Amazingly, after I had finished shooting a bucket of cum down her throat, I was still as hard as a rock. She finished draining my cock and wiping her mouth she grinned and said, it was a special trick she had picked up years ago. She slipped my cock from her mouth while stroking me just for good measure, she directed me to fill her cunt up with it. I gladly obliged and within a couple minutes we were fucking again furiously. I began to build to the point of shooting another load but after having come so much all I could do was spasm my cock. She giggled and squealed and began to cum again. After my spasms had subsided, I slipped out of her hungry cunt and rolled over. But she wasn’t finished with me yet.

She went down on me again and once again, slipped one of her juiced fingers in to my ass causing me to begin stirring back to life. After toying with my cock for a bit, being careful not to get me too hard too fast, she asked if I would try to put my cock in to her ass. I was excited to put it mildly, but was at the same time acutely aware that we had no extra lube. So, I explained to her that we could do a bit of play but I did not want to hurt her by trying to dick fuck her ass without proper lube.

So, we began by her sucking my cock yet again but this time while in a sixty nine. This allowed me to tongue her ass and finger it as well. I could taster her pussy juice and my cum while licking her ass. The first stroke of my tongue sent her in to a crashing orgasm. When I probed her ass hole with the point of my tongue she started to cum again. I slid one finger partially inside and she groaned loudly. I left my finger just sitting there for several seconds while her sphincter relaxed. Once it relaxed, I gently slid it out and back in. She moaned even louder that time. I pulled my finger out telling her that this was enough for now because I did not want to make her sore.

She hugged me and kissed me deeply and reaching underneath herself she scooped up some of my cum that was still leaking out of her cunt and rubbed it on her asshole and my cock. She said, she wanted to feel it deep in her ass. About the time I got in to position to start, we heard my pickup truck pulling up to the cave entrance. Suzie bounded out with a big wicked grin on her face saying that she was wondering if she would catch us fucking like rabbits when she got there. When she realized that I was positioned behind her mother in the ass fucking position she grinned more broadly and told her mom that once she felt that cock up her ass, she would want it all the time afterward. With that we broke apart our makeshift camp and piled in to the truck to head back to the house.

As we bounced and drove along, Suzie commented that the truck was smelling like hot passionate sex. Babs giggled and I grunted…Arriving back a the house, Sandy and Renee met us at the garage and seeing the just fucked looked on Babara’s face, the took her by the hands and lead her to the shower. After about five minutes Suzie and I heard moans and gasps coming from the shower. It seems that the other girls were helping Babs shower..

An hour later Babs stumbled down the stairs and in to the den where I was at work on a new training twist. As she staggered in, I asked her if she was alright. She replied that she had just had her very first girl girl girl sex and she was wiped out. Jokingly, I said that she still had a butt fuck lesson coming. She groaned and said that she didn’t think she would be up for that until next month. I laughed and told her that I was joking with her and she let out a resounding “whew.” I walked over to her and rubbed her shoulders and kissed her passionately and said that only when she was ready…About three minutes later she was sound asleep lying back on the sofa.

Supper time came and the smell of the food cooking brought her out of her sleep coma. As she stood up, she realized that her bathrobe had fallen completely off. She giggled and commented that she needed to get dressed for supper. I ran my hands up and down her sides and kissed her boobs and ran my hand down her slit. As I did, I squeezed her ass cheeks and slipped a finger up and down her crack. She moaned and said that maybe she would get to feel my monster up her ass by the end of the week…We will indeed see if she is up for it…

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