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Hi friends. This is Harish from Coimbatore.I am going to narrate a true incident with my chitti which happened last week.


Now lets begin the story. This incident takes place in Coimbatore.I am a 22 age boy staying in my chitti’s house in search of job. I am a fit muscular type body of height 5.9 weight 63kg. Now the heroine of the story my chitti name rani of age 36 height 5.6 weight 58 kg. Her structure was 34 30 34. Imagine her ass. She was a house wife. My chittapa was a business man.

Daily I use to go to meet my friends.One of my friend told me about incest experience that he had. I began to dream in my mind to have a incest sex.One day I invited my friends to a birth day party of my chitti son pranav.

After celebrating birth day my friend who had incest experience called me and told that your chitto is so sexy.Have u had sex with her. I got angry and scolded him immediately for speaking like this.

Then all my friends went out. At night I was seeing the pictures taken in my mobile during the birth day celebration. In that pic I saw my gorgeous chitti. She was in orange colour silk saree with matching low neck backless blouse and matching lipstick.She made her hair in super front bangs hair style. On seeing this image my 7.5 inch dick got raised and then masturbated on seeing this image. From next morning I saw my chitti in sexy look. She is a traditional women and wears saree only but wears it below her navel.

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In order to seduce my chitti I will not wear inners while in home so that she could see my bulges. In order to seduce her soon I made a new plan.I bought a new sim card and messaged in what’s app to her.For first two days she didn’t reply for my message on third day she replied who is this and I chatted with her as a stranger.I chatted normally but she didn’t reply me properly. Then I downloaded some incest videos pics and stories to her.For 3or4 days she didn’t see.

On fifth day she saw all that and called me and enquired about me.I didn’t tell anything.Then she blackmailed that she will inform about this to police. I was in fear. And don’t know what to tell and how to tell. I brought up courage in me and told that I was her relative and I would like her so I had done like this.

Then she enquired about me and told myself was harish. She got shock.I replied her with so many sorries. But she replied that come home. I was in shivering that what will she do and I was also in fear that what will happen if she inform about this to my mom and father. Till 8.00pm I didn’t go home.My chittapa called me and scolded that where are you and ordered me to come home immediately.With shiver I entered the house I saw my chittapa is waiting with baggage.I enquired him.

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He told that he was going to a meet some one on behalf of his business.And told that he will return day after tomorrow. I dropped him in bus stand and returned home.

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While entering in to the home chitti was siting on the dining table.She called me to have a dinner.I told that I am not hungry.She compelled me to have dinner.Then while taking dinner she asked why have u done like this.And asked me whether shall I inform it to your mom.I said don’t chitti and I will not do like this.Then I went to sleep.

In the morning chitti came with a coffee and waked me up. Then I took bath had breakfast and went out to see my friends.In afternoon chitti called me and asked me to come home immediately.I went and had lunch.She told that she would like to go for a movie.Then I said ok went to a romantic love movie only me and my chitti and her son went to school.We got near by seats.

As the movie went on,during some romantic scenes she held my hand with emotions. I too hold her hand and get her feeling along the full movie . I felt some changes in her after seeing the movie. I made this as a chance to seduce her. She asked me to go for a coffee shop.We sat opposite to each other and ordered two cold coffee.

While having coffee our eyes where speaking with each others and unknowingly our hands were held together and were in romance for 15 minutes after the waiter disturbed us and we decided to go for park.There we both sat together with holding hands .

We started speaking about our life. She asked me form when your loving me.I replied that when I came to your house and see you,from that day I am in love and I would like to fuck you.She was shocked by hearing this. She asked me have you fucked any of your girl friends. I said no and asked her same question.She told that she was fucked by her husband only.

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I : are u satisfied by your husband.

Chitti: n

I: y

Chitti: he does not bother about me and does not interested. He always interested in money

I: when had u had sex at last

Chitti:before six months

I: don’t u have any desire.Then how would u satisfy.

Chitti: ya I have.But I satisfied by fingering by seeing your dick bulges.

I: then why didn’t you tell me about this.

Chitti: why you didn’t tell about your desires.

I : kk. Then when can we have fun.

Chitti: tonight

I: no.I need to do romance with you for some days and then we can have it.

Chitti: kk.Your mine.Your wish

I: kk we can move to home.

She sat in the backside of my bike.She kept one hand on my shoulder and one hand holding my hip.We reached home.

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