A neighborhood guy blackmailed me : showed my nude MMS (part – 3)

It’s a new beginning as Ruhi is not compelled for showing her sexy nude body again but it’s my love cum lust as Vinit have already destroyed the nude MMS of my baths in washroom and it made me her admirer as he starts calling me and our affairs just get started ,so it’s my first extramarital affair as Vinit is a handsome guy of 22 years with height of 5’9 feet as his nice physique is attractive but he felt too aroused soon in physical activities as his penis last longs for a smaller span of time and Ruhi is a long experienced married lady on bed as she have enjoyed several times with his brother prior to marriage and after I get married ,it’s my hubby fucking me twice – thrice a week but he is also not so good on bed as he always looses his cum within 4-5 minutes of period and like a hungry tigress I love to enjoy cocks for atleast 9-10 minutes in my glory hole.

So it’s a nice meet with him as we both enjoyed together and than well back home in the evening (read previous story “A neighborhood guy blackmailed me : showed my nude MMS (part – 2).


Now after a day living in peace as my hubby is out of town for 4-5 days ,I wake up in the morning and then after having refreshment ,I prepared a cup of tea for me and than my household maid came as she starts her work and now feeling bit hot as well as horny ,I hold my mobile and than ringed Vinit as it’s 09:30 am and he is doing his engineering course from a local college.so while sitting in my balcony as maid is cleaning floors of room & dinning space ,I thought to talk to him in a secret manner

“Hi Vinit
(He)hello sweety ,are you fine ?
(Me)yes but not so
(He)oh but why baby ?
(Me)want to meet you today
(He laughed)sure but it seems something is not going normally as you are not fine
(Me)nothing happened to me but if you want to meet me you can
(He)sure ,have to come to your home
(Me)yes with some items as I will send list of it on your WhatsApp
(He)sure I will be there at 11:30 am .”so as maid is cleaning floors of rooms ,I moved inside kitchen and starts preparing cups of coffee as while sitting with maid and drinking coffee is regular in my routine life .as coffee get prepared ,I hold cups in my hands and moved to dinning room as I sit on sofa “Mira ,have your coffee
(She replied me) coming soon madam.”and than I start drinking coffee as Mira came after a while and sits on floor as she is drinking coffee “madam ,you are alone don’t feel bore
(I smiled)yes but what I can do ,his trips are compulsory and I don’t like journey
(She)madam why don’t you both moves to next steps
(Me)means I can’t understand your concern
(She smiled but felt shy )madam if you don’t get angry than I can tell you about my dirty thought
(Ruhi)oh ! Let me know about it
(Maid)I work in a nearby society as I come to know that for fun couples have done a disgusting act
(Ruhi)oh than what they are doing ?
(Mira)they have formed a secret group as couples have right to exchange their partners and I think your hubby always moves out of town ,so there you will get mature men for your company
(I laughed)means wife swapping but you don’t know my hubby ,he is too conservative and if he comes to know about it than
(Mira)singles are not permitted as both have to join together.”

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And our talks ends soon as I moved to my room ,so opened the wardrobe as I picked a short length baby doll dress for me as it’s upper portion is bit transparent ,it’s lower part can cover up to my half portion of thighs ,so feeling too sexy as Vinit have to come here and a day full of romance ,sex with emotional talks are on card.now I moved inside washroom as I put my dress on bed ,now removed my nighty as I am completely nude and so I opened the tap of cascade as I sit on a stool ,now water is flowing on my sexy body and as it’s getting wet I have put a bottle of body shampoo near my legs. Ruhi ,a 23 years married lady is a young lady as her sexy figure is attractive ,her boobs seems to be paid of oranges as her flat tummy to deep belly is hot ,so it’s my smooth thighs with slender legs as well as reddish vagina with it’s little flexible hole that can make you cum as I remove my clothes infront of you.so as putting tap on hold ,I starts using body shampoo on my neck to boobs and than on tummy to waist as I start rubbing it ,so as my upper portion get foamy I am putting shampoo on my thighs to legs and after rubbing it hard ,I stand and start using body shampoo on my back especially on butts as my sexy body is fully covered in foams and than I start rubbing my vagina as it’s a valuable organ for gals and ladies ,so I put body shampoo on it as I rubbed it for a while and as my mind is thinking of that guy I am feeling horny.now as my whole body is nude and foamy ,I opened the tap and now starts rubbing my body as I am having my bath.so it’s my nude body as I am feeling hot with water flowing on it and while rubbing my body hard ,I am making it clean and after a while my bath finishes as I rubbed my nude wet body.now I am in my bedroom nude as I took out a robes to put it as maid is still in home and there if she see me in a baby doll dress while my hubby is also out of station ,what she can think ? ,I know it and than I moved to dinning room as it’s 10:40 am ,so maid is cleaning utensils and I asked

“prepare butter toast with omelette for me
(She)sure madam and for lunch ,any work
(Me)no I will order it from a local food plaza.”as I am sitting on sofa and while I switched on the t.v ,my mobile starts ringing as I can see my elder sister’s call and I received it “hi didi ,how are you ?
(She)fine and what’s about you ?
(Me)fine as your brother in law is out of town for 4-5 days
(She)oh than come here as you are alone ,not feeling bored
(Me)no ,not at all
(She smiled)oh ,so what happened with you ?
(Me)that MMS maker is now my love as I have solved my problem
(She)I can understand as I know you have put yourself on bed infront of him
(I laughed)didi ,I will call you later.”

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And as maid put my breakfast on table ,I starts having it as she is finishing her works and as clock’s arrow is moving towards it’s goal (11:30 am ) my mind is thinking of a nice pleasurable day with him.lastly as my breakfasts finishes ,I washed my hand and than Mira came out of kitchen

“madam ,will be back in the evening
(Me)no ,come tomorrow as there will be nothing to do for you .”and she got an evening holiday as I locked the door ,so called my hubby as I talked for a while and than I ringed my sister Juhi “so how you solved your problem ?
(Me) I called him and than ask him to meet me as he came in the afternoon and asked me to show my nude body
(She laughed)oh really funny
(Me)than I was bit nervous but I was compelled to do it ,so removed my clothes and than his desire was to see my finger in vagina
(Juhi)oh it’s amazing
(Ruhi)as he start jerking his cock hard and while I starts fingering my cunt
(She)than what happened sexy ?
(Ruhi) I become impatient as I hold his penis and than our physical affair started
(She)that’s great afterall he was stalking for couple of months
(Me)yes ,he is year younger to me and he is too possessive also
(Juhi laughed)congrats Ruhi ,just enjoy your time.”

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