Gokuldham Society : Ch 4 ( Komalbhabi )

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Goli sat on the school bus waiting to get home. He kept his books in his lap so his hard on wouldn’t show. In the last year his prick had been getting hard rather frequuently. Usually Goli didn’t know why his prick got hard but this time he did. Gokuldham Society : Ch 3

Sonu was sitting near the front of the bus when he got on. She wore a short skirt and her legs were spread. He saw her panty pulled up tight with a crease in the center. He even saw a few hairs around the leg holes of her panty.

Goli knew that the center was pulled up into her cunt but he wasn’t quite sure what a cunt looked like. This was pretty hot stuff for a ** year kid . She grinned at him when he looked at her. Had she noticed where he was looking? Had she spread her legs on purpose? Had she noticed his prick push the crotch of his pants out?

He blushed and he was glad when he got to a seat and out of her sight. Goli had an idea of what cunts were and jerking off. He’d go to the boys room in school and jerk off. Then do it again after he got home. He closed his eyes and held the image of those tight panties so he could jerk off visualizing it as soon as he got home.

The bus stopped at the Gokuldham Society , Gogi and Sonu  were the last that got off. They were walking through the compound and, for the first time, Sonu held his hand. In a short time Goli’s prick got hard. He did think of Sonu  sometimes when he jerked off and they were some of his best good feelings.

He would pissed, spit on his hand, and pumped his prick into his fist about a dozen times. Spurt, spurt, spurt; the first jets of cum shot out of his prick. Dribble, dribble, dribble; the rest of his cum oozed over his fist. For some reason Sonu had a funny grin on her face when he got back to her from the toilet  and Goli couldn’t figure out why.

He was still thinking about it. Goli dashed into the kitchen, touched his mother’s feet , hugged and kissed her, and got a snack. He wanted to go to the bathroom and jerk off right away but knew his mother would ask him if he felt all right.

Goli had his problems with his adolescent sex drive but they were normal to most boys his age. Komal , his mother, had her problems too but they weren’t that normal for a thirty five year old woman. She hadn’t had a man for over five years and she was horny. Komal’s husband Dr Hathi had been a total failure as a lover due to his obesity .

Her cunt really wanted to feel a hard prick even her husband’s reluctant one. Komal had found cum stains on her son,  Goli’s  sheets four months ago and watched him like a hawk for a change in his habits.

She wanted to catch Goli doing the same thing that Abdulbhai has been doing. She wanted to watch her own son jerk off the same way she recently watched Abdubhai . She wanted to do the same things with Goli that she’d done with Abdul . Abdul  was Society’s muslim shop-keeper who was ten yrs younger than Komal.

Komalbhabi was a shy conservative minded wife and hasn’t any malefriends. She rubbed her cunt every night before she could fall asleep but she wanted more than that. She wanted a stud . The most available man has been Abdulbhai as he came everyday to deliver grocery items and she trapped him into an affair.

Her son also was another person to her whom she thought to be seduced . Goli’s prick would be the best kind as far as she was concerned. She fantasized about luring Goli into her bedroom one of these days.

Goli rarely had a chance to interact with children his own age except the members of ” Tappu Sena ” and Sonu was the only girl in Tappu Sena that he’d ever exchanged words with. He did talk about sex with the Gogi, Pinku and Tappu and they talk  confidentially.

Nerdy British researcher meets American college student

They would never put mouth on a girl’s cunt and they didn’t think that a girl would suck on a boy’s prick either. In the meantime their attention fell on Babita Iyar who was the Sex-bomb of Gokuldham Society, came to the society about four years ago with her scientist husband Iyar.

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