A man and his daughter’s grown-up friend

A man and his daughter’s grown-up friend, Several years ago when my daughter was 21, she approached me with a request. You see, I own my own business; not a big company but it earns me a decent living. I started it 10 years ago, it has grown exponentially and does pretty well now but it

A mature couple invites another mature lady to join them

Surprises Come in Threesomes First, a little background. My wife Claire, and I have been married 36 years. It’s the second marriage for each. Each of us would fall into the “elderly” category used by news reporters describing victims of some news event. It would be fun to ratchet up every reader’s breathing by describing

He made Rashmi squirt all night

Hey folks, this is my third story about my beautiful busty wife Rashmi. This one just makes me hard as I write it self as this was a fantasy turned reality. Rashmi and I have had extremely below average sex life. Though love marriage, we never were sexually compatible and as any other cuckold with

Passionate love with best friend

This is Rajesh (name change) 29 years old, now living in U, visiting India occasionally. This is the first time I am writing so please excuse my errors or dragging of story. This is a real story, I am average build, 5.5 inch and the queen of this story is Sakshi. this happened 5 years

Wife cuckolds husband with best friend

It began when I was deployed last year. Fortunately I was sent to Louisiana and not overseas. Still, being 16+ hours from my wife, whom I had been with for four years, was not an easy pill to swallow. Thankfully Nikki surprised me with some sexy pictures to help “get me through.” She said she’d

A cheating wife, a best friend

A cheating wife, a best friend, It was Sunday. I had borrowed my wife’s car to pick up two new lawn chairs. I was listening to This American Life on NPR and wanted to write down the name of a book mentioned. While steering with one hand, I dug in the center console with the other,

Bob loses his virginity to his best friend

“You know,” Bob said solemnly, “it’s beginning to get tiresome.” “Look,” Laura replied, after taking a long hit out of the wine bottle, “you just have to show some patience, some… don’t let it take you down.” “Easy for you to say!” He accepted the bottle, and smirked. “You’ll never know how it feels being