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Well I came to learn that pregnancy is wonderful for families and at the same time quite confusing to the uninitiated and downright frustrating at times. But, let me say right here and right now that I would not change a thing for our home life.

However, given my er um lifestyle over the past few years, pregnancy sex was, is and will continue to be one of the highlights of my life. All three women, while different in personality and likes/dislikes all have one thing in common. They are ready to get butt fucked on a moment’s notice. All three love it up their asses and while Suzie is queen of the castle, her love of all things, all positions sex, she lives to feel my cock sliding up and down, in and out of her ass. I got to admit that I kinda like it too.


After consulting with the three different OB/GYN docs to make sure that vaginal sex is ok and safe, we engage in conventional sex about once a week or rather the women do. That equates to three times per week for me. At least that’s the way it WAS for me.

I had to leave to teach for a cycle at the Academy and would be gone for 10 weeks. Those ten weeks then brought some changes that took me by surprise. Both disappointment and elation came with my return back home. As I drove up the long winding ultra secluded drive, I rounded the last twist to see Suzie standing there in the place I normally park. She was wearing my favorite kimono and nothing else.

She bolted to the driver’s door with a huge ‘come hither look’. As I got out of the car, she leaped in to my arms and I forgot what a grueling ten weeks it had been. She jerked open her kimono and exposing both her bulge and her pussy, she said to me, “fuck me now big boy, I am so horny.” So, who am I to deny a woman’s demands.

I didn’t even have time to step out of my pants before she was bent over propped up on the hood of the car wiggling her ass, just begging me to ram my hot steel rod home. I stepped over behind her and started easing my straining cock up her pussy canal and like always she was impatient to feel my man missile so she thrust back on to me like a Minx in heat. In about a half second I was ramming my rod in and out of her sopping wet cunt and within about 3 minutes she was squealing with delight as wave after wave of orgasm flooded her canal, out on to my dick and down her legs. In another minute, I was exploding ten weeks of pent up cum deep up her twat.

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After cumming profusely, we stayed still and connected for about 5 minutes, she pulls off my dick and turning around, she grabbed me around the neck and started ramming her tongue down my throat. After a couple minutes of that, we broke the kiss and I asked her what brought all this on. She replied that she and the other two girls had been talking about what they wanted to do to and with me once I walked through the door. Apparently being pregnant and discussing wild sex is a huge turn on to the lady folk.

As she explained it, Renee and Sandy were somewhere about lying naked. They weren’t hiding but they were waiting for me to “stumble on to them.” As my usual routine would dictate, I headed for the shower to clean up after the journey and now to clean off the sticky cum that was now dried on my cum covered balls and cock. So, I reached in the shower and turned the water on to just how I like it which is just short of scalding. I got undressed and stepped in to the shower and as I turned around there was Sandy bent over the edge of the hot tub rubbing her clit with one hand and rubbing her asshole with a vibrator.

I quickly and I do mean quickly finished showering and jumped out of the shower and took the several steps over to the tub. I got down on my knees behind Sandy and started licking her snatch and asshole from behind. That drove her freaking wild. She started cumming after about the fourth stroke of my tongue. AS she came down from her cum, I stood up and eased my cock right up against her asshole. Taking my cue that I wanted to feel her ass clinched around my cock, she wiggled back and forth a bit and grabbing the lube, I greased up my cock and fingers and began to massage some all around the entrance to her dark love tunnel. As I touched her tight hole, I saw goose bumps pop up all over her ass cheeks. I knew that she was ready so I eased a couple fingers right in and she immediately thrust back on my hand.

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I finger fucked her ass for a few minutes making sure that she was relaxed and ready for my jackhammer. I pulled out my fingers and as I did so, she started to cum again. So, I quickly replaced my fingers with my 9 inches of man meat and slid all the way up to my ball sack in her ass. She let out a yell and started pumping back on to me so hard that she almost knocked me down. I rammed her ass so hard and fast that it only took about two minutes before I was squirting my second load of the day up her hot delicious ass. She let loose of a load of her own cum, the likes I have never seen a woman do before. It literally flooded down my balls and dripped on to the floor.

After standing perfectly still for a couple minutes, she pulled off and turned to me and said, “now that Suzie and I have been totally fucked by our very own stud horse, Renee is anxiously awaiting your hot rod.” I quickly jumped back to the shower, washed and dried and wandered through the house looking for Renee. I didn’t see her anywhere however and was beginning to wonder if I was being set up or was I just a victim of some sort of joke. I saw Suzie standing in the Kitchen getting supper ready and asked her if she knew where Renee actually is.

She smiled and said, “yep, but I am not telling.” You got to do all the work. I honestly looked for more than an hour but to no avail. I finally gave up the search thinking that the other two had just played a seriously twisted joke on me. I figured that Renee had probably gone to her parent’s home as she had been talking about doing for a few weeks. She just wanted to go visit them and let them see her all prego.

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I live on a large estate left to me by my Grandfather at his passing. One of the first things I usually do when I get home from having been gone for days at a time is get on my Four Wheeler and ride over the property just taking in the fresh air, checking for anything out of place and sometimes, I would just sit on a hilltop and look and breath. I rounded the bend leading up to the 2 acre lake and there lying on the dock was none other than Renee.

She was lying there on spread blankets as naked as the day she was born. I pulled up to the dock and shut the machine down and she casually turns to me and said, “well it’s about darned time.” She went on to tell me that she had been fucking her own pussy with a dildo that she had taken along to keep up the heat while waiting on me to stumble across her. I wasted no time in diving down between her legs to lick her juices and suck her glorious clit.

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