Mom and uncle sex in village

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My name is Samsu .The story that, I am going to tell you is between my mom and my uncle which I saw it with my own eyes .

My family consists of me , my mom and my dad . My dad was a businessman , for his business purpose he stays out of home most of the times . We get to see him once or twice in a month or sometimes in two months . My mom name is Nargis . She is 35 years old . She is very good looking , smart and maintain a very good figure . She goes to gym all the time and also follows a very strict diet .

Now let me introduce my uncle . His name is Aman . He is my dad cousin brother . He is 29 years old . He is six years younger than mom .

Though we live in the city but uncle lives in village and takes care of our village property . His complexion was dark and very thin in looking .

The story be-gain when my mom started feeling lonely due to the absence of dad . She didnot able to spend quality time with him . Which made her frustrated and
also very hungry for sex .

On the other hand, my uncle had a crush on my mom from the very first day . He always tried to impress her but mom never gave any importance . She also tries to avoid all possible eye contacts with him .

The story took turn during my summer vacation. Since my mom was very bored in the house all alone , she wanted to spend the summer vacation in our village home . Our village home was like around 90km from our house .

Dad oblige with my mom decision so we packed and left very early in the morning next day . Mom booked a private car . It took us couple of hours to reach the destination. Everybody in the family was very happy to see us .
Specifically uncle , his joy was over the moon .

 From the day we reached their unclecontinuously tried to impress amma and get her attention. But as usual my amma did not gave him any attention what’s so ever .
Failure in his attempt again and again made him frustrated . So he took a new strategy . instead of trying to impress her ,he now more concentrated on seducing her . So he started flarting with her ,strated cracking 18 plus jokes or even sometimes tried to touch her ass .

Though his this activities made mom annoyed but deep inside it was having affect on her , I could sense it . His activities forced mom to think about him all the times . 10 days passed by like this nothing happened . only 5 more days left then my school will reopen again still no success for aman uncle .

The very next day , mom was cooking all alone in the kitchen . It was very early in the morning . Everyone else were sleeping . Mom usually wake up early in the morning . She was wearing a black colour selwar kameez . Her dupatta was tied with her waist. Suddenly uncle entered in the kitchen from the back the door .

My mom didnot notice him but I saw him as I was standing outside of the kitchen beside the kitchen window . Uncle was mesmerized by mom figure as he got clear view of her from the back . This was also the first time he saw her in unready conditions.

So , he couldnot control and hugged her from the back . Mom was shocked and stunned by this move from uncle . She didnot say anything for couple of seconds .then she tried to push him away but uncle grip was to strong . Slowly he started press moms boobs and strated to kiss her on the neck . Which aroused her quickly as she was desperate for sex as-well . Mom started to comply with uncle moves . Then they both went for a deep smooch which
continued for atleast five minutes . Moms was eyes were completely closed and she was totally submitted to him .

After five minutes , mom broke the kiss and pushed uncle away . She was scared if anyone sees it then it would be a big problem . Uncle Understood mom concern and whispered something on her ears then left the kitchen . Mom quickly turned – off the stove and checked if everyone still sleeping .

She closed the back door andolon started following him . I also started following them though I didnot realize what’s going on but i knew something was fishy . They both went into the empty store room at the back of the house . Which was separated from the main house . They both went inside , I also started looking them through a hole in the window .
I saw they both started kissing each other again and they were making kissing noise and also moaning slightly.

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