A neighborhood guy blackmailed me : Showed my nude MMS (part -2 )

In previous part of my story as I get physical with a stalker cum MMS maker ,Ruhi have got her love cum lust as MMS also got deleted and Vinit have already narrated how he made my sexy pics.as a MMS of having bath nudely ,really it’s a new innovation for modern world but it’s negative aspects is totally unacceptable,anyhow I felt relaxed and now happy also that I have solved my problem without giving my hubby it’s knowledge and my extramarital affair just started with a guy of 22 years ,he is bit small in height as his physical appearances seems nice and I got immense pleasure while getting fucked with him but it’s his smaller span of time in my glory hole that have made me think about him to get physical again or not ,but it’s true that this sort of affairs get finished after you leave your place or anyone ,either guy or gal get bored after getting physical frequently with you ,don’t know it’s destination .

So we both have planned for meet but this time I have to enjoy a lot as no bargain or blackmailing is on card but have to be cautious before getting nude with me as he can record my sexual activities with him in his mobile phone .


So Ruhi is back with her lover as it’s a nice day and we both have planned for it earlier on as my hubby have left in the morning for a two days trip to Mumbai ,so for 4-5 days ,I am alone as I am too excited about my meet with Vinit but I have not told him about my hubby’s absence from home for a long period.so it’s a nice morning but it’s also a month of may with heat and sunrays making uncomfortable and as our plan we have fixed a place to meet at Lalbagh palace but as I have visited the site earlier also ,it’s a deserted place in the afternoon but not so cool for love couple like us in the hot season.so as I put a blue leggings with a sleeveless Kurtis and push up brasserie with panty on sexual organs ,i than put my high heel sandals on legs and it’s 10:20 am as I sit in dinning space waiting for Vinit to come as he will pick me here .later on ,my mobile starts ringing as it’s an indication of his presence on society’s main gate ,so I received his call “yes Vinit , coming soon”and I locked my home as I walked with my purse in shoulder .now I am out of society’s premises as a white car is standing on roadside but I know him as he have a bike only ,so I stands near society’s main gate as I starts ringing his mobile and he responded

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“oh baby ,look towards opposite side of road ,a white car is there
(Me)yes I can see.” And so I crossed the road as I can see his face as he have kept windows open .Ruhi sit on front seat as he put windows closed and switched on AC ,so as I have put my sexy body covered it’s of no means for us , especially Vinit as he have seen me nude and also have fucked me but as our meets was just for bargaining ,Ruhi was in pressure and too scared also.so Vinit just put a proposal of being nude Infront of him for deletion of MMS as I did it and our nude body with jerking of cock for him as fingering of cunt for me took us to a new height as we have some physical activity together.

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Vinit is looking smart in his black trouser with red striped white shirt as he have put a shoes on legs and as he is driving the car towards outskirts of Indore town ,I asked him “Vinit ,where we are going ?
(He smiled)wait baby ,don’t know my inherent love for you as my image is like a bastard guy now
(Ruhi bit serious) please ,don’t abuse yourself .”and he is driving car speedily ,so as car is in outskirts of Indore ,I am bit confused of his inherent ideas and plans but than he said

“we are going to Solaris club & resort
(Me)never heard it’s name
(He)it’s a nice resort at Bhawar kuan .”

And I am bit relaxed as well as excited to have a day in a closed room with Vinit .He is a young guy of 22 years as he is just 5’8 – 5’9 inches tall with a nice physique but his desires and way of meeting me or proposing was unethical.now I can see car moving inside a large greenery premises as I can assume and see signboard of resort there ,so as he stopped the car ,I asked “Vinit , without any luggage how we will introduce him
(He)come on baby ,it’s my friend’s resort .”and I walked towards main building with Vinit as he hold my wrist but looking at him “leave it ,may be staffs know you and we are not in social relationship .”He left my hand as he moved to reception while I sits on a chair there and Vinit is talking to manager but as we are slight away ,I can’t hear their talks and lastly he came to me with a key in his hand “let’s move Ruhi”and we both walked in resort’s lobby as Vinit took me to it’s back portion and as he opened a door with key ,my mobile starts ringing and so I received my hubby’s call

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“hi ,reached Mumbai
(He)yes and after half an hour I will be in conference ,so
(Ruhi)your mobile will remain switched off
(He)yes , feeling alone
(Me)sure and have to be in isolation for 3-4 days ,isn’t it ?
(He)ok ,we will talk in the evening.”and than as I am inside room ,put my purse on table and looking at Vinit “it’s not Lalbagh palace
(He sits beside me)oh Ruhi , please don’t hesitate to show your desires of being physical as last meet was just for bargains
(Ruhi)yes but have you really destroyed MMS from all of your systems
(He put his hand on my shoulder)yes ,now need drinks
(Me)you are asking about wine and beer
(He)yes ,I drink beer , haven’t you tasted it ?
(Ruhi)yes ,takes it quite often.”and so he ringed room service on intercom as I am sitting on beds corner ,he is looking bit serious as I asked “Vinit you are not looking cool ,is there any problem ?
(He kissed my face)no sweetheart.”

And as he hold me in his arms ,I just hold him hard and our bodies are completely brushing as he put his lips on my lips and our eyes are meeting like a young lover . so Vinit took my Rossy lips in his mouth as he is sucking it hard and what a way to start our sexual affair as I have put my face straight to him and his palm is moving on my back as he is just touching straps of my brasserie.now as my lips are getting sucked for 2 minutes ,I felt my lower organs getting hot and I pushed his head back to free my lips .

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Vinit & Ruhi are in their clothes as I have not put any night wear or lingerie in my purse ,so I said “Vinit ,your secret plan have made me little uncomfortable
(He smiled)so what baby ?
(Ruhi too shy) haven’t put any extra clothes
(He)not necessary .”and than knocks on door made us far as he moved towards door to open it and I moved towards washroom but with nothing to do there.lastly ,I walked out to see bottles of beer with snacks on table as Vinit have locked the door.now both are standing as my eyes are on his bulge ,so I just walked to him and hold him hard as he starts rubbing his palm on my back “for last 4 months ,I was feeling obsessed while I am in love with you
(I starts pressing my breast on his chest)lastly ,your plans worked .”

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And Vinit hold my long hairs as he put his lips on my lips but it’s not for kisses only as I just took out my tongue to put it in his mouth ,my body is getting ready for physical love as he swallowed my tongue and slowly I pushed my whole tongue as he hold my neck and starts sucking it hard.so his hand is moving on my sexy butts as it’s shape can be easily seen on leggings and while sucking my tongue Vinit starts pulling down my leggings as it’s elastic band is flexible and he have pulled it to my thighs as I am in his arms but sooner ,as I felt my mouth watering ,I removed my tongue.so both are looking at eachother as he sits on sofa but I took out my leggings as I hold my tops and took it out ,so like a shameless lady I am in my black panty with brasserie only as he started pouring beer in glasses but as I sit near him ,I hold his buckles and he removed his trousers as his legs are nude ,now he is making himself nude but a sky-blue colour undies is on his waist as he removed his shirt also .Ruhi & Vinit are in their undergarments only as our drinks started and Vinit than said “have a cigarette ,it’s in my trousers pocket “and like a slut lady I took out and lit it to smoke ,so Vinit have finished his first drink as he took cigarette from my hand and while smoking it ,he asked

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