From a Boy to a Housewife

Hi guys, I am Tanisha(my 2nd name), I was born as a boy but gradually as I grew up I started liking the female life. My voice was not somewhat like female but my body shape was feminine. When I turned up 14 I started wearing female underwear and dresses and started putting on makeups when no one was at home. My breasts were also growing like a young girl and I liked it. Even at schools my male friends use to tease me with my breasts.

One day I was caught doing all these and I was scolded a lot. I then explained to my parents that I want to live a female life. At first they were very angry but the next morning I was surprised to here that we were shifting to a new place so that I can live a female life in front of the whole world. I was very happy. I was taken to a clinic to grow my hairs big fast and the time it took to become big I used wig. My face with makeups look more like a cute girl. My parents bought me dresses and makeups. I was leading a girls life and was very happy. Within few months my hairs were big enough like a girl and I finished my school life and entered college life. I was looking very beautiful after the modifications on me and I used to wear hot dresses. I started getting many proposals and then I also started dating guys. The only problem was when they try to put their hand down, but I managed it somehow. This continued for a few years after I met Raj with whom I fell in true love. I said my story to him and he still said he loves me and want to marry me. I bring him to my parents and my parents hesitated a bit at first but then they agreed to our relationship. But we all knew that Raj’s family would not accept me. When Raj took me to his house his parents insulted me and I was thrown out of the house. I cried a lot that day after returning home and in the morning I was surprised when I opened my eyes I found Raj sitting beside my bed. I just hugged him and he said that he left his home and will move to a new city with me. My parents hesitated at first but Raj convinced them and we started our new life. Sohom was a software engineer and he got a good job in Pune and we rent a flat in Pune and settled there. He was naughty at times and used to play with my breasts and I used to give him some pleasure buy moaning and sucking his Penis. We used to smootch a lot. One day Raj’s parents came to our flat. I was very nervous that what would happen to me now and to our surprise they said “bouma ghore cholo”(Please come home Bride). It was the happiest moment of my life. They took me back home and I was a good woman now and we adopted a child and I use to take care of the family and Raj always took care of me and loved me a lot. I am so happy, now we spent 5yrs of our marriage and still he loves his Tanisha so much.

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