Husband and Grandson forgive their cheating wives

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Erotic stories, Husband and Grandson forgive their cheating wives,

I was lightly dozing in the warmth of the glassed-in patio at the Shady Rest nursing home when I felt the light touch of my favorite female attendant and smelled her exotic perfume. My eyes and ears don’t work as well used to, but my nose is still pretty good for an octogenarian. She knows me well so in a rather loud voice she said “Panty, your grandson is here for a visit.”

OK, short pause to explain why a 19 year-old, cute little female is addressing me as “Panty.” I’m a former Navy fighter pilot, Korean War vintage. All Navy pilots have a radio moniker to prevent actual names to be heard on the air, possibly by the enemy. Since my last name is Shields, it was inevitable my personal call sign would be Panty. I first took up residence in this rather comfortable place to die shortly after my wife, Gail, died of cancer about two years ago. They keep the air-conditioning too cold for me, so I wear my leather flight jacket with the name tag in place. The staff thinks it is hilarious, and truth be known, I kinda like it. It served a purpose as a conversation starter and allows me to keep a little bit of my former identity.

My grandson, Brian, visits me frequently and knows his way around the home. Today he thoughtfully brought me a hot cup of coffee. I always enjoyed Brian’s visits, but I often wondered why his wife rarely came with him. I understand that my two grandkids didn’t have much interest in visiting me. Our relationship was much better when I was younger, so were they. As teenagers, there are too many things they would rather do than sit and talk to a really, really old man.

Brian pulled up a chair and sat down. He looked like hell, eyes red, uncombed hair, he must have slept in the clothes he was wearing, more than two nights.

“Jesus Christ Brian, what the hell happened to you? You look like the dogs drug you in here.”

“Gramps, I really need somebody to talk to. I don’t know anybody else who has the wisdom and experience that I would trust to steer me right.”

“Well, Bub, you’re putting a lot of pressure on me here. Why don’t you go get yourself a cup of the same coffee I have and tell me what’s on your mind. Start at the beginning and don’t leave anything out.

Brian took my cup to top off and went back in to get his coffee. I was very curious to learn what troubles would put my favorite grandson in such a state. It was either money or sex I’ll bet. I was hoping for money because I know how much Brian loved his bride of almost three years. Grace was a smart, beautiful woman who was as much in love with Brian as he was with her. I thought back briefly to the day he married Grace. Gail was too sick to attend, but I did and described the ceremony to her as best I could, not knowing too much about the fashions the attendees wore. I had a strong flash of sadness when I realized the wedding was just a few weeks before Gail lost her struggle against the cancer that was eating away at her. She was only 72 when she died.

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