Her Other Life – Cheating wife

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Cheating wife,erotic stories, A confusing start and a convoluted end. That’s how, in its immediate aftermath, I saw my affair.

At the beginning, it made no sense. Here I was, a happily married woman, who dearly loved her husband, having a four-month affair with another man. I’m hazy on the exact reason it started; that’s one reason I’m putting pen to paper. The other reason being; it must never happen again.

No, my husband didn’t catch me; I’m way too smart for that. The real reason is to remind myself in the future that, however exciting it may seem at the time, it just isn’t worth it. It was terrifying from the start and the last couple of months have been a hell of guilt.

The end was convoluted because it didn’t end until two and a half weeks after I first decided it finally should. There was no confusion about the exact moment I finally decided it should end. It was five seconds after I realised my lover, far from loving me, didn’t give a shit about anyone but himself. That particular revelation came when I found myself on elbows and knees, on my own bed, with the bastard ploughing into my anus and completely ignoring my screams telling him to stop. The big prick had me completely powerless, however, and my discomfort made not one bit of difference to him.

Okay, the start. What happened four months ago?

I am madly in love with my husband, Dave, and have been since before we married six years ago. He’d just finished his Boilermaker apprenticeship and was so proud to be a journeyman. I was a little surprised when he showed an interest in me as I considered myself only slightly above average in looks, and was never that sought after in high school. Dave, on the other hand, was very cute; three inches taller than my 5′ 7″, good-looking and well-muscled. Temperamentally, he was a bit of a dichotomy. He was usually soft-spoken and mild-mannered, but I’d seen him often enough in stressful situations to know there was a cold, ruthless side to his personality.

I’d never seriously considered a career, knowing my future was as wife and mother. However, I wanted to live life a little. We’d decided, at first, to wait till we were thirty before starting a family. That is coming very soon. Dave, however, had been dropping hints he was ready for over a year now. I gave in and we decided I’d go off the pill next month.

What can I say? We were in love, both rapturously happy, and life was on track. With both of us working, the old bank balance was very healthy and we would be secure when I finally give up working to become a baby factory.

I guess things first started coming off the rails when the place I worked closed its doors. That was a shame, as they were a fantastic bunch. I quickly found another place, though. It was a smaller company; the owner, John, and thirty other employees. Apart from a couple of male technicians, the rest were female clerks and secretaries. You know how it is when you join a new, established group. It took a while for them to accept me.

John had hinted at my interview that with my secretarial experience, I might be considered for executive assistant promotion. Shortly after I started, it was clear his current assistant probably wouldn’t be there much longer. Their relationship was decidedly frosty. Sure enough, three weeks later, she didn’t show up and I was called into John’s office and offered the job on probation. I accepted and it was announced. That afternoon, I noticed my tentative friendships with the other girls cooling. That wasn’t the end of the world, though, as I’d maintained my friendships with the girls from my last job and we all got together regularly for girl’s nights out.

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